Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year ... and Thanks for a Great 2011!

I just ran through all the pictures I have used on my blog and this is still my favorite.  Sollie did a good job, didn't he?
2011 was a good year. 
I walked a lot of miles ... made great new friends ... and completed another 3-day adventure.  
I raised $3000 with your help and made my/our contribution to finding a cure.
Maybe next year will be better.
Maybe there WILL be a cure.
Loyal readers ... you are the best! I love you with all my heart.
My GREATEST wish for 2012 is that YOU enjoy good health.
I look forward to walking with you ... to spending time with you ... to sharing every bit of happiness you enjoy in the coming year.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Dinner With (Some of) Burt's Babes

Two of Burt's Babes came out to the Island last night to meet me for dinner.
Sandy just came back from her trip to Viet Nam and Lesley is getting ready for her trip in about a month to Southeast Asia.  I listened with great interest.  I don't think I'll ever travel like they do!
We asked my friend Enya if he would do a fundraiser at La P'tite Framboise ... (Ronnie's and my favorite place)  to which he replied "of course!" (All those Friday nights paid off!)
I asked the girls to tell him how much money we have each raised for breast cancer research so far and it amazed me!

Lesley (3 walks) ... $15,000+
Roberta (6 walks) ... $20,000+
Sandy (8 walks) ... $90,000

That's 1,080 miles walked and $125,000 raised...
... by just 3 women!

When we get together with Burt and other walkers who have trained with us, we will go around the table and add up the totals.
Maybe next year we will celebrate a CURE!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays

This is what the Chrismakkah table looked like before the meal started.  Notice the little bags of Chanukah gelt on each salad plate. I didn't eat the gelt because I'm good.
But I guess I wasn't all that good this week although I really tried ... tried through Christmas breakfast at school, tried my way past cookies and cakes on the sign-in counter,  and tried through an awesome Christmas dinner party at Bruce and Celia's.
  In spite of all that trying ... I gained a STICK OF BUTTER+.  
Do you know how long it took me to lose a stick of butter?
 I did take a deep breath and stepped on the scale last night ... so I am taking ownership of my weight gain and starting over today.
The end.
Or is it the beginning?
We'll see next week.
Damn New Years Eve is just before the next weigh in. duhr.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lucky 13

Another 8 sticks of butter*!
The topic last night was "Moving Around."  I haven't done much of that lately ... at least not the training walk kind of moving around.  I have been moving around the Internet ... shopping for the holidays.  I even moved around the malls (two malls in one week!  Yikes!) and I moved in and out of stores.  This kind of moving around will stop soon ... maybe even now ... because my credit card wants to stop moving out of my wallet!
I don't enjoy staying for the meetings.  
I find some of my fellow "watchers" quite dull. 
The leader is nice ... but I guess she couldn't pick her audience.
Last night she reported that a latke ... 3 inches in diameter ... is 7 points. She also talked about how everything smells like cooking oil after standing in the kitchen where the latkes are frying.
That's just not worth it.
No latkes for Bertie this year.
My Crayola Calendar says tonight is the first night of Chanukah.
The story of Chanukah is about miracles and lights.
May we all share in the miracles life offers.
Happy Chanukah!
Hag Sameach!

*two pounds.  Total loss:  13 pounds

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday Was "You Know What" Day!

44 sticks of butter*, y'all.

11 pounds ... since October 31st!

Monday, December 5, 2011

First Training Walk of the Season--12 miles (or there about!)

Here we are on our first training walk of the season ... Burt, Bert, Lesley, Val,  and Jax. We're most of the members of Burt's Babes Dallas (except Jax!)  It was a crisp day and a good walk.  I would have gone the 16 miles ... but I was tired.  It was a fun filled weekend ... but I was tired.
I'm tired today!
In other news ... my thank you cards went out and I'm getting lots of nice compliments.  I had Minted print them.  They have the best designs.  The proof came back the day after I designed the card, then, after I approved the proof, the cards were produced and mailed and I had them within a week.  That's my endorsement for Minted.
It's a great company!
Boardwalk Empire anyone?  OMG ... it's the best thing on TV.
If you are reading this, please leave a comment.
Sarge and Bee are on a cruise with their family and they (plus Thumper and Sandy and occasionally 'Chelle and Rocky) are my only readers who comment.
I forgot ... Monday is weigh in night:  .4 last week and .6 this week = 8.4 since October 31st.  This is sooooo slow.  And why did they have to change the program?  PowerStart.  Duhr!  Now I'm only allowed 26 points!
The end.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

At the Finish Line with Joan!

Can you see this?
It's Joan and me as we are approaching the finish line at the Thanksgiving Day Race.
I hope that next year we make better time ... and that my hips and thighs are a little smaller!
Speaking of smaller ... I lost another .4 last week.  Not great but better than gaining .4 after Thanksgiving, 'eh?
That is a total of 7.8 since Halloween.
This is going to take forever.
I have realistic expectations, however, and am beginning to see results.
Now that Debra is going to be 25 ... it's time to lose that stupid baby fat!
The end.