Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Burt's Babes (and Boys) Training Walk of the Season

Here we are ... 
Training leader Burt and Berta ... together again!
Today I finally made it to a Burt training walk.
The route was Penn Station to Coney Island ... a total of 20-21 miles.
It was cool and misty and, actually, great walking weather.
I made it over the Brooklyn Bridge to the first subway station and said "sayonara" to my fellow walkers.  My doggies were barking.
So ... a little over 9 miles yesterday ... and 10 today ... makes for a good weekend.
Heck ... my virtual trainer says I should be walking 5 miles.
I got my trainer beat!
Meanwhile ... for your viewing pleasure (Sarge) here we are at "Eyes!"
I loved that we had men on our walk! All four men will be walking the 60 miles in various 3-days across the country ... (except for Burt ... he'll be walking 120 miles ... in two 3-days!  Pretty good, Burt!
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  1. oh look, the eyeballs! ha ha ha

    good for you honey, walking all that way!

    smiles, bee