Sunday, October 28, 2012


That's a little thumbnail of my credential for Dallas.  Mine says "Roberta" and "303821" and "Burt's Babes"  I also know, now, that Val's and my address is (pink tent) "C-77" and that I have a "Sweet Dreams Treat" from a supporter.  So ... it's official!  I will be boarding my 7:55 flight to Boston then Dallas (!) on Thursday and the BIG journey begins!  I will begin packing today.
The t-shirts are in and they look good.  Maybe Ronnie will take a picture so you can see.
The weather here is beginning to change.  The wind is beginning to pick up.  The sky is grey and ominous. NYC schools have been closed and all transit is suspended in New York.  I finally found D batteries so I have a radio and flashlights, etc.  We don't have a generator ... and hopefully we won't need one, although we are being warned of a power outage for 7-10 days.  I checked the flights coming in to NY for Sash, who is in Boca for a wedding.  There is a special waiver code for re booking or canceling flights.  If she was able to find a flight to NY on Monday, she wouldn't get too far once here.  There are no subway, bus, and commuter railroad services.  All the cats are in, with the exception of Joba ... and maybe he will finally do that tonight.  I am actually feeling a bit nervous about this one.  I hope I am wrong!
So that's it for now.  More tomorrow.

Monday, October 22, 2012


This is my tentmate, Val and me on our last training walk. We were in Prospect Park.
I like this picture!
Here are a few numbers:
11 days

Do you know what they mean?
Sandy will be on her way to Tampa to complete her 60 miles this weekend!
Good walking my friend!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Darci and Liz ... two more reasons why ...

This is a picture of Darci and Liz Merollis.
Darci, mom of the greatest frootbat in the world, Titus, is also Liz's sister in law. This is a message I received from Darci:
Cancer can take a hike as far as I'm concerned.  But until we get that whipped, then I'm grateful for the people who donate their time to raising money and work hard at training to walk 60.darn.miles.  My sister-in-law just finished up 18 months of breast cancer bullcrappy.  She got her port out today.  Some women aren't so lucky, so us Merollises are feeling pretty grateful today.

This is what Liz, Darci's sister-in-law had to say about Darci:

Today is Darci Merollis day. Now that all this stuff is done (forever, I hope), I just really want to thank her. Not only did she go with me to numerous chemos, including the first one when I was scared sh!tless, she went to doctor appoints with me, too (and she took off work to do this). She also made sure to either call or text EVERY DAY while I was going through my first hard round of chemo.
She made sure I ate, drank, took my medicine, checked on me to make sure I never had any fevers (or any other things that would need a doctor's attention), she made me laugh, made me feel good about the fact that I had no hair and always was reassuring me that everything was going to be okay. She gave me honest opinions on which hats looked good, or not so good. :-) I really appreciated everything she did and although she never does stuff to get attention, I feel like she really deserves it. Love you, my sister!!

Darci and Liz are two more reasons why I will put on those size 9s and walk 60 miles in November.  
All that stuff is done FOREVER, Liz.  I know it!
I love you both.
Thank you!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Penn Station to Coney Island ... 21 miles and Nathan's hot dogs!

I am not sure Val could have taken a tighter shot of me eating my Original Nathan's hotdog (with all the trimmings ... except the onions.)  
Val, Burt, and I made the trek to Coney Island from Penn Station in perfect walking weather.  It was a huge difference from my last training walk to Coney Island when the weather was in the 90s!  We completed the 21 miles in 7 hours with a few stops for pictures and bathroom breaks.  There was no whining AT ALL!!!!  Here are a few pieces of information that you might or might not find interesting:
  • I wore a new ... never before worn pair of New Balance shoes and they were PERFECT!!!  Thanks to Mark, the manager of New Balance in Carle Place.
  • The soreness in my left thigh was NOT from the walk.  It was from the aerobic dance class that kicked my butt (and thighs) Thursday night!
  • A Nathan's original hotdog has over 300 calories and a "D" nutritional grade.  I did not eat the buns but I did eat two AMAZING hot dogs ... DELICIOUS!  A well deserved lunch after 21 miles!
  • I canceled my manicure to do this training walk.
  • I clearly need a manicure.
I received a very generous donation from Darci the other day.  More about that tomorrow.  I am now very close to another benchmark ... so I have increased my personal fund raising goal to $5500.  As of today, the 6 members of Burt's Babes have raised $36,754.82.  Not too shabby.  I am really very proud to be a part of this little team.
I am posting the following picture for a friend who always liked shots of this location:


Monday, October 8, 2012

"In lieu of a favor ..."

Yesterday, my niece Amanda had her bridal shower.  Her Matron of Honor, Megan, asked if she could have the party here in Port as she lives in Massachusetts and Amanda's friends would be coming from NY.  Of course my answer was yes.  I love Amanda and was thrilled that I could be a part the celebration leading up to her wedding.
Megan showed her appreciation by making a donation, in Amanda's honor, to the 3-Day (I added the notepad and pen ...)
This delighted me.
If you are reading this Megan ... I thank you again.  
It means so much to me, and Amanda's friends and family were pleased as well.
I think our t-shirt design is finalized and the order will be placed today.  I am sure that Win Goldman, my new best friend who is having the shirts printed, will be happy not to get another "just one more thing ..." email from me.  I have a hard time being the one to make the decision.  I need a committee and there wasn't one of those this time.  Hopefully the finished product will please all those "Babes" who will be wearing it!
Next and final "Burt" training walk will be Saturday ... Penn Station to Coney Island.  I did this one once before and, although I whined and whined down Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, arriving on the boardwalk in Coney Island was amazing!
Stay tuned!