Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012


That's a little thumbnail of my credential for Dallas.  Mine says "Roberta" and "303821" and "Burt's Babes"  I also know, now, that Val's and my address is (pink tent) "C-77" and that I have a "Sweet Dreams Treat" from a supporter.  So ... it's official!  I will be boarding my 7:55 flight to Boston then Dallas (!) on Thursday and the BIG journey begins!  I will begin packing today.
The t-shirts are in and they look good.  Maybe Ronnie will take a picture so you can see.
The weather here is beginning to change.  The wind is beginning to pick up.  The sky is grey and ominous. NYC schools have been closed and all transit is suspended in New York.  I finally found D batteries so I have a radio and flashlights, etc.  We don't have a generator ... and hopefully we won't need one, although we are being warned of a power outage for 7-10 days.  I checked the flights coming in to NY for Sash, who is in Boca for a wedding.  There is a special waiver code for re booking or canceling flights.  If she was able to find a flight to NY on Monday, she wouldn't get too far once here.  There are no subway, bus, and commuter railroad services.  All the cats are in, with the exception of Joba ... and maybe he will finally do that tonight.  I am actually feeling a bit nervous about this one.  I hope I am wrong!
So that's it for now.  More tomorrow.

Monday, October 22, 2012


This is my tentmate, Val and me on our last training walk. We were in Prospect Park.
I like this picture!
Here are a few numbers:
11 days

Do you know what they mean?
Sandy will be on her way to Tampa to complete her 60 miles this weekend!
Good walking my friend!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Darci and Liz ... two more reasons why ...

This is a picture of Darci and Liz Merollis.
Darci, mom of the greatest frootbat in the world, Titus, is also Liz's sister in law. This is a message I received from Darci:
Cancer can take a hike as far as I'm concerned.  But until we get that whipped, then I'm grateful for the people who donate their time to raising money and work hard at training to walk 60.darn.miles.  My sister-in-law just finished up 18 months of breast cancer bullcrappy.  She got her port out today.  Some women aren't so lucky, so us Merollises are feeling pretty grateful today.

This is what Liz, Darci's sister-in-law had to say about Darci:

Today is Darci Merollis day. Now that all this stuff is done (forever, I hope), I just really want to thank her. Not only did she go with me to numerous chemos, including the first one when I was scared sh!tless, she went to doctor appoints with me, too (and she took off work to do this). She also made sure to either call or text EVERY DAY while I was going through my first hard round of chemo.
She made sure I ate, drank, took my medicine, checked on me to make sure I never had any fevers (or any other things that would need a doctor's attention), she made me laugh, made me feel good about the fact that I had no hair and always was reassuring me that everything was going to be okay. She gave me honest opinions on which hats looked good, or not so good. :-) I really appreciated everything she did and although she never does stuff to get attention, I feel like she really deserves it. Love you, my sister!!

Darci and Liz are two more reasons why I will put on those size 9s and walk 60 miles in November.  
All that stuff is done FOREVER, Liz.  I know it!
I love you both.
Thank you!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Penn Station to Coney Island ... 21 miles and Nathan's hot dogs!

I am not sure Val could have taken a tighter shot of me eating my Original Nathan's hotdog (with all the trimmings ... except the onions.)  
Val, Burt, and I made the trek to Coney Island from Penn Station in perfect walking weather.  It was a huge difference from my last training walk to Coney Island when the weather was in the 90s!  We completed the 21 miles in 7 hours with a few stops for pictures and bathroom breaks.  There was no whining AT ALL!!!!  Here are a few pieces of information that you might or might not find interesting:
  • I wore a new ... never before worn pair of New Balance shoes and they were PERFECT!!!  Thanks to Mark, the manager of New Balance in Carle Place.
  • The soreness in my left thigh was NOT from the walk.  It was from the aerobic dance class that kicked my butt (and thighs) Thursday night!
  • A Nathan's original hotdog has over 300 calories and a "D" nutritional grade.  I did not eat the buns but I did eat two AMAZING hot dogs ... DELICIOUS!  A well deserved lunch after 21 miles!
  • I canceled my manicure to do this training walk.
  • I clearly need a manicure.
I received a very generous donation from Darci the other day.  More about that tomorrow.  I am now very close to another benchmark ... so I have increased my personal fund raising goal to $5500.  As of today, the 6 members of Burt's Babes have raised $36,754.82.  Not too shabby.  I am really very proud to be a part of this little team.
I am posting the following picture for a friend who always liked shots of this location:


Monday, October 8, 2012

"In lieu of a favor ..."

Yesterday, my niece Amanda had her bridal shower.  Her Matron of Honor, Megan, asked if she could have the party here in Port as she lives in Massachusetts and Amanda's friends would be coming from NY.  Of course my answer was yes.  I love Amanda and was thrilled that I could be a part the celebration leading up to her wedding.
Megan showed her appreciation by making a donation, in Amanda's honor, to the 3-Day (I added the notepad and pen ...)
This delighted me.
If you are reading this Megan ... I thank you again.  
It means so much to me, and Amanda's friends and family were pleased as well.
I think our t-shirt design is finalized and the order will be placed today.  I am sure that Win Goldman, my new best friend who is having the shirts printed, will be happy not to get another "just one more thing ..." email from me.  I have a hard time being the one to make the decision.  I need a committee and there wasn't one of those this time.  Hopefully the finished product will please all those "Babes" who will be wearing it!
Next and final "Burt" training walk will be Saturday ... Penn Station to Coney Island.  I did this one once before and, although I whined and whined down Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, arriving on the boardwalk in Coney Island was amazing!
Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

" ... she lost her battle ..."

Highline sky

There will be a funeral mass for Maureen Flynn tomorrow morning.
Mrs. Flynn was 49 years young.
She leaves behind her husband, Kevin and her three children, Colleen, Brian, and Bridget.
Mrs. Flynn battled breast cancer.
I met Mrs. Flynn a number of years ago when Colleen was a 5th grade student. Although Colleen wasn't my student, I liked her very much and Mrs. Flynn appreciated that.  I met the twins, Brian and Bridget, when they participated in the recreational bowling program that I helped to coordinate.  Last year, when they were fifth grade students, Brian and Bridget joined the Continental Math League, which I co-advise.  I have known this wonderful family ... and I know that the past two years have been difficult, as Mrs. Flynn was diagnosed with cancer and underwent exhausting and grueling treatments.
In spite of this ... when I saw her ... she always had a smile.  She was always there for her children.
She was a fighter.
But she lost her battle.
Her kids deserved to have their mom ...
Her husband deserved to have his healthy wife by his side ...
Maureen Flynn deserved a lifetime.
And so ... I will walk with Maureen Flynn in my heart ... just as I will walk with my Mom and my friends who have survived breast cancer in my heart.
Everyone deserves a lifetime.
If you are reading this and would like to donate to my 3-day walk in memory of Mrs. Flynn, please visit my page.
All donations made until I take my first steps on November 2nd will be in Maureen Flynn's memory. 

Donate in Memory of Maureen Flynn

Friday, September 28, 2012

Personal Fundraising Goal MET!

This is my tentmate, Val, and me on our training walk last weekend.
Thanks for the picture Sandy!
Well ... Cousin Baz took me OVER THE TOP and I am now past my personal fundraising goal of $5000!  (He said it was from the "Boys in the back at R. Federman" but I know it was Baz... because there are no boys in the back at R. Federman anymore ... because there is NO R. Federman anymore. You can't fool me, Baz.)  So ... my fundraising is on track. I still have a lot of training to do.  I did about 12 miles last Sunday.  We walked from Penn Station to Inwood and the troops, sans yours truly, walked back to Penn Station after a lunch break at Grandpa's pizza.  I caught a subway back to Penn so I could get home, shop, and start to cook for Yom Kippur (which was Tuesday night.)  The first 12 weren't bad at all ... so I know I could have completed the training walk. 
Next order of business is team t-shirts. Grey, white, pink ... this shouldn't be taking so long!  I had to take control and I hate being the boss!
Like everything else ... it'll get done!
I am looking at that picture of Val and me.  She is NOT that much taller than I am.  At least I don't THINK she's that much taller!  We were on a hill!
One of my Zumba instructors has left the gym.  There is an aerobic dance class in place of the Zumba class.  Holy cow ... aerobic dance is a lot!!!  My friend Rosalie just looked at me at the end of the hour and we both laughed and laughed!  I call the girls in the front row the "cheerleaders" because they're so young and cute and energetic.  I want to push them out of the way thank them for giving me something to watch while I am huffing and puffing in the back.  Zumba is so much easier for me!
The end.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Crunching Numbers

Yes, my friends, summer is officially over.  
The picture is from Race Point in Provincetown.
We didn't see sharks, but we did see whales and seals.
It was great ... and now I have to wait another year to frolic in the National Seashore.
School starts tomorrow for teachers, and students begin school Wednesday.
I'm ready!
OK ... here are the numbers:
There are 60 days until event.
I have met 86% of my personal goal of $5000.00
I have raised $4338.00 ($4438.00 with the check that I am sending tomorrow.)
Burt's Babes (all 6 of us!) have raised $28,162.02 as a team.
Burt is the #4 top fundraiser in Dallas.
Liz is the #5 top fundraiser in Dallas.
Burt's Babes is the #7 top Dallas team.
I am so proud of us!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Taking the Plunge ... and Purging!

Those aren't MY clothes ... but that's pretty much what it looked like on my bed yesterday.  I took the plunge and purged my closet.
This was not easy for me.
My friend Rosa has lost almost 50 pounds and we have talked about the clothes that don't fit anymore.  If we throw them out ... that means that we intend to be our new, smaller selves for ... EVER!
Let's be honest, friends.  I have lost weight before.  20 pounds down only to gain back 25.  25 pounds down only to gain back 30!  It's NOT HEALTHY!
By cleaning out my closet I am promising myself NEVER TO DO THAT AGAIN!
There ... it's in pink and white.
When I bought my little Canon camera for my second 3-day in San Francisco, I also bought the Protection Plan from Best Buy.  Recently I dropped my little friend and cracked the screen.  I took it back to Best Buy yesterday and they are repairing the screen for me.  One Geek told me I might just get a new camera.  That would be sweet!
I guess that means no pictures for a while ... unless I can get my big Canon to work!
There were five women in my Zumba class last night!  That is a VERY small group for my gym.  I am assuming the numbers will go up after Labor Day.  It was fun to be in such a small class, though.  One woman told me she went to a class and she was the only one there!  I would take that opportunity to have the instructor help me work on my "sexy!" (WEPA!)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back To School

This picture was taken the last week of school in June.  These students are going on to the the middle school this year.  I wonder if they will be wearing those crazy glasses we gave them.
Well folks ... it was back to school today to set up the room and get ready for the first day next Tuesday.  It has been a great summer ... but I'm ready to go back!
I really love my job. I am so lucky to be able to say that.  From the time I was a little girl I wanted to be a teacher.  Sadly, there aren't a lot of jobs available in great districts like Commack.  There are so many young, talented teachers.  It's a shame.

Today was a trial run of an almost typical day ... awake at 5:30, drive out to Commack, teach, drive home to Port, do a Zumba class from 7:30-8:30 then come home and get dinner on the table for Ronnie.  "Will she be able to do it?"  you ask.  My answer:  "I certainly hope so."  Ronnie is going to HAVE to learn how to cook, for goodness sake!

Drum roll for my fundraising total as of today:  
Looking good!  
I brought a good number of cook books to school.  I hope that word gets out that those books are SO GREAT ... they are worth a $25 donation to the 3-day!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mammo Monday ... and other stuff

That's me ...
Berta walker!
I wish I was still in Provincetown.  I miss my friends ... I miss our walks ... I miss that AMAZING Zumba class ... I miss the beach.  But, I must say ... I missed my "boys" and am glad to be home!
Today was Mammo Monday.  I had my annual mammography (breast sono, thyroid sono, pelvic sono ...)  It was a full afternoon at Nassau Radiologic!  The best words I heard were "You will get the results in a week." (after the mammography) and "You can get dressed and go home." (after the breast sono)  A few women were called in to speak to the doctor after their tests ... so I guess everything looks good for me.
It's that time again.  Time to put together a t-shirt for our team.  No logos this year so it should be easy.
I'm voting for "Team Burt's Babes--Penn Station to Dallas" on the front and 
"1545 miles + 60 (in 3-days!)" on the back.  I don't know if that makes sense to you.  What do you think?
I gathered up all my courage and went to WW for my weigh-in tonight.  I really believed that, after 10 days in Provincetown, I SHOULD have gained weight.  I guess the Zumba and long walks paid off, though.  I lost a pound and am now down 41+!
Yay! Life is Great!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back ...

Sashi, Roberta, Debra ... 3 reasons to walk!

I am back.
It was an amazing 10 days with family and friends in Provincetown.  While there, I either did an hour of fantastic Zumba ... or walked 7- 8 miles with Susan and assorted others (Beth, Sashi, Debra, Hannah, Sonya.)  We made it to the beach every day.  The weather was perfect.  I stayed on program in the beginning ... but, I must admit to "falling off the WW wagon" as we made our way through cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at Kalmar, barbecues, and trips to Provincetown restaurants.  Sitting on the beach with coolers that included Cape Cod chips and chocolate chip cookies didn't make it any easier!  But, as I said, I am back!  Do I want to weigh in tomorrow night?  Probably not ... but I will.  I NEVER want to go back to where I was October 30th!
While away ... the donations came in and I am just about to see $3000 on my progress thermometer.  My personal goal was $5000.  Anything is possible, but I continue to be honored by the support and love given me by my friends and family so far.
My goal now is to give away ALL those cookbooks!  The deal is ... anyone who makes a $25 (or greater) donation to the 3-day will receive a "Step-By-Step" cookbook! The reviews for the book are quite impressive! (Thank you Barbie-Lou ... I know you are reading this!)
Burt's Babes Dallas is down to 6 team members. (I miss you already Sandy and Lesley!)
In spite of our small number ... we are a mighty team and have raised $26,012.02! (That .02 is interesting ... there must be a story behind it!)
 We are #8 on the list of Top Teams and Captain Burt and team mate Liz are #s 4 and 5 on the list of Top Fundraisers!  Impressive!  I am so proud to be a member of this small but amazing group of walkers.
68 days until we take our first step!
Just made it to $3018.00!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Walking on Sunshine

First walk to Provincetown!  It is a perfect morning ... and I walked with my wonderful friend Susan.  In the words of Jeter Harris "Life is Grate!"  This is my favorite spot ... the tip of the Cape ... by the jetty.
Yesterday I took a Zumba class in Truro.  There were about 50 women of all shapes, sizes, ages ... it was AMAZING!  I am really looking forward to going again tomorrow!  What fun.  Thank God for Zumba!  I am not a lover of exercise and this is FUN!  WEPA!
As soon as I publish this ... I am off the the beach.  I told you life is great!

I have now reached over 50% toward my fund raising goal of $5000 and I thank you for helping me to reach this point.  This walk is so important to me and I appreciate the love and support you have given me.

So I saw this mushroom on my walk and had to take a picture for Sarge.  He definitely would like it.  And to that I say ... boobies.

Ps  ... I am listening to Cat Stevens as I write this ... find the lyrics to "Morning Has Broken"  So appropriate ...

look no farther ... here they are:

Morning Has Broken
As Sung by Cat Stevens
lyrics by Eleanor Farjeon

Morning has broken, like the first morning
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
Praise for the springing fresh from the word

Sweet the rain's new fall, sunlit from heaven
Like the first dewfall, on the first grass
Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden
Sprung in completeness where his feet pass

Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning
Born of the one light, Eden saw play
Praise with elation, praise every morning
God's recreation of the new day

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Late Afternoon Stroll on the High Line

I just LOVE the High Line.
TY and I met across from Penn Station and made our way to this amazing walkway above the streets of Manhattan. If you live in New York or plan to visit ... this is a must!
I have to say ... it's a bit more crowded since my first visit ... but it's a great walk.
My first fundraising letter brought in just over $1000 $1185 so far.  I'm very pleased and VERY grateful! Add that to the donations made before I sent the letter and I am almost at the minimum of $2300.  This year I decided on a goal of $5000.  I am hopeful that I will reach that goal.
I like to read about the top fundraisers who will walk with us in Dallas.  Janis Fletcher has raised just under $10,000 so far.  She is a breast cancer survivor who shares her journey with her blog readers.  She invites you to read her blog ... so here is the link:
People like Janis make me PROUD to be a part of the 3-Day.  I hope we "bump into" each other in November! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Burt Hits The Windy City

Bert and Burt

 Our Burt's Babes captain, Burt Lipshie, is walking in Chicago this weekend.  It is the first of his two 3-day walks ... lucky number 13 in Chicago and number 14, in memory of his cousin Judy, in Dallas.  I will be joining him in Dallas. Burt raised $3475.00 for Chicago and has reached $7316.90 so far for Dallas.  I'm not sure of how that compares to what he has raised in the past.  I'm sure it's less ... because it appears that many walkers are not raising the funds they have in past years.

There is an article in the Chicago Tribune that addresses this.  Number of walkers:  Down  Number of donations/donors: Down.  
Lauren Bromley, a 54 year old breast cancer survivor who raised more than $13,000 for this, her second 3-day, had this to say:

"(I was) quite upset with the Komen Foundation" earlier this year. But when the organization reversed course, (I) decided to focus on the larger goal of ending the disease.  I realized that it's my efforts and my fundraising that would help eliminate breast cancer.  If I didn't walk in this walk, I was going to let politics get in the way."

Megan Heng, a crew member said:

"For me, this is not a political issue. I'm trying to see beyond the politics to all the good that the program is doing. … I know of too many people who are struggling with cancer or who have lost their lives to this disease to stop now."

My letter brought in some very nice donations ... and I sent out some very nice cookbooks.  I know I will reach the minimum and hope to get close to my goal of $5000.
It can be done, yes?
Yes it can!

Read the Chicago Tribune story here.,0,2366142.story

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let the Fund Raising Begin

This, to me, is the toughest part of the 3-day.
Fund raising!
It is especially hard for me this year, considering Komen's decisions re: Planned Parenthood and the response of some of my past supporters and fellow walkers to it.  Within the letter  I wrote the following:

 "I understand that some of you were disappointed with Susan G. Komen and its controversial decision involving Planned Parenthood.  I can’t lie … I, too, was surprised and disappointed. This week changes were made in the organization. SGK’s president resigned and a new figurehead role for Nancy Brinker, founder of SGK, is being created. My decision from the beginning, however, was to fulfill my commitment to the cause. I will continue to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure and I will walk at least another 60 miles."  

I am not sure of how appropriate it is to include a statement like that in a request for support of the very organization for which I raise funds.  I felt I had to write it, though. I didn't want to offend anyone from my list who no longer supports Komen.  Oh well ... it's done ... the letter is sent.  Let's see what happens next!
Wednesday night is the best Zumba night.  The instructor is fantastic and the class can be REALLY crowded!  Last night she brought a guest ... a Zumba GUY!  He led a few dances and I was SWEATING!  It was CRAZY!!! (But I loved it!)  
You know you're into Zumba when the songs are in your head and you are moving even when sitting down!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


When I saw my Zumba instructor, Linda, Monday night, I had just come from WW ... and finally lost 40+ lbs! I was so excited and shared the news with her.  I told her that Zumba was helping me get to my goal.  Tonight she gave me this Zumba bracelet and I love it!  Thank you Linda!  You put a BIG smile on my face! (Now I have to work on moving my body like you do!)
Burt's Sunday training walk to Brooklyn was canceled due to a miserable weather report.  The weatherman was WRONG, and it turned into a beautiful day.  Oh well.  Next time.
I still have all those cookbooks.  I have to make some decisions and soon ... or else I will ALWAYS have all those cookbooks!!!!!  
The end.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Here they are, folks!
Sandy ... with minor assistance from Liz and me ... put together this little gem as a fund raiser for our walk in November.  Of course, this could not have been accomplished without the recipe submissions made by our friends and family.
Putting together a cookbook ... OF ANY SIZE ... is not a simple task.  Once you think you have edited and the recipes follow the format, etc., you find a mistake and have to start looking at all the recipes again.  Sandy was so diligent, though, and it looks great!
I am picking up my share tomorrow night, then LET THE SALE BEGIN!  
I am not sure of the price.  That will be determined tomorrow.
Each book is filled with lots of love, though!  
That's priceless! 
I mentioned that I have been under-the-weather. 
I am feeling better.
My house guests are driving home after a week's stay.
The flying ant infestation in my master bath is gone.
Looks like summer is officially underway!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Walk In The Park

It was a perfect Saturday ... so Sandy, Lesley, and I met at Penn Station and had a walk in the Park.  Central Park, that is.  The picture above was taken at the waterfalls in the forest.  It's hard to believe this is in the middle of the city. (But I have said that before!)

 I haven't had a walk with my "sistahs" in a while.  It was great to reconnect.

Just beautiful.
The weather has been so hot and stormy.  Yesterday was perfect!

On the way back to Penn, Lesley and I met up with TY for lunch at Bryant Park.
All-in-all ... a terrific day!
I have been a bit "under-the-weather" since returning home from Florida.  Hopefully I have turned the corner.  I guess it was just general "malaise."  I forced myself to go to Zumba and even tried a Yoga class Friday.  Tomorrow will be a return to normalcy.  
It will be good to be back!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Time to Get to Work ... Get to Walk

OK ... I am back.  So much has happened, but I just haven't written about it.  So here's the lowdown:
I went back to Natick, Massachusetts, and took a walk through my old high school.  It was good to see old friends ... and it was good to come home. It was a little bitter-sweet.  The old school has seen better days.  Enough said!
I returned on Fathers' Day ... which was also our 40th anniversary. I loved being with my family.
The next day I celebrated my "Beatle Birthday."  YIKES!
School let out shortly after and Ronnie and I celebrated our anniversary in Mexico for 4 days and 3 nights. It was the first time we have taken a vacation like this and it was great.
I had a day between returning from Mexico and taking off for Florida to help mom celebrate her 88th birthday.  She had a bit of a "rocky" June ... but looked good while I was there.  My friend Phyllis stayed with us and that was a lot of fun.  I was disappointed that Bee was under-the-weather.  Next time, my friend.
I finally started my summer vacation, at home, last Saturday.  
To catch you up ... I have now lost 35+ pounds and I have become a Zumba princess... doing at least 3 classes a week.  (I try to keep up, but I'm just not sexy enough to call myself a Zumba queen!)
So all is well.
I haven't been training, but I have two training walks with my team coming up this month.
There are 16 weeks until the event.
I haven't sent fund raising letters ... but I will.
Yesterday I received my copy of "Step by Step", the cookbook I helped Sandy and Liz put together.  It is wonderful and I am really excited.  Pretty soon I will be selling cookbooks!
Yesterday I had lunch and saw a movie with my friend Lynnie.  We saw the "Boobies" sticker on a truck in the parking lot. I had to take a picture!
It made me think of Sarge.
That's it for now.
Jeter and I have promised to keep up with our blogs.
We will.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Training Walk to Inwood

Here we are ... our little group at the red lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge.
It was great to get out and walk with Burt and the girls.  
I left the group just before lunch.  Sandy said they walked 10+ miles ... so I'm going to say I walked between 9 and 10 miles.
I will not lie to you.  I was tired.
Just as my train was pulling into Penn, I received a text that there was a possible problem with my debit card.  A purchase of $5.33 was in question.  If I had made the purchase,  respond "1" for yes or "2" for no.  I responded "2" and, within seconds, I received a phone call from my bank.  Around $2000 had been charged to my debit card.  So ... my card was immediately canceled.  My bank will make good on all the charges, etc., but I was feeling very uncomfortable.  Especially since this is the second time my account (not the card ... just the account) has been stolen. 
I am going home to Natick for 24 hours next weekend!  My high school is being torn-down and there will be a day of events with a gala Saturday night.
It will be bitter-sweet for me.
It's great that Natick is getting a new high school ... but "Old Natick High" holds so many memories for me.  Most of those memories are wonderful.  I loved high school ... loved my friends ... loved the pride we had in our school.  When I went to Natick High, times were simple.  Life was easy ... life was fun!
Of all the events that occurred while I was a student in Natick High, the one I will never forget was on November 22, 1963.  I was in Biology class when the announcement that our President had been shot came over the loudspeaker.  I remember feeling overwhelmed ... scared ... sad.  Class was dismissed and, as we left the building, the flag in the quad was lowered.
That image will always stay with me.
But I will also remember the Christmas Cotillions and the proms in the cafeteria.  I will remember football games and pep rallies.  I will remember being a nun (a novice, really!) in the Sound of Music.  I will remember walking the halls and passing notes. I will remember Mr. Mitro, and Mr. Englehardt, and Miss Connolly, and Mr. Bachini.
This week I will be thinking about those high school days ... and how I miss them.  For 24 hours I will go back in time.  I will imagine having everything the way it was ... everyone we have lost (my grandparents, my dad, my best friend Carolyn) will be with me on my journey home.  
As I gather in the old cafeteria with graduates from 50 years for one last time I will raise my glass and say 
"Cheers to Old Natick High."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Nice Memorial Day Walk In The City with TY

My prize for walking yesterday was the BEST brunch at Veselka with TY.
Can my smile get any bigger?
We walked along the water in lower Manhattan before it got too hot.  It was so beautiful!  The big bonus was that the city wasn't crowded because it was Labor Memorial Day! (caught the mistake, Sashi!  Pretty funny!)
I'm not sure of how many miles we walked ...
I chose to walk in sandals instead of sneakers and my dogs were barking at the end of the day!  They were also swollen due to the heat!
Yikes it's hot!!!
Tonight is WW weigh-in night.  I'm a day late because of the holiday.  I hope I do better than last week ... 0 pounds and 0 ounces!
Zumba was canceled tonight because the gym was too hot.
I HATE to miss Zumba!
The end.
Lost over 2 pounds this week!  That's a total of over 30 pounds and you know what that means!
120+ sticks of butter!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

First Day Back On My Old Route

Today was my first ... old ... training walk in Port.
Some things have changed.  Some things have stayed the same.
Houses that were being renovated last year are looking great.
The Bay Walk has a "nautical art museum" that adds charm to the stretch along the bay.
The swans are back.  It appears to be just the mom and dad.  The baby might be on his own this year.
A house that sported a "For Sale" sign months ago ... still has the same sign in front.
The guy with the great posture ran past me on Middle Neck Road. (Although we did not say hello ... it was good to see him.)
I walked without my waist pack.  That meant I did not have my cell phone and I did not have my camera.  It felt great not having that thing around my waist!
I walked with a Zumba song playing in my head!  
That's right ... Zumba!  
My friend Doreen has classes in the gym after school.  I have now taken four.  I am finally remembering some of the steps and sometimes my feet and my hips and my arms all work together.  That's sometimes! I think the fact that the music was in my head means that I enjoy it!  I'll have to run that past Doreen. (Who, by the way, lost 50 pounds, and attributes her amazing body to alotta Zumba.  I'll start with two days a week, thank you!)
I have lost 28 pounds and some. (That's 112+ sticks of butter, right Bee?)
People are noticing and, unlike other times I lost weight, I accept their compliments.  In the past I would become embarrassed and made light of what others had to say.  Now I'm really proud of the change I am seeing in me. I wonder what that means.  I'll run that past Doreen, too!
There is a flag in the bay that always reminds me of Sarge.
I thought of him as I passed it today.
If you're reading this, sir, I want you to know that I miss you.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Training Walk From the Garden to the Gardens

I finally did my first training walk of the season with Burt's Babes.
We met at Penn Station (Madison Square GARDEN) and walked into Brooklyn to the Botanical GARDENS!
It was a great walk.
You might recognize "EYES" (yeah ... sure)  This picture is for Sarge!
 Here we are (minus two VERY FAST WALKERS!) at the Brooklyn Bridge.
Compliments to the photographers I wrangled at Eyes, on the Bridge, and at the Gardens!  Nice job fellas!
I have to admit ... I'm feeling a bit out of shape.  At this point I was getting tired! 
 We finally reached the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
11.22 miles.
We didn't go in though because we were ...
It's a good thing Lesley and I grabbed a banana on the way.  I would have been very cranky!
 None of the restaurants in the area could accommodate 11 walkers ... 
We said goodbye to 4 and found a fantastic Japanese restaurant.
This is most unusual because Burt looks forward to pizza ... but this was different and delicious!  The place closed after we walked out!  Could Burt's Babes have been too much for the place?
By the time we found our way to the subway we had walked around 12.5 miles.
Not bad for a first walk of the season.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A New Bridge To Walk

Approach to the bridge from the Lower East Side
From Williamsburg
 I am always up for walking over a bridge ... so I was excited when Tracy suggested we walk from her place in the Village to Williamsburg which is in Brooklyn.
Crossing the Williamsburg Bridge was NOISY!  We shared it with cars, trucks, and subway trains!  I loved crossing into a new neighborhood to explore.  We had lunch in a little restaurant that reminded me of Cambridge in the 70s.  We visited an amazing chocolate factory and walked in and out of local shops.
The weather was perfect.
It was a great day.
Manhattan as viewed from Williamsburg.

I am not sure of how many miles we walked ... but I am counting this as a training walk.
Spring break is over.  It's back to "The School" tomorrow.
Next break will be summer.
This year has FLOWN!
Pretty soon I will be walking everyday, getting in shape for Dallas.
I really don't want the time to go so fast.  Know what I mean?