Sunday, October 14, 2012

Penn Station to Coney Island ... 21 miles and Nathan's hot dogs!

I am not sure Val could have taken a tighter shot of me eating my Original Nathan's hotdog (with all the trimmings ... except the onions.)  
Val, Burt, and I made the trek to Coney Island from Penn Station in perfect walking weather.  It was a huge difference from my last training walk to Coney Island when the weather was in the 90s!  We completed the 21 miles in 7 hours with a few stops for pictures and bathroom breaks.  There was no whining AT ALL!!!!  Here are a few pieces of information that you might or might not find interesting:
  • I wore a new ... never before worn pair of New Balance shoes and they were PERFECT!!!  Thanks to Mark, the manager of New Balance in Carle Place.
  • The soreness in my left thigh was NOT from the walk.  It was from the aerobic dance class that kicked my butt (and thighs) Thursday night!
  • A Nathan's original hotdog has over 300 calories and a "D" nutritional grade.  I did not eat the buns but I did eat two AMAZING hot dogs ... DELICIOUS!  A well deserved lunch after 21 miles!
  • I canceled my manicure to do this training walk.
  • I clearly need a manicure.
I received a very generous donation from Darci the other day.  More about that tomorrow.  I am now very close to another benchmark ... so I have increased my personal fund raising goal to $5500.  As of today, the 6 members of Burt's Babes have raised $36,754.82.  Not too shabby.  I am really very proud to be a part of this little team.
I am posting the following picture for a friend who always liked shots of this location:



  1. My feet hurt just thinking about 21 miles at this point...but the hot dog looks appealing! :)

    1. Can you eat a hot dog, Thump? Is that on your list of no nos?