Saturday, August 28, 2010

Training Walk--20 miles+

Flower stand outside Coney Island

I didn't make it all the way to Coney Island last time Burt put together this training walk route, so I was determined to get my hot dog today!
Burt and I met at Penn Station just before 8:00, then took off to the west side and walked down to meet up with other walkers.
Here are Lesley, Burt, and "Yours Truly" at the now famous "eyes sculpture" (right Sarge?!) It was the beginning of our walk and I was feeling just as perky as the sculpture!!! (By the way, Burt has already walked one 3-day in Chicago and is walking another later this fall in Texas.  I can't remember where Lesley is going ... is it San Diego?)
We walked on and met another five walkers at Pier 17.  Then we took off to the Brooklyn Bridge.
I was still feeling great walking over the Bridge.  The weather was PERFECT!  I was certain that this walk would be cake!
My camera is GONE BABY GONE ... so I only took a few pictures with my phone. (heck, you've seen the Brooklyn Bridge already anyway!)
The world's GREATEST lemonade stand
I don't know the names of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn but this neighborhood has the GREATEST LEMONADE STAND EVER!  The lemonade was perfect!  (That's my new best friend Tracey who will be walking in Philadelphia to my right ... and lemonade-maker extraordinaire to my left!)
We walked along into Cadman Plaza, where I left off last time ... but this time I carried on (not quite as perky) to Prospect Park ...
Our walkers in Prospect Park
From the park we walked out to Ocean Parkway ... which goes from here to forever ... but I'm not complaining!
Finally (and now I wasn't even CLOSE to perky) we reached Coney Island!
Coney Island Park ... steps to the boardwalk and the ocean ... MANY steps to Nathan's Famous!

Look at us ... (Tracey was taking the picture!)  We made it! And we're SMILING!!!
But it was just a tease ...
Burt made us walk the boardwalk to Nathan's ... and not just that little Nathan's stand ... Burt made us walk to the ORIGINAL NATHAN'S FAMOUS!
The ORIGINAL Nathan's Famous!

 My dad might have gone there when he was a kid!!!  I wonder.
Anyway ... here I am ... happy to say that I MADE IT!
If I lost any weight walking 20+ miles ... I gained it back IMMEDIATELY!
That's a hotdog with kraut, ketchup, and mustard ... a medium lemonade (I was more interested in the lemonade than the dog!) and ... there were some krinkle-cut fries involved, too!
Speaking of dogs ... my dogs were tired and my heel was hurting ...
so the thought of having to actually leave my seat and move on to the subway back to Penn Station was not a good one!  I did finally leave Nathan's with our little group (we were now down to 5!) and headed to the subway.
The train was empty and AIR CONDITIONED!  What a treat!  I flexed and stretched and enjoyed the ride with some great friends:
Tracey and Lisa and ...
...Burt and Marianna.
I JUST made my train back to Port and spent the rest of the night relaxing in BED!
It was a great day.
In other news ... I reached $3000!
Thanks everyone.  
I'll be in San Francisco in one month!


  1. Awesome post Roberta! Sorry to hear the camera is kaput. I've been waiting for you to post photos from our trip to Yankee stadium and now I know why you haven't.

    Sounds like whatever was going on with your feet has either healed or you powered right through it! Great photos. See you on Sept 30th!

  2. oboy! hot dogs and eyeballs!!! woo hoo!

    smiles, bee