Friday, December 30, 2011

Dinner With (Some of) Burt's Babes

Two of Burt's Babes came out to the Island last night to meet me for dinner.
Sandy just came back from her trip to Viet Nam and Lesley is getting ready for her trip in about a month to Southeast Asia.  I listened with great interest.  I don't think I'll ever travel like they do!
We asked my friend Enya if he would do a fundraiser at La P'tite Framboise ... (Ronnie's and my favorite place)  to which he replied "of course!" (All those Friday nights paid off!)
I asked the girls to tell him how much money we have each raised for breast cancer research so far and it amazed me!

Lesley (3 walks) ... $15,000+
Roberta (6 walks) ... $20,000+
Sandy (8 walks) ... $90,000

That's 1,080 miles walked and $125,000 raised...
... by just 3 women!

When we get together with Burt and other walkers who have trained with us, we will go around the table and add up the totals.
Maybe next year we will celebrate a CURE!