Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So maybe I didn't walk this morning ... but I did walk around Yankee Stadium this afternoon!

I spent the better part of early morning trying to solve some computer issues ... so I didn't walk today.
I did, however, walk around Yankee Stadium.  Today was my friend Gail's and my annual trip to the stadium.  We had fabulous seats ... and saw an awesome game.
Here I am with Joba Chamberlain. He's yelling at me ... telling me that I MUST TRAIN HARDER!    I told him that he has to be more productive or he'll get sent down.  Duhr Joba!
I love going to the stadium.  I especially love seeing a winning game.  Today I DID see a Yankee win!
Unfortunately I didn't walk yesterday, either.  I did check in for the event.  I aced the safety quiz.  I reserved my flight to San Francisco.  I just have to make hotel reservations, now.
Very exciting!
Did I tell you that I reached my minimum?  Got there with the help of my daughters and a special friend.  I'm now on my way to $3000.  I checked where I was at this time last summer and realized I had just made the minimum.  This makes me feel really good.
I'm on my way!


  1. i bet your feet are happy though! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. Chit...I hadn't even thought about a hotel. I suspect I'll want one for the night before. A room, anyway, not the whole hotel.

    Looking at that Joba, he doesn't look like he should be yelling at anyone about training...

  3. Very cool! Let's talk about SF when we are in Long Guyland. (not us, our Moms)

  4. Everyone deserves a day off, I say!

  5. So incredibly jealous! I wholeheartedly support skipping training for Yankee Stadium any day!!


    ~ Kristen

    (PS - Seriously, come on Joba. Pull it together!)