Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday--6.28 miles

Joan and I were admiring the hydrangeas on the other side of town today, and I was just shooting away.  They were so vibrant ... much deeper than ours on "this side of the tracks."  I decided to go with the daisy, though.  I love daisies.  They are the happiest of all flowers!
Here are some pictures from the new walkway built along the water near my house.

I'm assuming this is the remains of a pier ... I really like the reflection in the water.

The birds were just hangin' out here.  Don't know if you can see them.

Here's that spot I've shot for you, Sarge.  It's taken from another angle.

This is the end of the walkway for me ... Just the beginning for others.
For your information, Thumper, I started at 7:44 and ended at about 10:10.  I sat down for a while at the town dock and just took it all in.
Now that school is over, I'll be walking every day.
Less than 100 days to the walk.
I just edited the mileage ... couldn't have been that much.  I looked back at other Sunday mornings with Joan and decided I was at least a mile over.
I do not lie ... but the pedometer does.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday--11.29 miles

Left the house at about 8:15 and just got in at 11:50.  Right now it's 91 degrees.  I'm tired and I'm swollen!
Yesterday was a rough day.  Last day of school is always bittersweet.  Saying goodbye to the kids is hard .... then getting back to Port, picking up  Whitey, taking him to the emergency vet, and making a very sad ... but correct decision ... it was just an exhausting day all around.  I took it slow on my Sands Point walk.  I just wanted to take in the natural beauty ... the sights and sounds.  Half way through I realized it's my father's yahrzeit.  That's the Jewish date of his death.  (My dad passed away 20 years ago on July 4th.)  So I took time in the most beautiful part of Sands Point to say Kaddish for him.
Ronnie is in the back preparing a spot for Whitey.  He was a good boy ,,,. and a good friend, Could he be with my dad?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Speechless (and mile-less) on Sunday!

Nope ... I don't feel guilty about resting today.  Summer vacation starts this week and I will be training for the 2 months we're off!
I'm speechless because Ronnie and the kids (are giving me) an i-Pad for my birthday. (The girls are holding exhbit A ... pictures of what's to come.)  I have the FABULOUS keyboard that they bought.  Should be here in a few weeks. (You know how Apple runs out of these things.)  I'm so excited. 
Happy Father's Day Sarge.
This is my gift to you ...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Training Walk--Saturday 6/19--18 miles

This is Cold Spring Harbor.  We began our training walk here today.
It was a beautiful walk.

Here are today's walkers at Huntingon Hrbor.
It was beginning to get hot ... but Burt made sure we hydrated!

Saw this on the lawn of a house just outside of Huntington.
It reminded me why we walk. 
We walk for our family and friends.
We walk because no one should ever hear the words "You have breast cancer."
We walk because everyone ... EVERYONE ... deserves a lifetime!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday walk with the Birthday Girl--6.28 miles

My Sunday walk is not as beautiful as my Saturday walk through Sands Point.
I did see this cactus flower by the water, though.
It's unusual to see a cactus plant growing wild in Port Washington.  Somebody  must have planted it there.  Pretty.

You know that Sunday walks are usually with my friend Joan.  I've been talking about her birthday for a while.  Tomorrow is the big day. 
This is the face of an 80 year old woman.
80 never looked so good!
These flowers are growing by the water.  I think they're beach plum ... not sure.
I'm going to enlarge some of my "Flowers of Port Washington" to see how they really look.  If they're good I'm going to try to sell them ... checks written to Susan G. Komen.  Whaddya think?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday in Sands Point--9.25 miles

Walked through Sands Point (the "East Egg") today.
It's so beautiful.
Here are some of my favorite sites ...

There's a beautiful house behind this stone archway.

I wonder how old this tower is.

This part of Sands Point has a view of New York City.  It was closed to traffic after September 11th because so many people drove here to see the remains of the towers.
I live in a beautiful community.
My walks give me the opportunity to see parts of Port Washington/Sands Point up close.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Rest day today.
I was a little jealous when I saw the pictures of Coney Island and heard about the rest of the walk I couldn't do Saturday.  The next training walk is about 20 miles on Long Island.  I'm hoping I'll be able to finish that one!
(It's funny that I call Monday a "Rest Day."  Until school is out every day except Saturday and Sunday will be a "Rest Day!")

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday--6.73 miles

Joan is back ... so we walked the first half together.
We passed a young goose family on the way ...

Not a happy goose!
It's Harborfest in Port Washington today.
As I walked my usual route, I saw the vendors setting up.

There was a regatta for the school kids at Baxter Pond ...

The kids had constructed their sailboats using juice boxes.  Very cute!
correction for yesterday's post:  Nathan's and Lindy's are New York INSTITUTIONS!
(Just saying!)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Training Walk--15.50 miles in all

I have been looking forward to this training walk since Burt suggested it.  Penn Station to Coney Island.  Grab a Nathan's hotdog and take the subway back to Penn.
I met Burt and a few other walkers at Penn at 8:15 and off we walked.
We picked up some more friends along the way.
Here we are at Burt's (and our) favorite spot

We passed the tourists and walked along toward the Brooklyn Bridge.
(No pictures this time ... I was waiting to get into Brooklyn for that.)
It was H-O-T on the Bridge and I was not at the top of my game ... but we carried on ...

By the time we got to Prospect Park ...

Jen and I decided to take this route ...

And instead of eating a Nathan's hotdog (a true New York institution!)
we had lunch here ...
Lindy's ... another New York institution!
(Known for their cheesecake ... and no ... I didn't have cheesecake!)
My stupid pedometer says "11.48" so I've done the math and I figure I walked 15.5 miles in all.
Not bad.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today is a rest day.  (Even if I wanted to walk ... severe thunderstorms were threatening all day!)
I'm halfway to my fundraising goal.  Received a donation today from a woman I met via 3-day last year.  We walked in different states at different times ... but we made a wonderful connection.  Thank you Cathy.  I hope you're reading this.  Your support means so much to me!  I intend to reach my goal by my birthday.  Only 17 more days.  No problem.