Sunday, May 15, 2011

Walkin' in the City

I met Sandy and Lesley yesterday for a little training walk in the city.
We met at Penn and walked to the water.
We walked past the Intrepid and through Riverside Park.
Sandy made a "find" near the water treatment plant on 145th street ... and we were delighted to see a garden in such an unexpected spot! (we also saw a brand new-one day old- family of geese making it's way around the water plant!)
We walked through Riverbank State Park ... an amazing recreational facility above the Hudson.  Then we made our way to Fairway and picked up an excellent picnic lunch. (If you're reading this Sandy and Lesley ... I finished the figs on the train!!!)
We began our "return walk" after lunch ... and passed Grant's tomb (pictured above.)  This is BIG for a suburban girl who doesn't get out much!!! 
I made a little montage ... let's see if you can access it here:
It was a beautiful day ... and, although tired and sore, I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to spend time with wonderful friends in an amazing city.

It's raining today ... so I did not meet Joan for our usual Sunday walk.  Next week--my first training walk of the season with Burt's Babes! 


  1. I wish I' been with you, but you would have had to carry me on the return.

  2. I wish you had taken out the old bike ... I was going to call you from Fairway ... but didn't want to bug you!!!
    Yes ... I was tired.