Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Walk In The (Ball) Park

Gail's dog had an appointment with the vet down the street ... so Gail and I walked while Roxy had her teeth cleaned.
We took a quick walk (4-5 miles) through Sands  Point.  We had to walk fast because we had to get to ...
Yankee Stadium!
It was a great game and a great time ...
My personal trainer gave me the usual pep talk ...
Unfortunately ... my trainer is recuperating from Tommy John surgery and won't be back on the pitcher's mound until next year ... but look at Joba's enthusiastic words of encouragement for me!
Deed of the Day?  I paid it forward.  Debra's boyfriend, Alex, gave us tickets to the game ... and I gave Gail one of the tickets.  Does that count?
Thank you Alex!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Why Did The Walker Cross The Road?

To avoid this group.
Did you ever get in the way of a goose... especially a goose with its family?
Summer training is in full swing.  I did my walkabout early this morning before my appointment with the great Dr. Eliot Auerbach ... who tells me I brush like a 3 year old! (Actually today he told me I'm somewhere within the average range of brushers!)  While on Main Street, a woman, who appeared to be somewhere around my mom's age or older, approached me asking where the bus stop was.  When I asked where she was going ... she replied "The train."  Now the train station was only a few blocks from where we were ... so I sent her directly there.  She was walking so slowly ... and I felt bad that I was making her walk ... so I turned around and quick-walked to catch up to her ... and joined her on her stroll to the station.  She was so lovely.  A retired high school history teacher, she lives in Soho and takes the LIRR to Port because she likes the library! (Although she LOVES the New York Public Library!)  I was a little concerned because I met  her around 8 AM ... and not much is open at that time in Port.  Well ... whatever reason she was here ... I got her to the train ... made sure nobody hit her while she slowly made it across the street ... and felt like I did something nice.
It felt good ... so I decided that this will be the summer of good deeds.  A deed a day!
The count down to the Funshine State has started.
When are you available Funshine readers?
And ... where are we going???

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Late Night at the Hitchfest!

It was a late night at the Hitchfest and I woke up pretty tired.
The LIRR is working on the lines so I would have had to take a bus to another station ... then the trip would have taken over an hour ... then Lesley and TY and I would have had to take a subway to Brooklyn ... so I canceled and decided to take in the sights in Port. (pictured is Baxter Pond.  Prettier than Mill Pond ... )
I strolled most of the second half of the walk.  I sat down a few times ... checked my phone ... even got a little shut-eye!  I walked 7 miles or so, though.  I started late and I don't like that.  It was pretty warm ... but not horrible. (Not like it's going to be in the Funshine State!)
We didn't know what to expect last night ... but the hitchfest was beautiful.  The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding right on the water.  Here's a picture of the bride and groom making their entrance:
 (A lot more fun than the family station wagon that took me to my wedding!)
Hors d'oeuvres were served outside and the dinner was under a tent.  I loved it.  It was a great night.
I'm tired now.  Think I'll take a nap!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let The (daily) Training Begin

I live in a really pretty little town ... just sayin'!

School is out and it's time to do my daily training.  I did my old walk around town this morning.  I was out for about two-and-a-half hours ... so I figure 7 miles.  Next time I'll wear my GPS.
This picture is Mill Pond.  It looks great after many years of work.  The pink ribbons I showed you last year are still there ... beyond the garden.
The swans weren't out this morning.

We're going to a "Hitchfest" tonight! That's right!  They're calling it a Hitchfest!
The invitation is great:
"Jane and Jesse invite you to rock out at the celebration of their marriage." 
Yeah ... Muriel wouldn't have allowed that when Ronnie and I got married!
I'm looking forward to the fun!
What does one wear to a hitchfest?  Any ideas Sarge?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Age Walking

New Age Walking?
Well ... yesterday was my birthday ... today I'm a new age ... and I'm walking.
Took my old-old route and took it easy.  
The heel(s) start feeling sore around 5 miles or so.
I decided to stop wearing flip flops ... and I put the innersole in a pair of shoes ... so maybe that will make a difference.
I do NOT want a cortisone shot in my heels.
The swans were out ... is that their little "ugly duckling?"
I had to zoom in to get this shot.  I hope it's not fuzzy on a bigger screen.
It's Father's Day and I wish you a most happy day, Sarge.
I put this picture on Facebook ... but want you to meet my dad here.
His name is Irving Kessler.
He was the gentlest man I've ever known.
He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in his mid 50's.
He died one month before his birthday.  
He was 69 years old.
This picture was taken over 30 years ago.  I believe I was pregnant with Sashi.
I'm pretty sure he would be proud of this.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Up Sheets Creek

Yup ... I walked up Sheets Creek today.  Sheets Creek East that is!  Sheets Creek is on Manhasset Isle ... and it's a pretty little spot where it looks like someone has built lovely condos.
Here's what you see just beyond Sheets Creek:
LaMotta's Restaurant and ...

another marina!
I like this marina because there are really nice little houseboats here. (See them on the rightish?)
I decided not to do the training walk to Governor's Island today.  I thought I'd give my poor foot and the old plantar fasciitis a break.
I was out for about two-and-a-half hours ... so let's call it 6 miles today (allowing for slow walking and stopping to get water and a Planters Peanut Bar...DELICIOUS!)  The heel feels ok.  I know that wearing flip flops is a BIG mistake ... so I'm going to order some special sandals today as a gift to myself ... and to my poor feet!
As you ... my loyal followers know ... I sent my first fundraising letter out yesterday morning.  I'm excited to say that in a day I'm half way to my goal.
I love you, too!
And I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I'm walking for YOU!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New York Botanical Garden ... Saturday Training Stroll

It was an overcast day, but walking with three of my training buddies in the Botanical Gardens was really beautiful.
 First stop was the rose garden.  It was gorgeous even on a misty day.  The colors were amazing.
 These sculptures were fabulous ...
 (No Sarge ... the "Eyes" sculpture was not in this location!!!!)
We strolled through rock gardens and wooded areas, past water falls and streams ... and we spent time in the conservatory

it was a beautiful day.
We decided it was not an athletic event ... more of a chance to walk about 5 miles together and enjoy each others' company.
Shannon, Lesley, Sandy, Roberta
 The best part was ...
Lesley is coming to ATLANTA!  
(and I have a great tent mate!) 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh my barking dogs!

Here I am ... posing in front of the Intrepid in the beginning of our training walk Sunday. 
Intrepid--brave; bold
At this point my dogs started barking ... and I thought "Heck ... I don't HAVE to complete the full 20 miles!" (well ... maybe I didn't say "heck") but I HAD to climb a fairly steep hill ... and I HAD to get to Grandpa's Pizza at 211th and Broadway ...
Let's get back to "intrepid" 
I "bravely" continued to walk on my sore feet without a whimper.
That's right ... not a complaint.
I simply reported to co-walkers that my feet were a tiny bit sore!
So ... I completed 11 miles in my new sneeks.
I think I'll be ok.