Saturday, May 21, 2011

9.33 miles through Sands Point

With Memorial Day right around the corner ... the Capri Marina in Port Washington is getting busy.  It won't be long before the yachts come in ... and we walk around the marina eyes wide, mouths hanging open, wondering ... who can afford this!?
I have a big training walk tomorrow in the city ... so I tried my old route through Sands Point today.  9.33 miles in 3 hours. (I wore the Garmin ... so I know it's true!) I feel fine but wonder if I'll be able to do the 20 miles from Penn Station, through Brooklyn to Coney Island.  The weather forecast is for a cloudy day in the 60s.  Perfect walking weather.


  1. You can do it...I don't think I could at this point, but you can :)

  2. All I can say is ... I'll put my best foot forward!

  3. you can do it, you are my hero. tell jete he is a slacker.....

  4. i know i couldn't do it but you can honey!

    smiles, bee