Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back To School

This picture was taken the last week of school in June.  These students are going on to the the middle school this year.  I wonder if they will be wearing those crazy glasses we gave them.
Well folks ... it was back to school today to set up the room and get ready for the first day next Tuesday.  It has been a great summer ... but I'm ready to go back!
I really love my job. I am so lucky to be able to say that.  From the time I was a little girl I wanted to be a teacher.  Sadly, there aren't a lot of jobs available in great districts like Commack.  There are so many young, talented teachers.  It's a shame.

Today was a trial run of an almost typical day ... awake at 5:30, drive out to Commack, teach, drive home to Port, do a Zumba class from 7:30-8:30 then come home and get dinner on the table for Ronnie.  "Will she be able to do it?"  you ask.  My answer:  "I certainly hope so."  Ronnie is going to HAVE to learn how to cook, for goodness sake!

Drum roll for my fundraising total as of today:  
Looking good!  
I brought a good number of cook books to school.  I hope that word gets out that those books are SO GREAT ... they are worth a $25 donation to the 3-day!

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  1. Now see how nice you are...I wouldn't be thinking about getting dinner on the table. I'd be pointing to the microwave with a dismissive, "You're a big boy..."

    Um. Well. LOL I do that anyway... ;)