Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Walk In The (Ball) Park

Gail's dog had an appointment with the vet down the street ... so Gail and I walked while Roxy had her teeth cleaned.
We took a quick walk (4-5 miles) through Sands  Point.  We had to walk fast because we had to get to ...
Yankee Stadium!
It was a great game and a great time ...
My personal trainer gave me the usual pep talk ...
Unfortunately ... my trainer is recuperating from Tommy John surgery and won't be back on the pitcher's mound until next year ... but look at Joba's enthusiastic words of encouragement for me!
Deed of the Day?  I paid it forward.  Debra's boyfriend, Alex, gave us tickets to the game ... and I gave Gail one of the tickets.  Does that count?
Thank you Alex!


  1. did you forget Jeter likes to go to the ball game?

  2. look how pretty you look!

    smiles, bee

  3. Gee Sarge ... I forgot ...
    and AB ... is that YOUR deed of the day??
    Just wonderin'!