Monday, September 28, 2009

A Few Things

I received a letter from my newest friend Cathy DeVleming today. She sent me stickers that she had left over. She wrote "Too bad we don't live closer. I think we'd be friends if we did!" I don't think we have to live closer. The 3-day brought us together ... and we ARE friends!
Another great thing about the 3-day!
Here's the little display I put together in school.
It's called a "3 Day Sale" and it's up for ... that's right ... 3 days only.
$10 a ribbon. They're selling like hotcakes! (sorta)
Too bad it's next to the "Denim Day" display for breast cancer.


  1. how exciting!!! and please give skeezix a hug from us while you are out there. try not to be blinded by mr tf's white legs! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. Good luck, sweetie! You're gonna be awesome!
    DMM, et. al

  3. I am glad we are friends Roberta! I'm thinking of you as you are walking today. Hope the weather is ok. It's pouring down rain here. I am actually enjoying it, but not sure I'd want to walk 60 miles in it. I've been trying to visit your facebook profile and see your pictures and it keeps telling me 'profile not available at this time'. I'm looking forward to your adventures and thinking of you as you walk, walk and walk some more! love and hugs!