Saturday, July 2, 2011

When You Walk Through A Storm ...

Well ... that's not exactly true.
I did not walk through a storm.  The sky was clear on Woolbright, but as I looked east  toward Boynton Beach Blvd., the sky looked grey-blue ... the color that means there's going to be some lightning and some rain.
As I walked on, the clouds moved off to the north and it was a stormless 2 hour walk.
But the song was in my head the entire walk.
No pictures!
I decided to walk unemcumbered.  No phone ... no camera ... just my sunglasses (just in case!)  I have to admit ... I felt free!  I could take in the Florida flora and fauna (waterfowl) that I love so much without having to stop to take a picture or two (or more!)  I saw three unhatched eggs and one hatched egg on the ground next to a palm.  Did the mother mean to lay those eggs in that spot?  I wonder.  I have no picture to show you.  You will have to take my word!
It's good to be here.
It's good to be with Mom

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  1. hi honey! *waving*

    see you soon i hope.

    smiles, bee