Monday, October 15, 2012

Darci and Liz ... two more reasons why ...

This is a picture of Darci and Liz Merollis.
Darci, mom of the greatest frootbat in the world, Titus, is also Liz's sister in law. This is a message I received from Darci:
Cancer can take a hike as far as I'm concerned.  But until we get that whipped, then I'm grateful for the people who donate their time to raising money and work hard at training to walk 60.darn.miles.  My sister-in-law just finished up 18 months of breast cancer bullcrappy.  She got her port out today.  Some women aren't so lucky, so us Merollises are feeling pretty grateful today.

This is what Liz, Darci's sister-in-law had to say about Darci:

Today is Darci Merollis day. Now that all this stuff is done (forever, I hope), I just really want to thank her. Not only did she go with me to numerous chemos, including the first one when I was scared sh!tless, she went to doctor appoints with me, too (and she took off work to do this). She also made sure to either call or text EVERY DAY while I was going through my first hard round of chemo.
She made sure I ate, drank, took my medicine, checked on me to make sure I never had any fevers (or any other things that would need a doctor's attention), she made me laugh, made me feel good about the fact that I had no hair and always was reassuring me that everything was going to be okay. She gave me honest opinions on which hats looked good, or not so good. :-) I really appreciated everything she did and although she never does stuff to get attention, I feel like she really deserves it. Love you, my sister!!

Darci and Liz are two more reasons why I will put on those size 9s and walk 60 miles in November.  
All that stuff is done FOREVER, Liz.  I know it!
I love you both.
Thank you!

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