Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday walk--11.9 miles (can I call that 12 please?!)

We were invited to visit friends who have a summer home in the Hampton's yesterday, so I didn't walk.  Instead ... I went here:
 It was a spectacular day spent with wonderful friends.
So I called yesterday my  "rest day!"
(By the way Bee, the housewives of NYC have homes in the Hamptons ... and Ronnie and Joel ran into a New Jersey housewife in Westhampton.  They reported that she was gorgeous, with long black hair, beautiful lips and big, beautiful eyes.Who do you think it was?  Debra spent time with Alex and Simon in Atlantic City, and was at the same restaurant with Bethanny last week.)
So today I got back to business.  Joan and I walked the first 3 miles together, then I took off ... with a goal of 13 miles.  The temperature kept climbing and was soon holding at 91 degrees.  My "chilly dana" was really doing the trick and I found a few sprinklers to run under ... but I was getting really tired as I was taking the final laps in Sands Point.  The Garmin said "11.9" (I forgot to start it for a bit after leaving my house.)  PLEASE CAN I SAY I WALKED 12 MILES????  Sarge?  Thumper?
Here's what got me through the l-o-n-g trek:
My Chilly Dana (I soaked it every chance I got ... It really did keep me cool!), several bottles of Aquafina, a banana (I threw out the peel) and a chocolate peanut butter classic Zone Perfect all natural nutrition bar (210 calories of deliciousness!)  My Garmin got me through the walk, too.  It kept me honest.  I was not surprised to see that it took me MANY hours to get in 11.9 (+) miles because I stopped several times.
But I did it ... and I didn't whine once.


  1. 11.9 rounds up to 12, and when you factor in the reality that you probably took a few unmeasured steps here and there, it's 12. My big problem is major disappointment when I look at the GPS, see X.59 miles, and am really surprised when it doesn't roll over to X.00 miles instead of X.60.

    I keep expecting it to be like a watch. 'Cause after all, 2:00 comes after 1:59...

    +1 on the banana and Zone bar. I envy people who can eat decent food ;)

  2. 13 miles was a killer! Not sure how I'll even make 14 next week!

  3. When the temperature is above 85, you receive "bonus' miles for every mile you walk. So, I reckon you walked about 25 miles. Well done!

  4. well it was either teresa or jaqculine for sure. they both just had babies. i don't miss this show! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  5. You can say 12, you told me all I ever wanted about the sluts of NJ.