Monday, July 23, 2012


Here they are, folks!
Sandy ... with minor assistance from Liz and me ... put together this little gem as a fund raiser for our walk in November.  Of course, this could not have been accomplished without the recipe submissions made by our friends and family.
Putting together a cookbook ... OF ANY SIZE ... is not a simple task.  Once you think you have edited and the recipes follow the format, etc., you find a mistake and have to start looking at all the recipes again.  Sandy was so diligent, though, and it looks great!
I am picking up my share tomorrow night, then LET THE SALE BEGIN!  
I am not sure of the price.  That will be determined tomorrow.
Each book is filled with lots of love, though!  
That's priceless! 
I mentioned that I have been under-the-weather. 
I am feeling better.
My house guests are driving home after a week's stay.
The flying ant infestation in my master bath is gone.
Looks like summer is officially underway!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Walk In The Park

It was a perfect Saturday ... so Sandy, Lesley, and I met at Penn Station and had a walk in the Park.  Central Park, that is.  The picture above was taken at the waterfalls in the forest.  It's hard to believe this is in the middle of the city. (But I have said that before!)

 I haven't had a walk with my "sistahs" in a while.  It was great to reconnect.

Just beautiful.
The weather has been so hot and stormy.  Yesterday was perfect!

On the way back to Penn, Lesley and I met up with TY for lunch at Bryant Park.
All-in-all ... a terrific day!
I have been a bit "under-the-weather" since returning home from Florida.  Hopefully I have turned the corner.  I guess it was just general "malaise."  I forced myself to go to Zumba and even tried a Yoga class Friday.  Tomorrow will be a return to normalcy.  
It will be good to be back!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Time to Get to Work ... Get to Walk

OK ... I am back.  So much has happened, but I just haven't written about it.  So here's the lowdown:
I went back to Natick, Massachusetts, and took a walk through my old high school.  It was good to see old friends ... and it was good to come home. It was a little bitter-sweet.  The old school has seen better days.  Enough said!
I returned on Fathers' Day ... which was also our 40th anniversary. I loved being with my family.
The next day I celebrated my "Beatle Birthday."  YIKES!
School let out shortly after and Ronnie and I celebrated our anniversary in Mexico for 4 days and 3 nights. It was the first time we have taken a vacation like this and it was great.
I had a day between returning from Mexico and taking off for Florida to help mom celebrate her 88th birthday.  She had a bit of a "rocky" June ... but looked good while I was there.  My friend Phyllis stayed with us and that was a lot of fun.  I was disappointed that Bee was under-the-weather.  Next time, my friend.
I finally started my summer vacation, at home, last Saturday.  
To catch you up ... I have now lost 35+ pounds and I have become a Zumba princess... doing at least 3 classes a week.  (I try to keep up, but I'm just not sexy enough to call myself a Zumba queen!)
So all is well.
I haven't been training, but I have two training walks with my team coming up this month.
There are 16 weeks until the event.
I haven't sent fund raising letters ... but I will.
Yesterday I received my copy of "Step by Step", the cookbook I helped Sandy and Liz put together.  It is wonderful and I am really excited.  Pretty soon I will be selling cookbooks!
Yesterday I had lunch and saw a movie with my friend Lynnie.  We saw the "Boobies" sticker on a truck in the parking lot. I had to take a picture!
It made me think of Sarge.
That's it for now.
Jeter and I have promised to keep up with our blogs.
We will.