Saturday, August 27, 2011

Home From Provincetown! Hello Irene!

A week without Internet!  Wow!
We had a perfect week in Provincetown ... blue skies and sunshine every day!  It was great walking weather.  I walked a little more than eight miles every morning.  My walking partner was Susan (pictured above with RH).  One day we were joined by Beth, Faye, and Sashi.  Can you see the dunes and grassland behind us?  Just beautiful!  Got a little too much sun and I have a rash on my arms and legs.  Oh well.  I also have a amazing tan!

This is my favorite spot in (my) world!  Behind those dunes and up the beach a bit ... is a nude beach.  Beth and I once walked that beach and it was really interesting.  It was one of those times when I laughed so hard I didn't think I'd be able to walk on!
My cousin Baz made a very generous donation and I'm very close to goal!  What a great surprise to see when I arrived home at 3:00 this morning!
Yes ... Ronnie and I drove through the night so he could leave from Port Washington to his job in New Jersey tonight.  We left Provincetown just before 10:00 and arrived home at ... well, I told you when we arrived home!  I'm confused by the storm reports.  I don't know if Irene is a hurricane or a tropical storm.  I know that low level neighborhoods in Port have been evacuated.  The tide is high ... almost to the road.  We are going to have flooding on Shore Road.  I brought in all the furniture from the patio.  The house is a MESS!!  Ronnie's in New Jersey now ... so Debra and I are on our own tonight.  The storm is supposed to hit somewhere around midnight. I hope we both sleep through it!  Jeter and Mickey are in the house ... just have to convince Joba and Matsui.  You can tell that Joba feels the storm is coming, but he isn't ready to come in yet.  
We're getting on and off rain storms ... then it gets very calm.  It's going to be an interesting ride!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick Walk

What's this?
Just wondering.
This was a quick walk today, but I was able to accomplish a few things.
Firmed up the cat sitter and rented a car for Mike to drive to the Cape.
The entire family + 1 will be in Provincetown for a few days.  
It will be great to have all the kids ... and they will happily get along!
At the end of the week, after a few days alone with Ronnie, my friend Cynthia will join us for a few days.
You know Cynthia.  
I walk for Cynthia ... a 3 time survivor.
She had another birthday a few days ago.
Another year cancer-free!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Horn Honkers... Be Advised!

 Maybe you have had enough pictures of egrets.
I am sensitive to that, so today I give you this lawn ornament that I pass every day.
In fact, I have been passing him for the past three years on my training walks.
He's a cute little troll.
I hate horn honkers!  I especially hate them when I'm walking.  It sort of catches me off guard.  So, this morning, when I was walking on the Boulevard, I was pretty miffed when this guy in a black car honked his horn to get my attention.  He asked for directions to Mackey, which, by the way, I was able to give him!  He could have said "Excuse me ..." and I would have stopped to help him.  But he had to lean on that stupid horn.  
Well ... I put him in the right direction.
That's a good deed ... yes?
Apologies to Sandy.  I realized that in a previous post I had mentioned rabbits and chickens.  Those are, indeed, BARNYARD ANIMALS. I'm glad you liked the shout out though!
Finally ... Sarge ... here are today's mushrooms:

A nice pair for you my friend!
I had to move one to be next to the other.
They look like ...
The end.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My friend Sandy wrote "OK ... what is with you and the barnyard on your blog?"
These are waterfowl, Sandy ... not barnyard animals like pigs and chickens!  But I would like to know ... is this an egret or ...
is this an egret?
Will one of my bird loving friends please help me?
Specimen #1 does not have the dark beak Mrs. Glass was talking about, and it is much bigger.
Specimen #2 does have the dark beak... making it a snowy egret, yes?
I saw them both today on my walk and ...
(no picture)
We have had so much rain lately ... I was sure I could find a few mushrooms for Sarge.
Alas ... I could only find one.
This mushroom booby is for you sir.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What's In Your Waist Pack?

I was moving at a good clip today ... in other words ... it was a walk not a stroll day. I left the house late so I didn't do that really long walk I promised ... but it was longer than yesterday (6-7 miles)
I was moving along until I had to make a stop at Petland Discounts to pick up these...

... for $108.00.
I  stuffed them in the waist pack and moved along.  
Carrying the two boxes slowed me down.
I wonder why.
I also wonder why they call themselves "Petland discounts?"
I don't think $54 for 3 treatments is a discount.
Go figure.
The end.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Walk vs. Stroll

Today I walked.
Probably not as fast as those long-legged, small butted (?), YOUNG walkers ... but I walked.
I didn't slow down when I got to the hill on Port Blvd., I didn't slow down when I got to the hill on Irma, and I didn't slow down when I got to the hill on Glamford.  I moved right along at a nice even pace.
I did not stroll.
When I stroll I slow down and even rest when I hit those hills.
Not today.
But I didn't do more than 5 or 6 miles, either ... and I really have to start working on increasing the miles.
Maybe this weekend.

It is another perfect day here in Port and
this guy was waiting for me at the pond.
What is it?
An egret?
No mushrooms today.
Sorry Sarge.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Perfect Day


It was a perfect day for a walk. 
The temperature was in the 70s this morning and the humidity was low. 
So I did a quick 4-5 miles.  
I had to get home because it was Gail's and my annual "HOW MUCH did you spend for those seats" trip to...

 ... the ole ball park.

That's Mr. Derek Jeter, himself.  If he only knew how close he was to the mom of the Grate Jeter Harris, hizself.
Gail and I decided that we will not sit more than 20 rows back ever again.
I wonder what that will run next year!
A few houses up I found these ...

ENORMOUS mushrooms.
They remind me of ...
BOOBIES ... 'eh Sarge?!
Anything to make you happy, my friend!

It was a perfect day!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What The Heck Are These?

Boy Howdy!  These are mushrooms!!
I found them on the other side of one of the streets I usually walk.
They are amazing ... yes?
I haven't walked in quite a few days. 
I feel a little guilty about that.
Oh, I have some excuses ... but none are really any good!
When I got to the pier, I decided to sit for a while and take in the bay.
I was surprised to find this bench.
Alan Becker lived in Soundview (my neighborhood) with his wife and two kids, one of whom was a good friend of Debra's.
He died suddenly when he was quite young.
The Alan Becker Bench.
It was my spot today. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Why Did The Walker Cross (Shore) Road--(part deux)

To get a closer look at the swans of course.
I can't help it.  
I'm swan obsessed!
I was so close I could have touched them.
And they would have given me the what for!
I also crossed the road so I could sit on a bench and enjoy the bay.
Busy Shore Road is on one side ... and the peaceful bay is on the other.
It's a good place to sit and think.
I was supposed to have a "morning walk" but by the time I finally left it was afternoon.  I would rather walk in the morning but with all the excitement of the call from the New York Yankees, I lost track of time.

Before I Step Out For My Walk This Morning ...

Want to wish my training guru BURT (pictured above with my tent mate Lesley and me posing at "Eyes" last year) a great CHICAGO WALK!

Chicago has 1900 walkers.
Chicago has 400 crew.
Chicago has raised $5.1 million for Breast Cancer research.
This is Burt's first of two 3-day walks this year.

Next stop for him will be Dallas!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are You A Sister?

I was looking at some sculptures (maybe I should call them stone carvings) that were recently installed on the Bay Walk and this woman (pictured above) stopped to talk.  We talked about the carvings and how nice the Bay Walk is and how long it took to (almost) finish Mill Pond and how beautiful it is.  
Then she asked "Are you a sister?"  
At first I wasn't sure of what she meant, then I realized I was wearing my 3-day shirt. 
"A survivor?"  I responded.  "No ... I'm a walker.  I walk for my mom and for my friends who are all survivors.  Are you a survivor?"  
She told me, with a GIANT smile, "I am in remission 14 years."  
I shook her hand and told her ...  "I will walk for YOU!"
So Ellen, I dedicate this training walk to you ... and I will add your name to the growing list of those for whom I walk!
Here is what we were looking at:
They are installed on two metal benches.
My friend Terri wrote that I should be taking time to stop by the water ... listen to the birds ... meditate.  Here is a picture (or two) from the bay walk:

Sarge ... My goal today was to find a pair of mushrooms ... take a picture ... and ask you what they remind you of.  Sadly ... these are the only mushrooms I saw.  Boobies!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Berta's Got a New Pair of Shoes!

And here they are ladies and gents ... my new shoes!  Just like the old shoes! (And what an attractive photo of yours truly!)  Just to let you know ... or to remind you ... it is recommended we have 2 pair of shoes for the event. These are just as comfy as my other pair!
If you follow me on Facebook you will see pictures of how I spent my morning at Haven Auto Care.  Someone (possibly me ... possibly Ronnie) ran over a screw that punctured the tire on my new car.  The tire was ruined (I was told by the professional ... Eddie) and he ordered a brand new tire to replace the brand new tire that was ruined.  $320! Duhr! 
So, I started my walk later than I would have liked.  About an hour into it my old friend Mitch (AKA Michelle) called and we decided to meet for lunch. We had a great time catching up.  She took the picture of me.  Thank you Mitch!
The stupid geese were walking across Shore Road and stopping traffic!  I hate that.  Joan and I saw a car hit a goose one Sunday. Disturbing.
The swans are back in the bay.  They were swimming close to the walkway ... but I was on the other side of the road and this walker wasn't crossing ... not even for the swans.
I did stop for this, however!
Here is one of the neighbor bunnies.  I think there are four.
'Chelle ... This bun's for you!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Then I Started Walking Down Central Drive When I Slipped On Some Gravel and ...

No ... I didn't fall ... but it was a close one!  The part that hurt the most was the guy in the black car who watched the whole thing happen.  Embarrassing.  
So I felt good that I was able to get myself together ... but you know how after something like this happens, like a few minutes later, you get this funny feeling ... like a shock or something?  Well ... that started ruining the rest of the walk (which had been more of a stroll anyway) so I decided just to sit by Mill Pond and get myself together.
I have to say ... the pond project might have taken MANY years to complete (and I think it's not completed yet) but it really is beautiful.  I enjoyed sitting on a bench in the "Slade Family Garden." (Thank you Slade Family)  The pictures I took don't do it justice.
Here's one of the flowers.

As I made my way home, I noticed something in my neighbor's yard ...

A chicken coop!!!!  With 2 chickens!!!!
And there are a couple of bunnies, too!
I love seeing something unexpected!

Monday, August 1, 2011


There has been confusion among my cousins as to where I will be walking this year.
I love you all and I'm walking in Atlanta.
I guess my comments on Boston, Cleveland, and Chicago have confused my family.
I think I might confuse a lot of people.
Sometimes I confuse myself.


Look who I had a little talk with this morning on my walk.
Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
He wasn't quite as noisy as the Three Amigulls were.
I finally put the 3-day widget on my Facebook page and right away ... a friend from school made a donation!  Makes me wonder why I didn't do that sooner?  I still have a way to go ... but I know I'll make it to that $2300 mark.  It's just taking a little time!!!