Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday walk with Joan--6.28 miles

On the Bay Walk--Shore Road
Well ... it's not nearly as exciting as yesterday's walk to Coney Island, but I was glad to have some time with Joan ... and I slowly walked the 6.28 miles we usually do on Sunday.
View of the boats from Shore Road
My summer is almost over.  I have to be back at school Thursday ... kids will be back next week.  "Boy howdy" the summer went fast.  (Thanks Bee for letting me use that expression.  I love it!)  It has been a wonderful summer ... visiting family and friends ... hosting family and friends ... baseball games ... trips to the city ... a great time in Provincetown.  Now that it's over ... I think yesterday's training walk was one of the highlights! (although it was pretty tough while I was trudging along Ocean Parkway!)
It's hard to believe that I'll be starting another 60 miles in just more than a month.  How many more walks will I be able to do?  I wonder.  I've never had to deal with an arthritic toe ... or a problematic heel.  It make s it hard to walk ...
Yesterday Elaine walked with us for a bit.  I met Elaine once, on a training walk in the spring. I liked her immediately!  Shortly after we met ... she was diagnosed with Leukemia, spent a good amount of time in the hospital, and has been undergoing treatment.  Yesterday she told me there isn't a match for a bone marrow transplant ... Once vibrant and energetic ... Elaine had a difficult time with a short walk.
But she walked.
So ... I'll figure out that pain in my heel ... and I'll work through the arthritic toe when it acts up.  I'll do it with Elaine in mind.
I'll do it because she WANTED to walk yesterday ... even though it wasn't easy.
So ... as I finish training for 3-day 2010 ...I'm going to make a commitment to 2011.
Are you with me? 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Training Walk--20 miles+

Flower stand outside Coney Island

I didn't make it all the way to Coney Island last time Burt put together this training walk route, so I was determined to get my hot dog today!
Burt and I met at Penn Station just before 8:00, then took off to the west side and walked down to meet up with other walkers.
Here are Lesley, Burt, and "Yours Truly" at the now famous "eyes sculpture" (right Sarge?!) It was the beginning of our walk and I was feeling just as perky as the sculpture!!! (By the way, Burt has already walked one 3-day in Chicago and is walking another later this fall in Texas.  I can't remember where Lesley is going ... is it San Diego?)
We walked on and met another five walkers at Pier 17.  Then we took off to the Brooklyn Bridge.
I was still feeling great walking over the Bridge.  The weather was PERFECT!  I was certain that this walk would be cake!
My camera is GONE BABY GONE ... so I only took a few pictures with my phone. (heck, you've seen the Brooklyn Bridge already anyway!)
The world's GREATEST lemonade stand
I don't know the names of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn but this neighborhood has the GREATEST LEMONADE STAND EVER!  The lemonade was perfect!  (That's my new best friend Tracey who will be walking in Philadelphia to my right ... and lemonade-maker extraordinaire to my left!)
We walked along into Cadman Plaza, where I left off last time ... but this time I carried on (not quite as perky) to Prospect Park ...
Our walkers in Prospect Park
From the park we walked out to Ocean Parkway ... which goes from here to forever ... but I'm not complaining!
Finally (and now I wasn't even CLOSE to perky) we reached Coney Island!
Coney Island Park ... steps to the boardwalk and the ocean ... MANY steps to Nathan's Famous!

Look at us ... (Tracey was taking the picture!)  We made it! And we're SMILING!!!
But it was just a tease ...
Burt made us walk the boardwalk to Nathan's ... and not just that little Nathan's stand ... Burt made us walk to the ORIGINAL NATHAN'S FAMOUS!
The ORIGINAL Nathan's Famous!

 My dad might have gone there when he was a kid!!!  I wonder.
Anyway ... here I am ... happy to say that I MADE IT!
If I lost any weight walking 20+ miles ... I gained it back IMMEDIATELY!
That's a hotdog with kraut, ketchup, and mustard ... a medium lemonade (I was more interested in the lemonade than the dog!) and ... there were some krinkle-cut fries involved, too!
Speaking of dogs ... my dogs were tired and my heel was hurting ...
so the thought of having to actually leave my seat and move on to the subway back to Penn Station was not a good one!  I did finally leave Nathan's with our little group (we were now down to 5!) and headed to the subway.
The train was empty and AIR CONDITIONED!  What a treat!  I flexed and stretched and enjoyed the ride with some great friends:
Tracey and Lisa and ...
...Burt and Marianna.
I JUST made my train back to Port and spent the rest of the night relaxing in BED!
It was a great day.
In other news ... I reached $3000!
Thanks everyone.  
I'll be in San Francisco in one month!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A visit with Mickey--7.67 miles

OK ... so I hear that Mercury is in retrograde so that explains why my camera doesn't work. (and the garage door ... and the backflow device ... etc.)  There aren't many flowers left anyway.  This picture was taken with my phone.
I haven't walked in almost a week.  I'm having a lot of trouble with my feet.  The latest is pain in my heal.  I decided to get back in the size 8s and take a walk to the Feline Veterinary Hospital to visit with Mickey, who has been a patient there since Monday. (Mercury again.)  I ended up walking 7.67 miles in about 5 hours (kidding ... but it felt like 5 hours.)  I wore my new shoes ... taking my mom's advice and lacing the tight (right) shoe from the top down.  It actually worked!  (She heard that on Dr. Oz ... so thank you Dr. O!)  I'm limping tonight, though.  A little worried about San Francisco.  I hope to get an appointment with the orthopedist ... but I won't be taking any cortisone shots.  No way!
While in Provincetown, I did take several walks including a long one that was probably 9 or 10 miles.  (I didn't wear the GPS ... duhr.)  Provincetown is such a beautiful place.  My long walk took me on a trail through the dunes to the National Seashore.  It was fabulous.  I did climb the dunes a few times ... so I'm counting that as cross training!  I put together an album ... I'll try to link to it on this blog.  (I'm putting it on my Facebook page ... so, if you're interested please have a look.)
Summer is almost over and it's back to school next week.  Before you know it ... I'll be on my way to San Francisco.  That went fast!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday ... maybe 3 miles.

Finally ... I'm able to use my netbook!
 Here's a pretty daisy I saw on my walk.
My toe is really sore, and after about a mile and a half, I had to cut my walk short this morning.  So, let's say I walked about three miles.  Susan thinks it's a blister.  I hope so because that can be fixed!
Beth has the picture I wanted to share with Sarge.  I"ll have her send it to me ... then I'll post it.
Just about everyone is here and we had our "first night barbecue" tonight.  More than 17 people helped themselves to ribs, hamburgers, hotdogs, and a lot of sides.  It was fun to be together.  After dinner, we went down to the beach and watched the shooting stars.  It was a great "first night."  Tomorrow Sashi and Deb join Ronnie, Mike, and me.  It has been a long time since the whole family has been together here at Kalmar.
Might walk tomorrow ... might not.  I'm a little upset that my foot hurts!  We'll see!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Next day-more of the same-7.53 miles

Another beautiful day in Provincetown. Another walk up Bradford and down Commercial Street. Getting ready to go to the National Seashore (for which I bought a lifetime pass...old age has it's advantages!) No pictures yet, though. Writing this on my iPad.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Provincetown--7.53 miles with Beth we are in Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod. This is our yearly vacation spot and I love it. Until I get the little netbook signed up, I won't be able to share pictures or write in italicized pink...(and I took a wonderful picture for you, Sarge! You'll just have to wait!). It has been some time since I have posted. I have had house guests and haven't been training. I'M BACK ON TRACK,THOUGH! 7.53 miles with Beth this morning. It felt great to be walking again...and she's good company. There's always something to see here, and,as I said I have a nice picture for my great friend Sarge.
Don't worry about the boys...they're being fed by Samantha who knows exactly how to mash their food!
I tried to change the fundraising goal for our team. Unfortunately, my personal goal was changed to $12,000! I'm sure I could change that...but I thought what the heck...let me look at that goal for a while! My training guru, Burt, was able to raise that much and more!
Speaking of Blogger Babes for Boobies, we're up to 7 walkers and 2 crew. Beth's thinking of changing back to San Francisco...and, if she does, that would be 3 more walkers!

On a sad note, Karen Thompson lost her dad after a long illness. My sincere condolences and love to Thumper and her family.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

BlogHer Conference ... visit from the Food Lady ... true walking in my size 8s--0 miles ... walking in flip-flops--endless

I haven't officially walked in a few days ...but I did stand next to former Olympian, Mr. Bruce Jenner at the BlogHer Conference yesterday.  Does that count?
I'm in NYC with Karen "The Food Lady" Nichols... enjoying a fun, informative, inspiring, and "swag filled" two days.
Listening to other people talk about their blogs makes me want to do more!  In fact, I think I'm going to start a new blog about my school as a job target this year. Will you follow me, my friends???
On the train home last night, I happened to meet a man who was eavesdropping on my conversation with Ronnie about the conference. (He couldn't help it ... I was loud!) He turned out to be a very nice guy whose wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  I guess she had a lumpectomy ... because he told me she is fine and doesn't need further therapy.  That's great news ... and if you're reading this Stephen, I'm glad I met you and hope your wife continues to enjoy good health!  I will walk the 60 miles with her in mind!
My training walk guru, Burt Lipshie, is finishing up his first walk in Chicago as I write this.  He is a great ... truly inspirational friend.  This is the first of two walks he'll be completing this year.  He's probably finished ... waiting for closing ceremonies.  In an email he sent before leaving for Chicago, he wrote the following:  "I will have finished 500 3-day miles ... and will have raised over $120,000 in the fight against (Breast Cancer.)  Burt walks for his cousin Judy ... but he walks "in honor of all the survivors ... and he walks to keep his children and grandchildren and everyone you love safe from this monster!"
Thank you Burt ... for everything you do ...
and thank you to my supporters who are with me every step of my journey!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rest yesterday ... 10.74 miles today.

Ah ... that's pretty.
I rested yesterday.  
I was going to take a short walk and break in my new 8Ds ... but when I put them on, they felt more like size 3s!  My feet must have been swollen from my Sunday walk.
I drove Debra into the City at 5:00 this morning ... and I was home by 6:18 dressed for a walk ... so I did my Sands Point route. I added a bit more later in the day for a total of 10.74 miles.
I treated myself to a "sort of" pedicure.  (Wouldn't let Rosa do anything to the calluses!)  I have a black mark on the bottom of one of my toes.  I think it's a broken blood vessel.  It looks scary but doesn't hurt.  I'll show that one to my doctor ASAP!
I'm still struggling with my book.  There's NO WAY I'm going to finish by tomorrow night.
What to do about the Yankees?  I'm tired of watching them lose!  Poor A-Rod is in a hitting slump.  Maybe we'll see him hit his 600th home run Monday when Rocky, TY, and I go to the game.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday--15.25 miles

15.25 miles!
But I wasn't sure until I got home.
The last time I looked at the GPS it said 11.1 miles ... then, when I looked again, it had gone back to 0!!!!! I was just a little disappointed, to say the least.  So, I figured I'd take the car out and measure the last part of my walk.  When I got home, I took a look at "history" and voila!  There was my walk.  Oh how I love the Garmin!!!
I walked from Port to Plandome to Manhasset to Roslyn and back to Port.  It was a beautiful day.  Just like Bee said, the memory card in my camera isn't accepting new pictures ... so I pulled out my phone and took pictures:
Here's a shot of Port going into Plandome.  Had to stop.  It's one of my favorite spots.
This is a lovely neighborhood in Plandome.  What a view!
  I sat in this Manhasset park for a while and enjoyed an iced coffee.
I deleted the picture in Roslyn.  Just more waterviews.
Debra and I went to "Dinner for Schmucks."  Ronnie said the NY Times gave it a good review.  Our review ... PAINFUL.  Not funny ... not good.
Speaking of painful, I'm still trying to read Sacred Hearts.  I'm starting chapter 12 ... page 110.  Oy ... what a sleeper!  I'll keep trying, though.  I have until Wednesday night!
Blogger Babes for Boobies has a new team member.  That's 3 new members in the past 2 weeks.  I'm so looking forward to meeting my team members in October.
Sorry Sarge. No boobie pictures for you today.  I looked.  Honest!  Maybe tomorrow!