Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Walk with Gail

Just look at this cottontail.  He was posing for me!  Gail and I saw him on our 5 mile (almost) walk this morning.  
It is HOT here ... it was hot early this morning!  I'm not complaining, of course!
 Here are my new shoes.  Can you see how w-i-d-e they are?  Actually, they are very comfortable ... and my feet don't hurt after 5 miles!
Now I can officially thank Mark Coffey at New Balance Long Island!
Thank you Mark! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Old Route ... New Shoes!

This one's for you CCLs and CCM.
The North Shore Animal League ... first "home" of Mickey Mantle (Harris) ... is on my walking route.  The NSAL is the world's largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization.  The league has saved almost 1,000,000 lives.  It's not all that easy to adopt a dog or cat from the NSAL.  We had to provide 3 references before we were able to take Mickey home. 
I decided that I especially love this town when many people have left for the long weekend.  I had a nice 6 mile walk on my regular route.  I spent some time taking pictures of roses and peonies ... and ... the geese, who thought I was going to feed them!
This guy was disappointed when he didn't get a handout!
My feet have been hurting on long walks.  Today I decided to do something about it.  One of my training buddies told me to try a New Balance store that just opened ... so I braved the beach traffic and looked for Mark, the store manager of New Balance Long Island. He told me not to write about him until I was 100% satisfied with my new shoes.  I'll let you know about that tomorrow ... but today I'll tell you that he was so thorough, showed me why I was getting foot pain (wrong style shoe)  and set me up with the right fit.  I couldn't have asked for better service!  I feel really good about my new shoes!  If you're reading this Liz ... THANK YOU!
Joan isn't home so I won't be taking my Sunday walk with Joan tomorrow.
I will be taking pictures, though!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Burt's Babes (and Boys) Training Walk of the Season

Here we are ... 
Training leader Burt and Berta ... together again!
Today I finally made it to a Burt training walk.
The route was Penn Station to Coney Island ... a total of 20-21 miles.
It was cool and misty and, actually, great walking weather.
I made it over the Brooklyn Bridge to the first subway station and said "sayonara" to my fellow walkers.  My doggies were barking.
So ... a little over 9 miles yesterday ... and 10 today ... makes for a good weekend.
Heck ... my virtual trainer says I should be walking 5 miles.
I got my trainer beat!
Meanwhile ... for your viewing pleasure (Sarge) here we are at "Eyes!"
I loved that we had men on our walk! All four men will be walking the 60 miles in various 3-days across the country ... (except for Burt ... he'll be walking 120 miles ... in two 3-days!  Pretty good, Burt!
To read a little more ... go to

Saturday, May 21, 2011

9.33 miles through Sands Point

With Memorial Day right around the corner ... the Capri Marina in Port Washington is getting busy.  It won't be long before the yachts come in ... and we walk around the marina eyes wide, mouths hanging open, wondering ... who can afford this!?
I have a big training walk tomorrow in the city ... so I tried my old route through Sands Point today.  9.33 miles in 3 hours. (I wore the Garmin ... so I know it's true!) I feel fine but wonder if I'll be able to do the 20 miles from Penn Station, through Brooklyn to Coney Island.  The weather forecast is for a cloudy day in the 60s.  Perfect walking weather.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Walkin' in the City

I met Sandy and Lesley yesterday for a little training walk in the city.
We met at Penn and walked to the water.
We walked past the Intrepid and through Riverside Park.
Sandy made a "find" near the water treatment plant on 145th street ... and we were delighted to see a garden in such an unexpected spot! (we also saw a brand new-one day old- family of geese making it's way around the water plant!)
We walked through Riverbank State Park ... an amazing recreational facility above the Hudson.  Then we made our way to Fairway and picked up an excellent picnic lunch. (If you're reading this Sandy and Lesley ... I finished the figs on the train!!!)
We began our "return walk" after lunch ... and passed Grant's tomb (pictured above.)  This is BIG for a suburban girl who doesn't get out much!!! 
I made a little montage ... let's see if you can access it here:
It was a beautiful day ... and, although tired and sore, I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to spend time with wonderful friends in an amazing city.

It's raining today ... so I did not meet Joan for our usual Sunday walk.  Next week--my first training walk of the season with Burt's Babes! 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday and Sunday ... a couple of walks

Right in the middle of New York,  in the north end of Central Park, is North Woods,  and there, tucked away, is a beautiful waterfall.
Yesterday I walked with Lesley and convinced Tracy to join us on our stroll through the park.  This was one of my favorite walks last year, and I was excited to do it again!
The weather was perfect ... and the company was great.
All in all, it was a wonderful day.
We figure about 8 miles in all.
Today's walk was a little shorter ... but equally beautiful.
Walked through Sands Point.
Another fabulous day weather-wise ... just missed the company.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pounding the Pavement

Spring has definitely sprung in Port.
Yesterday kids were planting on Main Street ... and the Sportsman's Club had kids fishing off the town dock ... and pee wee soccer players were on the field.  There was a boy on a pogo stick having the best time!  People were soaking in the beautiful weather and enjoying our beautiful community.
The trees are in bloom ... the birds are out in full force ... this is what I wait for!
I love the spring!
I walked 6 miles yesterday and another 6 today.  I'm building up to a training walk to Coney Island (20 miles) later this month.  Hope I can make it!  It was the highlight of our training walks last year.  
Next weekend I'm meeting Lesley (and possibly TY) for a walk through Central Park.  I loved exploring the park last year.  It was a true treat!
TY asked about my new walking shoes.  
I have always walked in New Balance and have always been happy.  Unfortunately, the style was changed up a bit, and the new style is a bit uncomfortable for me.  So ... I bought Brooks Adrenaline GTS and ... I LOVE THEM!!!  They are great for my wide feet (and tiny toes!)  It wasn't easy to change from the shoes I've been wearing for the last 11 years ... but, in this case, change is GOOD!