Thursday, December 1, 2011

At the Finish Line with Joan!

Can you see this?
It's Joan and me as we are approaching the finish line at the Thanksgiving Day Race.
I hope that next year we make better time ... and that my hips and thighs are a little smaller!
Speaking of smaller ... I lost another .4 last week.  Not great but better than gaining .4 after Thanksgiving, 'eh?
That is a total of 7.8 since Halloween.
This is going to take forever.
I have realistic expectations, however, and am beginning to see results.
Now that Debra is going to be 25 ... it's time to lose that stupid baby fat!
The end.


  1. That's actually a terrific amount since Halloween. More than 1.5 a week, which is about as much as anyone should lose if they want to keep it off.

    I really need my friends to stop losing weight, though, because I keep finding it...

  2. hummmmm, 25 year old baby fat????? you are doing great, miss bee counts her loss in sticks of butter, so far over 100 sticks......