Thursday, September 30, 2010

Later that evening ...

Phyllis and I spent the day in the city and had lots of fun taking lots of pictures.  I'll post them when I'm able ... Suze Orman won and I didn't pay for Internet.
The Blogger Babes are here and ready to go.
We're meeting for breakfast tomorrow at 5:00 then we're on our way at 5:45.
I hope to be able to write while at camp ... if not ...
see you after 60 on Sunday!

Day Zero ... No picture! Phyllis Showered!

I'm on the hotel computer ... so there are no pictures ... but after last night's picture who would want to see another anyway!?
It's day zero and there are 3-day staff at the hotel.  Phyllis has a meeting with crew later but that would mean missing dinner with the Blogger Babes and that would be unacceptable.
We slept comfortably through the night and are ready to explore the city.
It's a beautiful 85 degrees here ... a lot nicer than the torrential rain we're getting on the east coast.
Phyllis told me that Suze Orman would be angry with me if I paid for a day of Internet service in the room ...
Oh ... screw Suze ... I'll hook up later with pictures!
Love from the other coast ...
Walker 3038281

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Roberta and Phyllis on the Plane

oy vay!
Oy vay is another way of saying "yikes!" Bee and Sarge! 
Phyllis and I are halfway to our San Francisco destination.  So far we played 3-8,  two thirds of a card game ... and I was winning.  Then we ate our dinner and dessert (a bag of M&Ms)  We played with our new cameras ... (hers is better than mine!) We tried to figure out her schedule as Crew ... and now ... after about a half hour of trying to get Internet service ... I'm showing her how to blog.  
Phyllis tried to upgrade our seats to first class ... but we're in "steerage" and, that's ok.
We're laughing and laughing.
(But Phyllis said she won't shower in the truck ... and I don't know about sharing a tent with a woman who refuses to shower.  I might stop laughing.)
Just to let you know ... I received donations that took me over my $3500 goal.
Life is great!
More later.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thank you!

Be happy ... on a walk with my girls in Montauk!
A few thank yous ...
Thank you Mrs. Glass for saying "yes" when I asked you to do this walk with me ... and thank you Beth for understanding when I said "I'm going back to San Francisco."
Thank you to my blogger buddies (and a few others) for joining the Blogger Babes for Boobies team.
Thank you to Burt for finding 3 day walkers in the New York area ... and organizing the greatest training walks!  I love Burt's Babes and hope that someday (next year?) we can form a team and walk 60 miles together.
Thank you to my loyal readers (you know who you are Bee and Sarge ...) for following every single post (except when you were on the high seas!)  I walk for YOU Bee (and I'm always on the lookout for a good booby shot for Sarge!)
Thank you Dr. Tepper, for telling me that Dr. Burzotta is great.  You're right!  Thank you Dr. Burzotta for taking care of my feet!
Thank you to my friends who took a few steps with me ... Beth, Viv, Robyn, Susan, Lynnie, Miss Celia, Mark and Gail ... and, of course, Joan. And to TY for peddling by my side!
Speaking of TY ... thank you TY for the "Feet" book that has become my bible!
Thank you to Bill and Dee (my friends at Pig Pen Studios) for designing and producing the great team shirts.  We will be stylin!
Thank you to those who searched for my donor page.  Now THAT'S called support!
Thank you to ALL my supporters.  You have helped me raise over $3500 for the cure. (And Baz ... Berkowitz just sent a check for $1000!)
Most of all ... 
Thank you Susan G. Komen for the Cure!
I am so proud to be a part of this organization ... and to be able to do my small part to support programs, education, and breast cancer research.
Phyllis and I will be on our way to San Francisco tomorrow night.  Stay tuned.  I intend to take you on my journey ...

Wrapping It Up

So my duffle is almost packed and I'm almost ready to go to San Francisco.
I tested my air mattress last night and I'm looking forward to a semi-comfortable sleep for two nights in my tent ... shared with Phyllis.
Here are a few things ...
Funshine walk
 I have done training walks in three states ... New York, Massachusetts, and the Funshine State.  The hottest walks were in New York City in August.  I never complained ... but my red face said it all.

Brooklyn Bridge
I was most excited when I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge.  I walked it a number of times and it NEVER got old for me.

Nathan's Famous anyone?
My greatest accomplishment was FINALLY making it to Coney Island.  It was my longest training walk ... but I LOVED it!  Getting on the air-conditioned Q train at the end of a very hot day was the highlight!!!!!

 The West End of Provincetown is my favorite spot ... with the end of Sands Point a close second.  I always had to stop there and just take it in.

"Hello Darling"
Although anyone who walked by my side was a GREAT training partner, Joan is my favorite.  I love her!

There's more to say ... but I have to go to work!!  Here are some facts:

Number of times I saw the podiatrist--3 (thank you Dr. Burzotta)
Number of training walks taken with Burt's Babes--7 (Thank you Burt Lipshie)
Number of miles walked to date--over 300 
lNumber of size 8s--4
number of times I whined or complained--ZERO (I was only stating the facts)

More Later ... I'm going to be late, now! DUHR!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last Sunday Walk with Joan before San Francisco--6.98 miles

Dahlia's on Haven Avenue
Today was my last walk with Joan until after the San Francisco 3-day.  Next Sunday I'll be finishing my 60 miles.
Joan and Yours truly
 Joan always greets me with "Hello Darling" ...then we kiss ... then we're on our way. There's no better way to start the week! 
I took it easy today, as you can see.  I wanted to be good to my heel ... my right toe ... and now, my left toenail.  I'm icing my heel as I write and will soak the foot when I'm finished.
This, by the way, is stating facts ... NOT whining!
A gal decked out in pink passed me.  She was wearing an Avon breast cancer shirt. The back of her shirt said "In it to End it!"  I like that.  If she's doing the New York walk ... she'll be taking her first step October 16th.  I did the Avon Breast Cancer walk many years ago.  Saturday is over 26 miles of walking and trust me ... that's a lot! 
We're ALL in it to end it ... 2 days, 3 days, 1 day ... 5 miles or 60 miles. Running or walking.

I sat by the pond for a bit ... watching the model sailboats being prepared for a race.  As I looked out I realized that all those lines holding the new growth in place had ribbons on them.  Take a look:
Pink ribbons
I took a picture from this spot before, but I don't remember all those ribbons being pink.  There are hundreds of ribbons.
It symbolizes why I'm walking next week.
I'm walking for US ALL ... I'm walking to END IT!
Wrap up tomorrow ... Thank yous on Tuesday ... On my way to San Francisco (again) on Wednesday.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last Sands Point walk before San Francisco--11.3 miles

Goldenrod by the water in Sands Point
I just returned from my last Sands Point training walk before the BIG walk starting Friday.  I really love walking in Sands Point.  It's so beautiful.  I wasn't going to take a lot of pictures, but I couldn't resist taking just a few.
Welcome to Paradise!
 This is the sign outside the gate of the last house on Plum Beach Point Road.  It's my favorite street in SP ... and I bet the house really is in paradise!  It's right on the water.
Right next to Paradise ... is a house being built.  As I was walking by, I saw it in the mirror on the street ...
Just next door to paradise.

Yessiree ... it's a big one!
I visited my friend Viv on the way.  She just fractured her ankle so I wanted to see how she's doing.  Here's the culprit:
The culprit.
His name is Rusty.  He was walking too fast while Viv had him on the leash and she fell.
(Wipe that smile off your face Rusty.)
Rusty's sister,  Sophie, is not as amused as Rusty ... and feels sad that Viv is in a cast and can't run and play.  (This picture was taken after Sophie "washed" my hands with her tongue ... Good girl!)
I walked the regular route after leaving Viv, Rusty, and Sophie.  You've seen the pictures.
I did see a nice mushroom for Sarge, though.
Mushroom or booby?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Training walk NYC--20.65 miles

Flowers still grow in NYC!
Today was my last training walk with "Burt's Babes" before San Francisco.  We walked from Penn Station to Riverside Park to the Financial District then back to Penn Station.  We had a big and fabulous group of 3-day walkers.  We were joined along the way by other groups who walked with us for a while.

Our group in Riverside Park (Photographed by ranger Izzo from Brooklyn)
Roberta (San Francisco) and Lesley (San Diego) Last week's group in Central Park!
Sandy (Tampa?) Burt (Chicago and Dallas!) and Tracey (Philadelphia)
Oh yes ... there were other pictures taken, but my walk-mates were getting a tiny bit annoyed with me because they were hungry and I was holding up the walk to Adrienne's in the Financial District where we were looking forward to the best pizza in the city!  I couldn't leave you, however, without a picture of the group at "you-know-where" ...

Eyes (photographed by TY of the Village)
This is, of course, for you Sarge!
It was a beautiful day in the 80's in NYC. 
It was a total of 8 hours ... about 7 hours of walking.
I'm icing my foot right now ... but there were NO COMPLAINTS out of the mouth of THIS walker! (only observations about my plantar faciitis and my arthritic toe and how hot I was feeling.)  
So I'm on my way to another 60 miles in San Francisco.
It's less than 2 weeks now. 
Thank you, thank you for following me on this remarkable journey!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crunching acorns, dodging raindrops--6.0 miles

Yours truly!
Joan's husband is coming home from a brief hospital stay, so I walked alone today.  I walked my old training route which is exactly 6 miles (according to my old pedometer ... do the math!)  My Forerunner is not working ... so I have to contact Garmin tomorrow.
In other news ... I forgot to charge my phone so I didn't take pictures. (That might be ok since I take way too many!)
I will tell you that, like Karen (aka Thumper) I saw pee wee soccer players.  They couldn't have been older than 4.  They were wearing red, yellow, and blue pinnies that almost dragged on the ground.  ADORABLE!  I happen to know that when they aren't playing on the soccer field, the geese are hanging out there. I wonder what their little soccer shoes looked like when they got home!
I also saw the miniature sailboats on the pond.  You would certainly have seen a picture of that.  The MPMYC (Mill Pond Model Yacht Club) was busy today.
The acorns are on the street and I love the sound of my shoes crunching them.  I dodged raindrops for half my walk.  That's fine.  Some training should be done in the rain ... just in case!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Central Park--11.87 miles

Garden in Central Park
I've walked through Central Park but today Lesley and I really walked through Central Park.  From Columbus Circle to Harlem, this was a fantastic walk for me.
Road Runners
 There's always some kind of run or walk through the park (tomorrow is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure)  Today we saw a Road Runners sponsored race.  It was so much fun to watch the runners and listen to the people on the sidelines cheering.  Made me think of the 3-day and how important that encouragement is!
Moving along toward Harlem (I think)
Untermyer Fountain

A promenade
Waterfall in the north end of the park (Loch?)
Lesley took me through wooded paths that I never would have walked.  I loved it.  To think this is in the middle of New York City.  
 We walked back to Columbus Circle for lunch at Whole Foods.  The following picture is for Sarge:
I think this sculpture was modeled after ME!

After a short break ... we reentered the park and I insisted on a visit to Strawberry Fields.
Imagine at Strawberry Fields

It was important for me to visit this memorial to John Lennon.  His message of peace is especially important today--the 9th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center.

Bethesda Fountain

 Delacourt Theatre ... Shakespeare in the Park. (Romeo and Juliet)


 Lesley and Roberta 

I thank Lesley for taking me on a wonderful walk through Central Park today.  I loved every step.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Walk of the Summer--6.96 miles

pink impatiens 
When is summer officially over?  For me, today is the last day of summer because school starts tomorrow.  I'm anxious to get back, too.  Two months is a perfectly fine vacation.  I've had a wonderful summer!
I walked with my friends Viv and Robin today.
You might remember that we lost Mikey, Viv's son, last Labor Day.
I asked her if she would like to walk to visit "his house" as she refers to it ... and, of course, her answer was "Yes."
So I dedicate this last walk of the summer of 2010 to our beautiful friend Mike Megdal ... who was with us for much too short a time.
Mikey Megdal
Viv reminded me ... today is a gift.
I'm grateful for it.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Walk With Joan--6.62 miles

summer blossoms
Joan and I met for our Sunday walk ... and walked and talked for our 3+ miles together.  Then I continued on for the rest of my walk through Port Washington to the town dock and back to my house.
View from the dock.  
Another view
 As I approached Mill Pond, I saw a heron just hanging out.  I took pictures, but couldn't get close enough, so you'll just have to believe me when I tell you he was a handsome guy!
May Peace Prevail on Earth
This is my favorite sign ... just before you come out to my street.  With Rosh Hashana upon us ... this is my wish for the New Year. (Can you say "Shana Tova" Bee?)
So I'm finished icing my heel ... and I'm on my way to Yankee Stadium.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gone Walking and Feeling Good!--10.1 miles

The sign on the front door says it all!
Shhhhhh .... I had no pain in my heel this morning when I woke up!  Could it be the Naproxen I started taking yesterday?  Or could it be the icing that I've been doing? Whatever it is ... I don't want to say too much.  I just know I felt good!
  I put on the new size 8s (that felt like size 3s a while ago) and took off for another walk in Sands Point.  I got a bit of a late start (9:30) but it was 75 degrees and breezy.  Perfect walking weather ... and it never got much hotter!
I took pictures along the way to show you my beautiful walk.
View from Bad Bob's on the Marina
I leave my house, walk to King Kullen for a water, then walk from Shore Road to
 Manorhaven Boulevard.  Manorhaven is home to a few marinas.  I walked out to take a look at the yachts.  This picture was taken at Bad Bob's, a rib joint on the water.
Yankee (Holy) cow (!) in a Sands Point backyard
 From Manorhaven I walk into Sands Point.  There's a dramatic difference in neighborhoods!  I know you've seen the picture of the cow before.  I just get such a kick out of it!  It's a good street to train on, too.  It has a nice hill to climb!
Looks like a fairy tale!
 From the cow ... I continue on my walk to this street.  I've taken pictures of this house before.  It looks like a fairy tale, yes?  I love it.
I turn, walk back up another hill, and take a turn on Prospect Lane, one of my favorite streets.
Wall on Prospect Lane.
 Just before I reached Barkers Point Road, I met a couple of "barkers" ... and they were happily barking at me.  This one, Maggie, wanted to get her picture taken for the blog.  (She did not sign a release ... I hope it's ok.)
Plum Beach Point Road
Plum Beach Point Road is one of my favorites.  The road is curvy ... and lined with these beautiful trees.  I decided to walk past the "do not enter" sign to see the houses at the end of Plum Beach ... and I'm glad I did.  They're amazing and right on the water.  I couldn't see the house at the end of the road, but the sign "paradise" said it all.
 Plum Beach Point becomes Pelham Avenue and this is someone's backyard.  Nice!
White Hills on Sands Point Road.
 About half way through my walk, I turn onto Sands Point Road.  I'm usually attacked by black gnats at this point, but it was breezy and the gnats weren't around!  I have no idea what "White Hills" looks like ... but I like the entrance.
Back of a garage on Sands Point Road
Estate on Sands Point Road
 I walk from Sands Point Road to Middle Neck.  The end of Middle Neck Road is what I believe is the setting for The Great Gatsby.
Estate on Middle Neck Road
 I didn't want to be so obvious and take a picture of the mansion behind this gate ... but that's Long Island Sound.  It's magnificent.
Lighthouse Road
The beach on Lighthouse Road.  Can you see the NY skyline?
The water was choppy.  I love this part of Sands Point.
Once I leave this part of Sands Point, I'm on my way home.  Middle Neck Road goes right to my street.

This is for you Rocky!
 I had to check the GPS at the Sands Point Golf Club.  The battery was low ... but I was feeling good. 
Helen Keller National Center
 Just past the Helen Keller National Center I saw this ...
Horses in Sands Point.
I thought that the horses in this field were police horses ... but 
... today the riders were wearing armor and holding poles and it looks like the horses were being trained to joust!  (I could have walked closer but I was anxious to get home!)
Port Washington
Just a few steps away from the horses and I'm back to Port Washington.  It's a far cry from Sands Point ... but it's home.
It was a great walk.  
Thanks for joining me!
The heel is feeling good right now.
Fingers crossed!
(This was a long one!)