Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Journey

Here's to the owner of Evergreen who waves every time I pass his place ...

and here's to the man who stands behind the newstand and ordered PowerBars for me.

Here's to the "fast walker" who always passed me by...

and here's to the girl behind the counter at Nara who asks "Are you walking in this heat?"

Here's to Joan who walked with me on Sundays ... we'll walk when I get home.

And here's to Susie and Gail and Mark who walked by my side ... to the rear ... in front of me.

Here's to the woman wearing the Avon shirt and will walk the 2-day this year in New York.

Here's to the two women who called out "Hey 3-day" and gave a thumbs up!

Here's to the cyclists and runners and walkers who waved and said "Good morning." and made me feel like an athlete!

Here's to all my friends who donated to the Breast Cancer 3-day on my behalf ... you took me way beyond my personal goal!!!

And here's to my Blogger, Facebook, Catster, Twitter friends ... I love you all ... you CCLs!!!

And to my dedicated readers ... YOU'RE THE GREATEST! Thank you for following my journey. I'll see you in San Francisco!

Finally ... here's to Bee, Phyllis, Cynthia, Lisa and MOM. I'm doing this for you... every step of the way...and I'm taking you with me.


  1. And here's to you Roberta, see you in San Francisco!

  2. well i'm sitting here bawling like a baby... thanks so much honey. i'll be there with you every step.

    hugs, bee

  3. Thanks for walking Roberta! Camp Logistics crew will make sure you have a nice place to call home when you get there Friday afternoon!

  4. hi roberta :). my name is stacy and my team (with my twin sister), team tamana, is also walking. we'll also be hodling flags...and i'll be in the survivor circle. would love to say hi :)...in the midst of the thousands. hat's off to you getting this far...it's an accomplishment :). all the best! stacy

  5. I'm with Auntie Bee...crying here too.

    I'm so glad I was able to be a small part of this walk. I'm amazed, well not really, at the generosity and outpouring of love and support from everywhere...the CB, what I see on FB, etc.

    I can't wait to read about your adventures. Be safe and hydrated!

    Wave when you are flying over the midwest on your way home...all the midwesterner cat bloggers will wave back! (HAR!)


    Jennifer mom to the Cyclone Cats