Friday, July 30, 2010

How I saved $250 and walked 6.37 miles

I know you're on the edge of your seat wanting to know how I saved $250!
Well ...
I'm turning in a leased car and the airbag light has been on.  So when I had it inspected the other day, I was told that if I didn't have the car serviced and the light turned off  there would be a $250 charge. The car is still under warranty ... so why would I want to pay for something that is covered anyway.  While waiting for the car to be serviced this morning ... I walked 6.37 miles.  There you have it! Oh ... I removed the parking decal, too.  So I saved another $50!  Now ... If I could only find the missing key that would totally make my day!
Turning in a leased car is expensive ... but not as expensive as buying a new car.
I saw the following headline in the waiting area:
That's for you Sarge!
I am having so much trouble reading Sacred Hearts.
Book Group is Wednesday night, so I'll continue to give it the old college try.  I'm on page 86 of 406.  Yikes!  I thought I was at least on page 100.   I must have been dreaming!
I ordered a new pair of size 8s and 3 new pair of Thorlo's!  The size 8s arrived yesterday.  Very exciting.
I also ordered 2 new bathing suits for Provincetown.  Can you say "ugly?"  Those are going back today!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Walk--9.34 miles

Today is a beautiful day.  I haven't taken a nice long walk since Sunday ... so I took off for Sands Point.
Look what I saw ...
 Biggify and take a look.  Is that a white dove?  It was standing in the street as I came up a hill ... then it flew into the tree.  
I especially like Lighthouse Road at the tip of Sands Point.  Take a look at this ...

 I do believe this is someone's home.  
This is the lighthouse ...
Looks like the lighthouse, yes?
I took the picture from the road and had to zoom in.  I didn't know there was a woman on the beach until I uploaded the picture.  
I have to get some history of the lighthouse for you.
This is for you, Sarge.  
I don't know ... it looked a little more like boobies as I was walking past!
Oh well ... I was thinking of you!
I was thinking of you, too, Thumper.  You have to break your new shoes in slowly, know what I mean?  I hope the new shoes are working out ... and that your feet are feeling good!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday walk--11.9 miles (can I call that 12 please?!)

We were invited to visit friends who have a summer home in the Hampton's yesterday, so I didn't walk.  Instead ... I went here:
 It was a spectacular day spent with wonderful friends.
So I called yesterday my  "rest day!"
(By the way Bee, the housewives of NYC have homes in the Hamptons ... and Ronnie and Joel ran into a New Jersey housewife in Westhampton.  They reported that she was gorgeous, with long black hair, beautiful lips and big, beautiful eyes.Who do you think it was?  Debra spent time with Alex and Simon in Atlantic City, and was at the same restaurant with Bethanny last week.)
So today I got back to business.  Joan and I walked the first 3 miles together, then I took off ... with a goal of 13 miles.  The temperature kept climbing and was soon holding at 91 degrees.  My "chilly dana" was really doing the trick and I found a few sprinklers to run under ... but I was getting really tired as I was taking the final laps in Sands Point.  The Garmin said "11.9" (I forgot to start it for a bit after leaving my house.)  PLEASE CAN I SAY I WALKED 12 MILES????  Sarge?  Thumper?
Here's what got me through the l-o-n-g trek:
My Chilly Dana (I soaked it every chance I got ... It really did keep me cool!), several bottles of Aquafina, a banana (I threw out the peel) and a chocolate peanut butter classic Zone Perfect all natural nutrition bar (210 calories of deliciousness!)  My Garmin got me through the walk, too.  It kept me honest.  I was not surprised to see that it took me MANY hours to get in 11.9 (+) miles because I stopped several times.
But I did it ... and I didn't whine once.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday ... Welcome to Mill Pond--5.1 miles

Look at this frilly little flower ... with the insect on it!  Looks like it's wearing a tu-tu, eh?
My town, Port Washington, is about 17 miles east of New York City.  It's very easy to take the Long Island Railroad straight in ... it's also easy to drive in, if you're not driving during rush hour ... which is all day!
There are about 33,000 of us living in this pretty place.  
The land was first settled by the Matinecock Indians who sold the land in 1643 to 18 English families from Stamford, Connecticut.  They named the land "Cow Neck" for the common pasture they used.
We're on a peninsula, so ... we have water on 3 sides!
The Mill Pond empties into the bay.
The Town of North Hempstead started this project many years ago.
The pond used to be a boring rectangle.
This is just off Shore Road.  The other side is Manhasset Bay.
The town has given us a lovely brick walkway and many benches.
They've also been busy planting lovely gardens.
I took a minute to sit and just look out over the pond ...
I'm assuming all the stakes and lines and orange mesh will be coming down eventually.  It will be very pretty!  A huge improvement!
It's the site of the Mill Pond MYC (Model Yacht Club)  The "Model Yachters" are a serious bunch.
Here's their fancy club house.
I wonder if they do weddings?
So I read about 30 pages of Sacred Hearts last night.  I'm determined to get this one finished.  I have no excuse because I'm on vacation! (can't blame it on too much work!)
As you can see ... I did NOT forget to start the GPS today.  Tomorrow will be my big walk.  I'm anxious to see how many miles I really do!

  I was pleased to see that my lap pace was less than a 20 minute mile. (this picture was taken at 2.39 miles ... yes ... I did finish 5.1 miles!)
Finally ... this is the little hill just before I hit my street at the end of this route.  I know you folks from the Hills of Georgia laugh at this ... and you folks who walk those Streets of San Francisco ask "what hill?"  but it's a fairly steep incline.  Isn't there a setting for measuring the incline on the Garmin?
Just wondering.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I forgot to start my GPS ... duhr. (5.1 miles)

So ... I forgot to start my GPS ... I just looked fashionable wearing a great big ... not working watch!  I'll walk the same route tomorrow and let you know.
I was sad that there aren't as many pretty flowers on this route as there have been.
I did find these in a window box on Main Street.
For the past few years, our pond has been undergoing a "beautification project."
The grass is coming in nicely and the water looks clean.  I'll take pictures of the rest of the pond tomorrow.  It's actually going to be very pretty when completed.
Now, I'm not going to complain--I'm just going to state a fact.
My feet hurt.
As soon as I take my size 8s off ... my dogs are aching.
That's it ... I'm not going to say any more about that.
I mentioned that I'm reading Sacred Hearts for my book group.
Now this is another fact:  I've been on page 33 for two days.  Gail (my Yankees buddy) is all the way to page 90, and can't get any further.
We have 6 days until our meeting.
I'm really going to try, but this book is putting me to sleep!
Bee ... you really like these newsy posts.  I did this for you!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So maybe I didn't walk this morning ... but I did walk around Yankee Stadium this afternoon!

I spent the better part of early morning trying to solve some computer issues ... so I didn't walk today.
I did, however, walk around Yankee Stadium.  Today was my friend Gail's and my annual trip to the stadium.  We had fabulous seats ... and saw an awesome game.
Here I am with Joba Chamberlain. He's yelling at me ... telling me that I MUST TRAIN HARDER!    I told him that he has to be more productive or he'll get sent down.  Duhr Joba!
I love going to the stadium.  I especially love seeing a winning game.  Today I DID see a Yankee win!
Unfortunately I didn't walk yesterday, either.  I did check in for the event.  I aced the safety quiz.  I reserved my flight to San Francisco.  I just have to make hotel reservations, now.
Very exciting!
Did I tell you that I reached my minimum?  Got there with the help of my daughters and a special friend.  I'm now on my way to $3000.  I checked where I was at this time last summer and realized I had just made the minimum.  This makes me feel really good.
I'm on my way!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rest day!

So I'm going to make this an official "Rest Day!"  Actually, it's a little cooler today ... and I could take a little walk ... but I'm going to give the "dogs" a break.
Your comments yesterday were pretty funny.
To answer you ... Thumper, I'm surprised with your grammar.  I are living just outside the "greatest city in the world!" and I are able to make that short train ride in to enjoy walking in it!  Honestly, though, if Burt hadn't contacted us to join him in training walks, I'd be walking circles in Port Washington! (Stay tuned for walks in Provincetown.  I are really looking forward to those walks!)
Bee,  how clever you are to see those lovely flowers as boobies.  Are they sagging just a bit?  Just wondering. (BTW ... I bought grits the other day and I think I'm going to make myself a bowl for breakfast!)
No Rocky, I didn't see TY ... but I texted her along the way.  She declined the invitation to meet me at Lindy's for a hamburger.  "Too much meat!" was her response.  Silly "almost" vegetarian.
Sarge, I think you enjoyed the picture of "The Museum of Sex" on the GREAT 5th Avenue right in the center of New York City.  We couldn't believe it.  Such a classy place.  No, sir, I didn't go in ... but I sure did take a long look as I passed!
So today I'll treat myself to some reading (Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant, Bee.  Looks good!) write an IEP for an incoming 3rd grader who is a total Yankee "know it all!" and I'll get this kitchen floor professionally cleaned for my August guests!  Maybe I'll even clean out the guest room.  Oh ... and I'm going to check-in for the walk, Thumper.  Have you done that yet?
So that's my day ...
oops ... it's 7:09 ... gotta get going!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Training walk in NYC--12 miles on the nose!

Today was our training walk in NYC.  We started early.  The day was HOT!
Here's our group.  Please note: Young, Tall, FAST walkers!  I observed this from BEHIND most of the time.
New York is beautiful and ...
majestic ... and ...
just a tiny bit crazy!
I didn't finish the full 19 miles that Burt had planned ...
but 12 miles wasn't bad.
We finished with lunch at Lindy's.
The end.
ps--everyone LOVED my new GPS!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday--9.26 miles

It was 88 degrees when I started my Sands Point walk this morning ... and by the time I finished it was 90.  I kept cool, though, with my "froggtoggs chilly dana cooling bandana".  Tomorrow I have a training walk in the city.  Hope I can keep up with the crowd.  It's supposed to be an 18 mile hike!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Forerunner keeps a walker honest!--5.14 miles

I really love those big watches that are in fashion this summer ... so when I put the Forerunner on I felt very stylish.  It was so great to look at it and know exactly how far I walked.  I was going to take a regular route this morning, but when I saw it would only be four miles ... I took a right and continued walking until I did the five miles I wanted!  (Like I said ... it keeps a walker honest!) 

So the 18:59 is my pace.  When I first looked it said 18:34 ... but I guess it slows down when you stop walking, yes?  Whatever ... I was pleased with the pace.  An hour 40 should be the time, so that's good ... and I did walk those 5 miles I wanted. 
Wait until my long training walk Sunday.  Not only will I drive them crazy with my camera ... I'll make them looney when I call out the mileage! Ha!
The ducks were enjoying the pond and were lined up at the waterfall when I approached.  They know me now and don't appreciate having their picture taken ... so they started to swim away!
Oh well ... just another picture of this pretty town!
ps--now I know that yesterday was a quick 4 or 5 miles ... not 5 or 6!  Like I said ... it keeps me honest!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I forgot to charge the battery on the GPS! duhr!

It was raining a bit when I decided to walk yesterday... so I did the treadmill and I HATE the treadmill.  So when the phone rang after about 2 miles of going nowhere ... I got off and never got on again.
It rained pretty hard this morning so, when the worst appeared to be over ... I pulled on my old size 8s and my new Garmin and started out.  Two steps into my walk, I noticed the Garmin was out of battery.  I charged it the other day.  Why?  Well ... it's charging now for me to finally use it for the first time tomorrow!
It was not a pretty day ... overcast and muggy ... but I did a quick 5 or 6 miles.
It's actually time to start making final plans for October.  There has been some whispering about tentmates and all ... I'd better get on the stick!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Montauk Walk--7+ miles

We were invited to spend the weekend with our friends at their home in Montauk (That's the tip of Long Island on the South Fork.  I'll draw a picture later.)
I happen to have a new Garmin Forerunner 305 that a TERRIFIC FRIEND sent me as an UNBELIEVABLE SURPRISE!!! (Guess she was sick of hearing me complain about my stupid pedometer!)  I did not, however, bring it to Montauk because I found it just before we left! (Hello family ... please tell me if I've received packages while in the Funshine state!) Anyway ... Viv guessed that we walked more than 7 miles so that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Here's my posse and me at the beach.  One thing I know is that the training I have been doing has once again prepared me for the long walk.  Look at the size of my friends ... and me.  It doesn't matter that I'm, what shall we say ... more Rubenesque than my friends ... I can OUTWALK any one of those puny little girls!
It was a great walk and a great weekend.

Friday, July 9, 2010

On the road again--5.66 miles

I'm home and on the road again.  I stopped to talk to an old friend named "Jimmy" who retired and will be moving soon.  We talked for quite a while ... so I had to cut my walk short.
It was sad to see how brown everything got this week.  We've had temps over 100 degrees.  Today it was 80 when I started my walk.  I'm used to the Florida humidity ... so I was good.
I had a great shot of the babies ... but when the fathers saw me getting ready to take a picture, he encouraged the babies to take a swim ... and they all swam away.
Oh well.

This old barn, which is just down the street from my house, is going to be pulled down soon.  I remember the people who lived here had a rooster.  That was kinda fun.
I'll be sorry to see the old place go.
My Florida route was so flat.  I had to throw in a couple of hills today.  They might be "puny" but they're hills.  Now I'm tired. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Day To Rest at the Beach!--0 miles

So I took Debra to John G's today for the best breakfast in Florida!  Then we walked right to the beach.  The water was VERY warm ... too bad I didn't bring a bathing suit.  I would have jumped right in.

The thing about southern Florida is ...
a black cloud will move in just like that and a few minutes later ...

beautiful puffy white clouds will take it's place and it's a beach day again!

Wherever I am ... I can't resist the palm trees.  Get a load of that sky.  I LOVE IT!
And do you know what else I love?
My ridiculously short toes and terribly wide foot in the sand.
It was a fun day at the beach with Deb... and my last day in the Funshine State.  Going home tomorrow.  See y'all in the Big Apple!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday-Same walk--5.75 miles

So today is my "flora tour."  I walk the same route every day so I try to find something new to look at.

I have this tree in my house ... but it doesn't look this pretty.

These are beautiful leaves.  Tom Hanks could have collected a lot of water in "Cast Away" on this leaf.

Simply pretty flowers.

Most of all, I love the palm trees ... especially against an early morning Florida sky.