Sunday, June 10, 2012

Training Walk to Inwood

Here we are ... our little group at the red lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge.
It was great to get out and walk with Burt and the girls.  
I left the group just before lunch.  Sandy said they walked 10+ miles ... so I'm going to say I walked between 9 and 10 miles.
I will not lie to you.  I was tired.
Just as my train was pulling into Penn, I received a text that there was a possible problem with my debit card.  A purchase of $5.33 was in question.  If I had made the purchase,  respond "1" for yes or "2" for no.  I responded "2" and, within seconds, I received a phone call from my bank.  Around $2000 had been charged to my debit card.  So ... my card was immediately canceled.  My bank will make good on all the charges, etc., but I was feeling very uncomfortable.  Especially since this is the second time my account (not the card ... just the account) has been stolen. 
I am going home to Natick for 24 hours next weekend!  My high school is being torn-down and there will be a day of events with a gala Saturday night.
It will be bitter-sweet for me.
It's great that Natick is getting a new high school ... but "Old Natick High" holds so many memories for me.  Most of those memories are wonderful.  I loved high school ... loved my friends ... loved the pride we had in our school.  When I went to Natick High, times were simple.  Life was easy ... life was fun!
Of all the events that occurred while I was a student in Natick High, the one I will never forget was on November 22, 1963.  I was in Biology class when the announcement that our President had been shot came over the loudspeaker.  I remember feeling overwhelmed ... scared ... sad.  Class was dismissed and, as we left the building, the flag in the quad was lowered.
That image will always stay with me.
But I will also remember the Christmas Cotillions and the proms in the cafeteria.  I will remember football games and pep rallies.  I will remember being a nun (a novice, really!) in the Sound of Music.  I will remember walking the halls and passing notes. I will remember Mr. Mitro, and Mr. Englehardt, and Miss Connolly, and Mr. Bachini.
This week I will be thinking about those high school days ... and how I miss them.  For 24 hours I will go back in time.  I will imagine having everything the way it was ... everyone we have lost (my grandparents, my dad, my best friend Carolyn) will be with me on my journey home.  
As I gather in the old cafeteria with graduates from 50 years for one last time I will raise my glass and say 
"Cheers to Old Natick High."