Sunday, June 20, 2010

Speechless (and mile-less) on Sunday!

Nope ... I don't feel guilty about resting today.  Summer vacation starts this week and I will be training for the 2 months we're off!
I'm speechless because Ronnie and the kids (are giving me) an i-Pad for my birthday. (The girls are holding exhbit A ... pictures of what's to come.)  I have the FABULOUS keyboard that they bought.  Should be here in a few weeks. (You know how Apple runs out of these things.)  I'm so excited. 
Happy Father's Day Sarge.
This is my gift to you ...


  1. Nice! I covet one of these...I have mediocre hopes the Spouse Thingy will remember how much I covet one when my birthday rolls around...

  2. I never ... IN A MILLION YEARS thought I would get one. In fact, I have been using the re-furb netbook I bought after your raffle last year ... and went to Apple last Friday to see if they had a netbook with which I could replace this one. The lovely salesgirl pointed to the iPad ... I didn't even play with it because I KNEW I'd never get one!
    BUT LOOK AT ME NOW ... (or when it gets here!)
    Wait ... I think I can download books on this, yes???
    That's that. Remove my name from your Kindle drawing!

  3. thanks roberta, jeter told me he gave it to you hizself.......