Saturday, July 30, 2011

Training walk # ... I don't know.

I'm not sure of where the park is, but there were a number of signs posted to save it!  Think I'll have to find the park and see what the scoop is!
I sort of d-r-a-g-g-e-d myself out today.  It wasn't THAT hot.  I just felt tired and heavy.  You know, on event you HAVE to get out early ... and too bad if you're tired!
Cleveland is finishing up day 2! click here to watch a video!
Next week is Chicago and our Burt is on his way to his first of 2 3-day walks.  He shared the following from a DC crew member named Larry. I am sharing with YOU now: (I apologize for some of the language ... but I think we're all adults ... right Sarge?)
“I hate this Walk. I’ve participated dozens of times, over ten years, in seven different cities, but I still hate this Walk.

“I hate training. I hate waking up early to walk, and walk, and walk some more. I’d rather sleep late, and spend my free time reading, napping, or just being with family or friends. I hate training.

“I hate fundraising. I hate asking people to donate their hard-earned dollars to fight this damn disease that affects us all, while folks on Wall Street make $50 million a year to destroy our economy as they pad their already overflowing bank accounts. It’d be nice if those $50 million paychecks went to find a cure, and the Wall Street folks had to run a freakin’ bake sale to support themselves. I hate fundraising.

“I hate pink. Pink is for ‘My Little Pony,’ Barbie cars and 4 year old girls. I don’t care what women say, no man looks good in pink. Just once, I want to be part of a Walk whose official color is ‘flannel.’ I hate pink.

“I hate rain. Camping in the rain sucks. Walking in the rain sucks more. And don’t get me started on mud. I hate mud, and I hate rain.

“I hate tents. I hate sleeping all curled up, so my feet aren’t hanging out the door. Getting dressed in a tent? Really? Can’t they make a tent that an average sized guy can fit into, without having to crawl in and out? And for God’s sake, can they please make soundproof tents, so I don’t have to listen to snoring all night? Ladies, I don’t care what you tell your husbands, but you snore too! I hate tents.

“I hate sports drink. I hate Gatorade. I hate Powerade. I hate every damn ‘ade.’ There is a special place in hell for whoever decided to put salt in fruit punch. If I wanted a salty drink, I’d order a margarita. Just once, could ‘beer’ be the official sports drink of a Walk? I’d even settle for those tropical drinks with the goofy paper umbrellas in them. I hate sports drink.

“But there is one thing I hate most of all. I hate Breast Cancer. I hate hearing that my mother-in-law’s latest pathology report shows that her cancer is back again. I hate the look in my wife’s eyes when she has a mammogram, and then has to wait for a follow-up because ‘we saw something we didn’t like.’ I hate that my daughters had to learn about breast self-exams when they were still in their teens. I hate going to funerals, and listening to sermons about how ‘she is in a better place.’ Screw that. You think that’s any comfort?

“I hate that a young woman was diagnosed at the age of 21, and told by her doctor, ‘I want to be wrong, but I would be surprised if you lived to see 30.’ I hate that a friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer just a few years after her father fought his own battle with breast cancer. I hate that Mother’s Day is a day when some people go to the cemetery to visit their mothers, or even worse, to visit their daughters. No one, no one, should ever have to go to a cemetery to visit their child.

“I hate this Walk. But I hate breast cancer even more. Fuck breast cancer. Sorry if the profanity offends you, but I can’t think of any other word that fully expresses how I feel. So fuck breast cancer. Can we please just find a cure already?

“But until we find that cure, maybe we can compromise on pink flannel and light beer?

2011 DC & Philly Lunch Crew”

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Morning!

This is the Port Washington North pier.  
Nice, huh?
They have been working on the waterfront for quite a while ... and it's very beautiful. 
It was another perfect day for a walk.  
I did my regular route.
Along the way I thought ... I haven't been saying "Good Morning" and that makes a big difference ... acknowledging the people with whom I share the road (or sidewalk).  So today was a "smile ... hello ... and good morning" day.
It felt good.
Is it a "deed?"
I'm glad you took the time to read Monica's letter.  I had the opportunity to do a training walk with her once ... and I was very impressed.  She's (obviously) quite a woman!  
I have been so fortunate to walk with amazing people!  
(Yes "walker readers"  I mean you!)
'Chelle ... you're so lucky to be doing sweep van!
Don't get upset with the comments on the SGK Facebook page.  I think everyone who wants a particular assignment should be given the opportunity to do it!  How can anyone get to be an "experienced crew member" if the same "experienced crew members" do the same jobs year after year.
Speaking of crew ...
2010 San Francisco crew member extraordinaire Phyllis (not Mr. August, Sarge)
and I will be taking a leisurely stroll on the streets of New York tomorrow.
No long(ish) walk around PW!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Letter From Monica--PLEASE READ!!!

Please take the time to read the following email from Monica (right in front wearing the grey shirt) I know it's long ... but it is worth it!  You will read her experience as a Boston walker.  I am so emotional reading her words.
It's why we walk.

Hello to Burt & the Gang -
Well, I returned from Boston last night and I feel great.  What an experience!  We had our ups and downs with the weather; but all in all, things were OK. 
Thanks, Burt, for the suggestion to stay at the host hotel in Framingham on Thursday night rather than drive in from Boston in the morning.  Getting up at 4:30 a.m. was early enough!
Opening ceremonies were beautiful.  We got there just in time to see the sun coming up, glistening over the lake.  Everyone was anxious, but invigorated; and the ceremony itself was touching.  The spokesperson (who I understand is new this year) was a fabulous speaker - Jenna and I were both in tears.
It wasn't too hot when we set out, but it warmed up rather quickly.  I made sure I was drinking plenty of water, so by the first DD, I needed to wait in the bathroom line.  (I decided not to do that again, since I lost SO much time on line and got to the first pit stop long after the gramwiches were gone)  It got pretty unbearable by late morning and I started to get a migraine.  I kept walking, but unfortunately, even with meds, I couldn't eat or drink because of the nausea, so I spiraled from there.  I got into a cooling bus just in time to find out the course was being closed.  (Although I know many people were unhappy with the decision, I was glad it was taken out of my hands.  I know so many of us were trying to trudge on in the heat because of our commitment and it was getting really dangerous.  The ambulances couldn't keep up with the need.)  Anyway, we sat in the bus for about an hour while the powers that be figured out the logistics of moving all the walkers, and the buses got authorization to move, etc. etc.  Still I could not eat or drink.  Well, by the time we finally got to the holding point for lunch (a big park in the middle of town) I was totally dehydrated.  I made lots of new friends in the Medical Tent while I got 2 bags of IV fluids and met a wonderful nurse who used acupressure to relieve my headache a bit.  (Word of advice to virgin 3Dayers - water is not the same as Gatorade, which I was avoiding because I really do not like it.  You need the Gatorade to keep the electrolytes in check so, even if you have to choke it down, drink it to avoid dehydration.  And, even if you think your drinking enough, drink more.)  Needless to say, I was redcarded and we were transported back to camp. (They need a button for that!)  We had a hotel room so I could get into a/c and by evening felt much better.  Kudos to those brave souls who stuck it out in tents with that heat!!!!
Saturday morning was much cooler with a misty drizzle as we headed out.  The crew held us at the first pit stop because of an anticipated lightning storm, so we wasted some time there and made great new friends on the cooling bus.  The thunder and lightning show was impressive, but I was glad we weren't on the route.  But how nice that people along the way opened their front porches and homes to protect the walkers!  Once it passed, we were on our way again.  Jenna was practically force-feeding me Gatorade, so I felt fine.  I needed a sweep van at some point because I was getting another headache from the heat, but this time a little time in a cooling bus with meds and I was OK to keep going. (Roberta, you were right.  The sweep vans are all part of the experience)  By late afternoon, the sun was so strong and the heat index was again above 100 degrees; so the route closed again, but this time only a few miles short of camp...and before the infamous hill that I've read so much about. (I found out later that the Medical Tents were actually busier and more people went to the hospital on Saturday than Friday!)  Jenna and I spent Saturday night at camp (even though we went back to the hotel to sleep) so we didn't miss the experience and camaraderie, which you know was so important to me. 
We started Sunday's walk in real rain which lasted about an hour or so.  A few miles in, we needed another sweep as Jenna developed bad pain in her heel.  We were a bit disappointed because we had been looking forward to walking Cambridge and that was cut short.  But she was taped up by the PTs in one Medical Tent and I got the same treatment in another, but we trudged along with pink and blue stripes up our legs.  Everyone was right - Day 3 is a beautiful walk through Cambridge and downtown Boston.  Like in the small towns we walked though, people were out in force to cheer us on, give us snacks, drinks, etc.  Lunch along the water was so nice and the weather was perfect at that point.  By the last 3.2 miles my feet were hurting and I was so tired.  But once we got close to the campus, there were more and more people along the way and you could hear the crowds cheering up ahead.  There was nothing like entering that track, hand in hand with my daughter, to the cheers of so many strangers.  I cried all the way and have goose bumps even now as I type just thinking about it.  Needless to say, the tears continued to flow at the closing ceremony which was just amazing.  As you know, I walked the 3Day in celebration of my 5 years out  and it was probably the most healing thing I could have done.
Thank you and my 'training group' for all your good wishes, support, and inside tips.  I will be forever grateful.
I'm giving my feet a bit of a rest, but please keep me posted on future training walks and, if I can join you in support, I will.  Good luck with your upcoming walk, Burt.  I hope it's a little bit cooler in Chicago than it was in Boston!  And happy walking to all of you in your 3Days...especially the newbies, like me.  It's a wonderful experience.
Take care - Monica
Amazing ... truly amazing.
I'm so proud of Monica and Jenna... and ALL THE BOSTON WALKERS!
Until now ... Atlanta was just a place ...
I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Perfect Weather for a Walk!

Look what I saw on my walk today.
I hope this picture is clear. (I'm typing on my little netbook and I'm never sure of what the picture looks like enlarged.)
Today is a PERFECT day ... highs in the 80s and not a cloud in the sky.  I left the house MUCH later than I wanted to.  (The trick is NOT to turn on the TV.  I start watching some of the morning stuff and just can't drag myself away!)  I had a leisurely walk for 4-5 miles.  I stopped to say hello to this guy and his friends:

A group of geese (would that be a gaggle???) made their way across Shore Road and are now at Baxter Pond.  No geese in Mill Pond but I did see a number of white birds diving into the water to catch fish.  Wonder what they are.
No swans today.
Wonder where they went!
Susan G. Komen has just posted the calendar of events for 2012.
Some of my friends have already signed up for walks!
I have to take it one step at a time.  Can't make a commitment this far in advance!  
Gotta get another 60 miles under my belt first!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Walking in Normal Temps!

The heatwave is over ... for now!
I walked my regular 7 mile (or so) route this morning and didn't feel like the heat would do me in!  I didn't have to look for sprinklers to walk through.  I was actually able to walk more than 4 miles!
The Boston walkers had quite a weekend.  They walked through extreme heat ... and storms ... and they had to cut short their route Friday and Saturday.  But I'm sure they felt the amazing camaraderie shared by thousands of walkers and crew participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure. 
I walk past this sign every day.
It's the Roberta Nixon homes ... not the Roberta Harris homes.
I'll just show the "Roberta" ... it's almost like having my name in lights ... well ... on a brick wall.
The end.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot Hot Hot!

Instead of taking a picture on my walk today ... I took this picture of what I came home to:
Ah ... there's nothing like a "welcome back mom" greeting from JH!
I just HAD to give him a scritch or two.
I got out later than I wanted to this morning ... so I cut my walk short.  Let's call it 4 miles, ok?  It's getting hot ... but the cooldana and water bottle kept me reasonably cool.
Boston walkers had to cut day 1 short yesterday.  Some women who train with Burt's Babes and are doing the Boston walk said that a lot of walkers went to the hospital ... some left the event ... but most stayed on and are walking today.
I'm so proud of these walkers.
20 miles a day is NOT easy ... and in this heat ... it's doubly difficult!
I bet they're thinking, though, "not as difficult as a diagnosis of breast cancer!"
As one walker said "We walk because we can."

Friday, July 22, 2011

Yes, Sarge, I WAS out (around) 6 AM

Perhaps it was a tad later than 6:00 ... but I did get out.
I wanted to walk because the Boston walkers are.
I tied my cooldana around my neck, loaded a water bottle with ice, and set out in the early morning heat.
Debra called me* about 20 minutes into my walk and asked if she could pick me up so I could drop her off at the station.
10 minutes later I was in an air conditioned Jeep!
So ... let's call today a 30 minute, 1.5 mile walk.
I'm not going out again.  The thermometer is rising and an excessive heat advisory has been posted.
It's 85 at 8:00 and expected to hit 100+ today!
Three of the four cats are in the house ... and staying in the house!
Joba has opted to stay outside in this heat.
That is just fine with Jeter!

*If you have taken your safety quiz Thumper, you know that it is FORBIDDEN to talk on the phone while walking ... but I carry mine for emergencies only!
The end.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Just Too Hot!

I did NOT walk today.
I saw a few people walking and I even saw a guy RUNNING up our hill ...
but I did not walk.
It's just too hot.
But ... I did some Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure business.
I received a donation that took me over $1500 ...
and I did my online check-in.
I have my tentmate ... and ...
I'm good to go.
Speaking of good to go ...
Boston walkers are probably in bed now ... getting reading for day 1 tomorrow.
The route takes the walkers right through my hometown ... Natick.  I wish that had been the route when Beth, Beth, and I walked in Boston years ago. I think I could have rounded up a few old friends for a cheering station!
I'm going to try to get out early enough to beat the heat tomorrow morning.
Let's see if I can do it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gimme' Sprinkler!

Clicked this just before the water hit the walker ... me!
The Boston 3-day is this weekend.  When we did the Boston walk it was HOT and the sprinklers cooled us down!!!  We weren't proud ... and we weren't shy ... we ran right through them.  I can't quite run through them when I'm walking on my own ... I might just get arrested ... but I wait for the sprinklers to hit me as I walk by.
I have been getting out early enough so it's not too hot yet.  Here's a tip:  I pick up my $1.00 bottle of Poland Spring at the convenience store about 1/2 way through the walk  when I'm really heating up. That cold bottle on the back of the neck and on the wrists really cools me down.  Little sips of water is better than gulping it.
Lots of little things to do today.
On the list will be a good deed or two.
Are you doing yours?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Am I The Only One Who Thinks I'm Funny???

I thought my 3 Amigulls was so funny yesterday.  Apparently, however, a few members of my immediate family (like ALL of them) did NOT see the humor ... or just didn't understand.
Sashi said "I don't get the 'ami'" part.  
Duhr!  Have you never seen the 3 Amigos? Get it? Amigulls.
"Oh." she replied.
Ronnie said "Gulls?"
Are you kidding? Gulls ... Seagulls. 
He still didn't see the humor.
Mike made some kind of comment about me taking pictures of seagulls and being crazy.
Debra was the kindest ... but gave me that smile that means "It's ok, Mom."
I still think it was absolutely hilarious.  So ... for those of you who are reading this and don't remember (or never knew)  here are ...
The 3 Amigos ...
and here are ...
my 3 amigulls.
The end.
We're having a heatwave here on Long Island.
When I started my walk this morning it actually felt like I was walking in the Funshine State. Hot and humid!  I made it a shorter walk (because I can do that!) and stayed out for about an hour-and-a-half.  That was enough.
Before I started, I retrieved this email  from an old friend:

Your daily training is truly awesome and inspiring to me.
I wish you the best with it.
I have to admit ... I was really pleased to receive her message ... and it got me out of the house!!!  It would have been so easy to say "It's too hot ... I'm staying in."
Thank you Barbara.
For your information ... that song is no longer in my head.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The 3 (day) Amigulls

These gulls were "singing" up a storm at the town dock this morning  I was going to call them the 3 tenors ... but then thought the 3 amigulls was better.  Then I thought I'd throw in (day) and really make it fit my walker blog.  
So here they are ... the 3(day) amigulls.
They were NOISY!!!!
 The tide was low and I didn't see "my" swans this morning. I was disappointed.  No swan pictures today.
The summer heatwave is here.  The weather report for the next week is 3H ... hazy, hot, humid. I was able to start out early this morning, so it wasn't too bad.  That will be the plan for the week.  I don't like to start walking late morning, anyway.
I'm still thinking of the McCartney (or "macca" as some of us now call him) concert.  Amazing!
Of all the wonderful songs, though, the one that is stuck in my head is
"someone's knocking at the door, somebody's ringing the bell.
someone's knocking at the door, somebody's ringing the bell.
do me a favor ... open the door ...
and let 'em in."
Couldn't it have been "Let it Be" or "Blackbird" stuck in my head?!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I'm resting today.
You would think I would have learned a lesson about flip flops and long(er) walks.
I wore the "flops" to the concert last night and ... woke up with SORE HEELS!
I think it's time for these:
 Actually ... they're not bad!
Yup, I think it might be time for some fancy Birkenstocks!
I'm goin' shoppin'!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Staying close so we can leave early to see Sir Paul

I didn't walk with Sandy's Sistah's in the city today because Ronnie and I are going to Yankee Stadium tonight to see Paul McCartney.  Needed to stay close to home so we can leave early.
I did the regular route which is between 6 and 7 miles. 
My virtual trainer wanted me to do 10 miles today ... but I think my training is working for me right now.  
I'll do 3 days of 6-7 miles then a day off.
Then I'll change to my old Sands Point route (which is longer) for 3 days and a day off.
That works, yes?
Gotta rest my heels.
 The swan is still patrolling the area.  
Why are all the geese in the bay?  They have a beautiful newly renovated pond right across the street!  There were only 3 geese and an egret in the pond.
I don't get it.
I have to do some research.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Motion Control Insoles ... The Greatest!

Why the picture of the MC (motion control insoles) box?
Because they're helping me walk through a sore heal... and THEY WORK!
The end.
In other news ...
on my walk today ...

There was something happening in the water.
One of the swans was clearing the area around the other swan and the cygnet. Boy howdy ... that swan was moving ... and the geese were listening!!!   They moved away pdq!*

 The ducks didn't care.  
They stayed away.

*pretty damn quick

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I love waterfowl!
I love ducks  and geese and egrets and heron ...
most of all I love swans.
So, you can imagine how happy I was to see the swan family on my walk today.
Mother or father?  I don't know.

They found some bread in the water. 
Down the way, though, there was a goose convention.  The geese were EVERYWHERE!

 They didn't pay much attention to me as I walked by.
They didn't hiss or honk at me.
I guess they decided I'm harmless.
My new inserts feel good.  I was pretty comfortable for the walk.
The end.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I was NOT happy to see this sign just before the very last lap of my walk this morning.  The detour wasn't too bad, though. I had a chance to see some sites I wouldn't ordinarily see and I missed having to walk up that very steep hill on which I end my walk.   
I was out for just under 2 hours ... so let's call today's walk 5 miles.
I visited my friend Mark at the New Balance store yesterday and picked up inserts for my shoes.  He said they would give me stability and take the pressure off my sore heels.   It didn't take too long for me to get used to the new feel!
I have been resting my heels, by the way, by walking every other day.  Need to go easy on the plantar fasciitis!
It's going to be a scorcher here today.  Good day to stay indoors, get some work done, and take in a movie later this afternoon.  (Going to see "Tree of Life" with my friend Lynn.)
Remember the lady I helped to the station a few weeks ago?  I ran into the other woman who was trying to help her.  It was a nice little reunion!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

R.I.P. Big D ... whoever you were

I took a different route today.  I had to pick up Mickey's meds at the Feline
Veterinary Hospital ... then I went to Uncle Giuseppe's for a banana ... and walking back I noticed police cars holding up the traffic.
As I approached Nassau Knolls (our village cemetery) I heard the music and saw the signs "R.I.P Big D"  I tried to get a better look because it looked like a lively procession.  The reggae music was playing at a respectful volume... and the big truck with the sound system was slowly trying to pass under the entrance to the cemetery.
I have NEVER seen so many flowers!
Is it disrespectful to take pictures?

Big D arrived in this hearse.
Big D must have been loved because his mourners filled Nassau Knolls today.
I couldn't stay ... I had to move along ... but I would have liked to pay my respects. 
Rest in Peace Big D.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Holy Boom Boom Batman! That was some storm!

Yeah ... it looks nice now.  The sun is out and the sky is clear ...
but at 6 this morning it sounded like the end of the world!
It rattled the blinds and woke everyone up!
By 7 the rain had stopped and by 7:15 (or so) I stepped out for my walk.
6 miles or so and done!
In a little while, visitors will arrive ... YEE HAW!!!
Two of the best reasons to visit Florida will walk in this house wanting to talk about their best friend Jeter Harris!
I love you my friends!
If you're wondering about my deed-doing ... I'm doing fine.
No need to fill you in on the many good deeds I do each day.
Let's just say I'm "keeping up the good work!"
Have a wonderful, thunder-free, sunshiny, good-deed-doing day.
I know I will.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I am so excited to report that the dollars are beginning to come in and today I have raised over $1300 for Breast Cancer research. 
This is the time that I really start "feeling it!"
You know my story ... Cynthia, my childhood friend, a three time survivor.
Mom ... diagnosed only a few years ago ... a survivor.
My beautiful friends Phyllis and Bea... survivors. 
Last night I decided to read the personal stories of the three top fundraisers participating in the Atlanta 3-day.  I was blown away.
They are all young survivors.
I wept as I read their stories.
I know they won't mind if I share parts of what they wrote on their SGK blogs ... and the money they have raised so far.
Walking towards a cure
As most of you know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2009 at the age of 36. My doctors and friends tried to prepare me for what would come. Honestly, nothing could. In the course of one year, I had 4 surgeries including a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction, 5 rounds of chemo, and sometimes as many as 4 doctor visits in one week. With that having been said, I truly feel like I am a very lucky person. I am blessed with a loving husband, 3 amazing children and the most supportive family and friends, all of whom made my journey so much easier.
Amy has raised $8,636.00
So the next day when the doctor called to give me the pathology results, I was not surprised. It took a little while to sort it all out. Stage 2, Triple Positive, Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma. And the next several months are almost a blur, I do remember the surgeon asking if I was opposed to having a mastectomy, because "that would be in my best interest". 6 rounds of chemo, topped off with a full year of Herceptin treatments, and an additional IV medicine to "keep it out of my bones" for a full 5 years (which I am nearly halfway through), and Bilateral Mastectomies with staged reconstruction surgeries and I think we now have it under control!
One other thing I do know is that I am very fortunate and truly blessed. I was wrapped with incredible support during the worst of my treatment days. And it was from that support that I drew strength.
Walking with Gratitude
So it is with Gratitude that I will walk 60 miles this October. I am grateful to all those I love who prayed for me, cooked for me, drove my kids, sat with me during treatments, listened to me, laughed and cried with me.
Debbie has raised $6,801.00
In August of 2010, I was diagnosed with LCIS (Lobular Carcinoma In-Situ) and chose to have a preventative bi-lateral mastectomy. I am 47 years old. Ironically, my sister, Caryl Ann, was diagnosed with DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ) and Invasive Ductal Carcinoma two weeks prior to my mastectomy in December 2010. She had her mastectomy in February 2011 and started chemo in May 2011. As of today (06/05/11), she is halfway through with three more rounds to go. She then has five years of Herceptin to follow.

Arlene has raised $6,080.00

I am honored to have the opportunity to walk with these brave women!

When You Walk Through A Storm ...

Well ... that's not exactly true.
I did not walk through a storm.  The sky was clear on Woolbright, but as I looked east  toward Boynton Beach Blvd., the sky looked grey-blue ... the color that means there's going to be some lightning and some rain.
As I walked on, the clouds moved off to the north and it was a stormless 2 hour walk.
But the song was in my head the entire walk.
No pictures!
I decided to walk unemcumbered.  No phone ... no camera ... just my sunglasses (just in case!)  I have to admit ... I felt free!  I could take in the Florida flora and fauna (waterfowl) that I love so much without having to stop to take a picture or two (or more!)  I saw three unhatched eggs and one hatched egg on the ground next to a palm.  Did the mother mean to lay those eggs in that spot?  I wonder.  I have no picture to show you.  You will have to take my word!
It's good to be here.
It's good to be with Mom