Wednesday, September 30, 2009

San Francisco

Flat Jeter2 and I are here in San Francisco! (Well ... in South San Francisco!) Tomorrow we'll be picked up by the great Food Lady, herself ... and taken on a sight seeing tour of the city. CAN'T WAIT TO MEET THE FOOD LADY!

I have my team shirts and I'm ready to go. Tomorrow I'll have more pictures.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Journey

Here's to the owner of Evergreen who waves every time I pass his place ...

and here's to the man who stands behind the newstand and ordered PowerBars for me.

Here's to the "fast walker" who always passed me by...

and here's to the girl behind the counter at Nara who asks "Are you walking in this heat?"

Here's to Joan who walked with me on Sundays ... we'll walk when I get home.

And here's to Susie and Gail and Mark who walked by my side ... to the rear ... in front of me.

Here's to the woman wearing the Avon shirt and will walk the 2-day this year in New York.

Here's to the two women who called out "Hey 3-day" and gave a thumbs up!

Here's to the cyclists and runners and walkers who waved and said "Good morning." and made me feel like an athlete!

Here's to all my friends who donated to the Breast Cancer 3-day on my behalf ... you took me way beyond my personal goal!!!

And here's to my Blogger, Facebook, Catster, Twitter friends ... I love you all ... you CCLs!!!

And to my dedicated readers ... YOU'RE THE GREATEST! Thank you for following my journey. I'll see you in San Francisco!

Finally ... here's to Bee, Phyllis, Cynthia, Lisa and MOM. I'm doing this for you... every step of the way...and I'm taking you with me.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Few Things

I received a letter from my newest friend Cathy DeVleming today. She sent me stickers that she had left over. She wrote "Too bad we don't live closer. I think we'd be friends if we did!" I don't think we have to live closer. The 3-day brought us together ... and we ARE friends!
Another great thing about the 3-day!
Here's the little display I put together in school.
It's called a "3 Day Sale" and it's up for ... that's right ... 3 days only.
$10 a ribbon. They're selling like hotcakes! (sorta)
Too bad it's next to the "Denim Day" display for breast cancer.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My last virtual trainer

So here's my last virtual trainer. When I first opened it I thought ... 18.5 then 22.5 then 15? Are you kidding?
Then I realized it was The Walk! Hello!
Countdown: 1 WeekYour Training Schedule for This Week:
Tuesday--5 miles--Easy walking
Wednesday--30 min--Moderate cross-training
Friday--18.5 miles--Day One
Saturday--22.5 miles--Day Two
Sunday--15 miles--Day Three

Training Tip of the Week: Inner Strength (Visual Imagery)
Congratulations! You are only one week away from your Breast Cancer 3-Day. Remember to go through your packing checklist early to make sure that you have enough socks, sunscreen, blister care supplies and personal prescription medications. Do not buy a new pair of shoes at this point. Bring 2 pairs that you have already trained in. Remember to take off your toerings and refrain from getting a pedicure.
It has taken a lot of time, energy and determination to reach this point of the Breast Cancer 3-Day and you should feel proud of yourself. It also is natural to feel a little nervous. Visualization is a tool used by many world-class athletes to prepare for an athletic event. Repeating the images and sensations of a successful Breast Cancer 3-Day will train your subconscious mind to accept them as the truth, banishing any underlying negativity.
Each day this week, imagine yourself at the finish line of The 3-Day, smiling and feeling strong. Feel the breeze on your face as you walk and hear the crowds cheering you on. Feel your feet moving along the sidewalk, light and energized. Think about the clothes you are wearing and how they feel against your skin. Imagine the joy and pride course through you as you walk into camp with hundreds of newfound friends.
See the rows of breast cancer survivors in a sea of pink, thanking you and congratulating you. Imagine every little detail in your mind exactly as you want the experience to be. This is visualization and the more times that you return to this powerful image, the more likely it is to become reality.
So this message is for my dear friend Charlie who's faced with the biggest challenge of his life ... VISUALIZE A LONG HEALTHY LIFE ... FEEL THE LOVE AND POSITIVE THOUGHTS ... "IMAGINE EVERY LITTLE DETAIL IN YOUR MIND EXACTLY AS YOU WANT IT TO BE" ... AND YOU WILL BEAT THIS!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Teri ... John ... and YOU!

Sometimes someone will do something so special ... and it just catches you off guard!
Teri Glazebrook (mom of China Cat and Willow) made this for me! I LOVE IT! Teri also made a very generous donation to the 3-day!
Once again ... I'm so overwhelmed!
I also received a wonderful donation from Sir Grout ... and John Pelton. He made it in memory of his wife Sheryl.
This experience is beyond anything I could have imagined. We have raised $5318 for breast cancer research ... and awareness.
And there's more to come.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Every Penny Counts

Gina, my neighbor at school, brought me a surprise yesterday. She put this container on the counter of her nail salon this summer. I counted the contents last night. The pennies, nickels, dimes. quarters (and a few dollars, too!) totaled $83.03! Sweet! Thank you Gina!
In less than a week I'll be in San Francisco. I have a lot to do. There's one last 3-day fundraiser for the school. I'll show you tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What a day!


Monday, September 21, 2009


So today I finally went to Staples and had some ribbons copied on pink paper. Then I wrote some "In honor of" names ... cut them out ... and had them laminated. Just wanted to see how they would look. I'm going to be wearing these ribbons on my walk (a little hole punched at the top and some kind of toggle closure will keep them attached to my waist pack) Tomorrow I'll display them at school. What do you think I should ask for as a donation? $5.00? $10.00???
Meanwhile ... all my donors who have made a donation "in honor of" or "in memory of" will have a ribbon ... and, after the walk, I will send them out.
Nice huh? I've seen walkers carrying ribbons and was always impressed.
The countdown has begun. It's less than 2 weeks!!! YIKES! I'm so excited!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

why I walk

When I look at the picture I posted yesterday ... I am faklempt.*
It says it all ... there's the reason I am walking 60 miles!
I walk for my daughters!
*faklempt: Yiddish: overwhelmed

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blogging in the New Year

Sashi, Mom, and Deb
Well ... I got this little Acer Aspire one to take with me to San Francisco. It's only 8.9" big and it's as light as a feather. I think I can hide it in my duffle. (I think I'll insure it for $1000 so if anything happens to it I can get a better one!) All I need is a better battery as this one doesn't last long. So Auntie Bee ... I plan to blog from the walk!


Today is a holiday ... Rosh Hashannah. My daughters Sashi, Deb, and I will be going out for a walk in just a few minutes ... then off to Temple to start the New Year. The holiday greeting is "Wishing you a sweet New Year." That is my wish for you.

L'Shana Tova. A Good Year.

Friday, September 18, 2009


With just two weeks to go ... my personal trainer is winding down.
Ten miles sounds so easy to me. I remember the first time I actually walked ten miles. It was quite an accomplishment!
Countdown: 2 Weeks
Your Training Schedule for
This Week:
Tuesday--4 miles--Easy walking
Wednesday--45 minutes--Moderate cross-training
Thursday--5 miles--Moderate walking
Friday--45 minutes--Easy cross-training
Saturday--10 miles--Easy walking
Sunday--8 miles--Easy walking
I knew that going back to work after a summer off would interfere with my training ... I leave the house early and return home late so it has been tough to keep up. The weekends have been mine, though, and I've kept to the schedule.
I can't believe that at this time in two weeks I will have walked almost ten miles of the first day of my 3-day journey.
I will be walking with YOU in my heart!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cathy ... you go girl!

This is my Facebook friend Cathy Goss DeVleming. She just finished the Seattle 3-day. (I hope she doesn't mind my borrowing her picture!)
Here's the message she left on my FB page tonight:

Getting excited for the SF 3Day? I just finished walking in Seattle and as a first time walker I must say - what an experience! I wish you all the best on your upcoming journey. I've enjoyed reading your blog and the pictures you post are beautiful. You live in a lovely area. Have fun in San Fran!!!


For your information ... Cathy raised well over $5000!

I'm closing in on $4000 myself. I'm so proud of that accomplishment ... and it's due mostly to my CCL friends! "Catzowey!"

Getting close!

Yesterday was a busy day ordering team shirts ... changing hotel rooms ... deciding whether to buy an air mattress or not ... and, when I had the time, doing a little bit of work. I also happily accepted another donation that brought me that much closer to my goal of $5000! Those great CCLs in San Francisco are planning a dinner Sunday night complete with a boobie cake! I'm so excited.
I didn't walk yesterday. I could have left school early and had a quick training walk ... but I didn't. I feel guilty. Tonight I have to tutor and will be getting home too late. I promise to walk tomorrow!
Getting close Readers ... Getting close!

Monday, September 14, 2009

On my walk ...

This is one of my favorite spots on my nine-mile route.
It's the tip of Sands Point.
You can see Manhattan on a clear day.
Can you make it out in this picture?
After September 11th, people drove here to see the smoke from the towers.
The police soon closed it to traffic.

In just over two weeks I'll be on my way to San Francisco.
I can't wait!
If you have been reading my blog ... but not leaving comments ... please leave one now.
I'd just like to know that it's not just Auntie Bee and I who come here everyday! (You, too, Trudy!)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Holy Cow!

I take pictures with my phone while on my walk and then send them over to Facebook and title them "on my walk today." A while ago I happened to see this cow (no ... not a real cow!) in somebody's yard. When I saw it I was so excited because it was wearing Yankee pinstripes. Yesterday ... the cow was "tipped!" I had to get a picture. So here it is ...

Poor #8!
Not to worry ... today he was on his feet again!
Tomorrow I'm going to call the 3-day to see if Debra can crew. She is registered to walk ... but hasn't done any fundraising.
I wish she could walk with me ... but even a 22 year old has to do SOME training!
Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lucky Town

Well, you know this has been a tough week. I've lost friends ... and I'm worried about others' health. I finally had a chance to walk today ... and I took a long one (almost 18 miles!) I walked alone for the first 3 hours ... with Bruce Springsteen singing in my ears. The first song was "Lucky Town" Here are the words:
House got too crowded clothes got too tight
And I don't know just where I'm going tonight
Out where the sky's been cleared by a good hard rain
There's somebody callin' my secret name
I'm going down to Lucky Town
Going down to Lucky Town
I wanna lose these blues I've found
Down in Lucky Town
Down in Lucky Town
Had a coat of fine leather and snakeskin boots
But that coat always had a thread hangin' to loose
Well I pulled it one night and to my surprise
It led me right past your house and on over the rise
going down to Lucky Town
Down to Lucky Town
I'm gonna lose these blues I've found
Down in Lucky Town
Down in Lucky Town
I had some victory that was just failure in deceit
Now the joke's comin' up through the soles of my feet
I been a long time walking on fortune's cane
Tonight I'm sleepin' lightly and feelin' no pain
Well here's to your good looks baby
now here's to my health
Here's to the loaded places that we take ourselves
When it comes to luck you make your own
Tonight I got to dirt on my hands but I'm building me a new home
Down in Town in Lucky Town
I'm gonna lose these blues I've found
Down in Lucky Town
"I'm gonna lose these blues I've found" Those words just hit me. I'm going to try to lose these blues ... and I'm going to focus on how lItalicucky I am. Lucky to have my family and friends. Lucky to be able to walk 60 miles. Lucky to be able to make a difference.
"The sky's been cleared by a good hard rain."
I think it's time to smile again ... but not to forget.
"Here's to my health" and here's to YOURS!
I'm steps closer to making my Journey to San Francisco.
"Down in Lucky Town."

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Ronnie and I were on our way to Pennsylvania yesterday to help our friend Bob celebrate his 65th birthday when we received the call from Debra.
Lisa lost her fight.
My friend Lisa has been battling a rare form of Leukemia and finally decided that a bone marrow transplant was her last hope. She told me she was doing it for Alyssa ... her beautiful daughter and her best friend. She held on to see Alyssa graduate from Ithaca College and begin her career at CNN. I guess she knew that Alyssa would be ok.
Lisa was smart and funny and a great friend. I can't imagine how painful these last years have been for her. Her decision to have the transplant was a brave one.
I will miss my dear friend.
How lucky I am to have had her in my life.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thank you Sir Grout!

Remember when I had the floor and grout cleaned this summer? The salesman for Sir Grout, John, happened to see the display for my walk that I made for school. He was very interested in hearing about what I was going to do. It turns out his wife had breast cancer.
When the job was finished andJohn saw how pleased I was, he told me that he would give me $50 for every job I recommended. Nice!
A few weeks ago my friend Gail had her floors cleaned by Sir Grout.
John called tonight to thank me for the recommendation. He said that, if I didn't mind, he would like to donate the $50 to the 3-day on my behalf ... and he told me that he would add to that in memory of his wife.
If I didn't mind? I'm delighted!
Thank you John and Sir Grout ...
and by the way ... my floors look great ... and the grout, once black with dirt and coming up in some places, is perfect!
Go to to see the great work they do!