Thursday, July 22, 2010

I forgot to start my GPS ... duhr. (5.1 miles)

So ... I forgot to start my GPS ... I just looked fashionable wearing a great big ... not working watch!  I'll walk the same route tomorrow and let you know.
I was sad that there aren't as many pretty flowers on this route as there have been.
I did find these in a window box on Main Street.
For the past few years, our pond has been undergoing a "beautification project."
The grass is coming in nicely and the water looks clean.  I'll take pictures of the rest of the pond tomorrow.  It's actually going to be very pretty when completed.
Now, I'm not going to complain--I'm just going to state a fact.
My feet hurt.
As soon as I take my size 8s off ... my dogs are aching.
That's it ... I'm not going to say any more about that.
I mentioned that I'm reading Sacred Hearts for my book group.
Now this is another fact:  I've been on page 33 for two days.  Gail (my Yankees buddy) is all the way to page 90, and can't get any further.
We have 6 days until our meeting.
I'm really going to try, but this book is putting me to sleep!
Bee ... you really like these newsy posts.  I did this for you!


  1. i love this post! i like to know what all is going on you see. boy howdy i hope our book club doesn't do another snoozer next month, we have three months in a row on that stieg larson stuff. i gave up.

    smiles, bee

  2. I've heard that particular novel is quite dull... "A cure for insomnia" springs to mind. Supposedly her other books are better. Supposedly.

    And you can complain. I've been complaining all day. My calves hurt. Tomorrow's 13 is going to suck....

  3. shucks, all them words and not one mention of boobie........