Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday walk with Joan--6.28 miles

On the Bay Walk--Shore Road
Well ... it's not nearly as exciting as yesterday's walk to Coney Island, but I was glad to have some time with Joan ... and I slowly walked the 6.28 miles we usually do on Sunday.
View of the boats from Shore Road
My summer is almost over.  I have to be back at school Thursday ... kids will be back next week.  "Boy howdy" the summer went fast.  (Thanks Bee for letting me use that expression.  I love it!)  It has been a wonderful summer ... visiting family and friends ... hosting family and friends ... baseball games ... trips to the city ... a great time in Provincetown.  Now that it's over ... I think yesterday's training walk was one of the highlights! (although it was pretty tough while I was trudging along Ocean Parkway!)
It's hard to believe that I'll be starting another 60 miles in just more than a month.  How many more walks will I be able to do?  I wonder.  I've never had to deal with an arthritic toe ... or a problematic heel.  It make s it hard to walk ...
Yesterday Elaine walked with us for a bit.  I met Elaine once, on a training walk in the spring. I liked her immediately!  Shortly after we met ... she was diagnosed with Leukemia, spent a good amount of time in the hospital, and has been undergoing treatment.  Yesterday she told me there isn't a match for a bone marrow transplant ... Once vibrant and energetic ... Elaine had a difficult time with a short walk.
But she walked.
So ... I'll figure out that pain in my heel ... and I'll work through the arthritic toe when it acts up.  I'll do it with Elaine in mind.
I'll do it because she WANTED to walk yesterday ... even though it wasn't easy.
So ... as I finish training for 3-day 2010 ...I'm going to make a commitment to 2011.
Are you with me? 


  1. If I don't die on this walk, I can't see me NOT doing 2011...and the Spouse Thingy is muttering about volunteering for medical next year...

  2. am i with you? try to get rid of me!

    hugs, bee