Sunday, August 30, 2009

Home ... Kathleen Masterson ... Thorlos

I had such a great time in Provincetown ... it was hard to leave. (It always is!)
A few days ago, while walking down Commercial Street, I stopped at a very small craft and jewelry fair. I met a woman who makes "smoothy" (beach stone) necklaces. I stopped to talk to her because I had seen and admired her beach stone jewelry in a shop in town. Her name is Kathleen Masterson. She looked at my 3-day shirt and asked if I was doing the walk. She told me that she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and will start her therapy in a few weeks. I will add Kathleen's name to the list of those women for whom I walk.
If you would like to visit her website it's
I walked 16 miles today. That's 2 miles less than I had wanted to walk.
I'm showing my Thorlo socks in this picture.
I recently ordered 3 pair of these Thorlos for long distance walking. I was asked to write a review of the socks ... then those nice Thorlo folk asked me to post a picture of me in my socks.
Whaddya think?

Friday, August 28, 2009

The end of my WALK-ation

It's the end of my WALK-ation. I've walked 7 miles each day for 8 days and 15 miles one day ... a total of 71 miles this week. We had fabulous weather and I had great company walking each day. I feel so sad to have to leave this beautiful place tomorrow. Each year it is more and more difficult to say goodbye to Provincetown.
Tomorrow I return to Long Island and Sunday I start my regular training schedule. There's just over a month 'til San Francisco.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun Times in P-town

Susan, Susanne, Deb, and I were almost out the door to catch "Naked Boys Singing" in P-town last night, when my phone rang. It was the 3-day calling to congratulate me on my fundraising. I was so excited! Now ... I'm on vacation so I should be forgiven for forgetting her name ... but she commented on the name of our team (Jersey Girls For Shore), told me how pleased she was that I had increased my fundraising goal, and asked if I would be able to share fundraising tips with other walkers. I will do that later! It was a great call!

I thought I'd be able to upload some pictures for you. P-town is so beautiful and my walk takes me to the most glorious spots. The cable I brought doesn't fit into my small camera, unfortunately, so I'll share with you when I get home. The picture above was taken with my Blackberry. It's my favorite spot on my walk. I'm not sure the picture does it justice. To the left is the jettie ... to the right are the dunes ... and all around is the ocean. It just takes my breath away. Love It!


About the "Naked Boys Singing" show we went to last night ... they really are naked ... and
they do sing and dance. Those high kicks were very exciting! After a while ... it didn't even matter that they were naked! I will say ... Debra really enjoyed the show. Fun times in P-town!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Look at me ... blogging while here in Provincetown on beautiful Cape Cod. Debra arrived the other day with my new netbook. Now I can share my WALK-ation with you. Of course I don't just walk everyday. The weather has been wonderful and I spend time at the beach or pool reading, enjoying the sun, and even going in the ocean.. We got here just in time for Carnival ... so we had the chance to participate in some of the festivities on Commercial Street. We've enjoyed eating at a few of our favorite restaurants and have had a few cabin-cook-outs. I walk everyday. When Beth was here last week, we did a 15 mile walk on the bike path to the beaches and through town. When I walk with Beth we spend a lot of time laughing. That's the way to get through all those miles. Susan and I walk everyday ... in fact, I suspect she'll be coming out of her cabin any minute to get me. We walk 7 miles at a nice clip. So, although I didn't follow my training schedule last weekend (I was supposed to walk a total of 34 miles on Saturday and Sunday) I am walking! Now that I have my "little friend" (my netbook ... no name, yet!) I'll be able to share some pictures of my Provincetown with you.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Boston Youth Corps

I was reading about the Boston Youth Corps today and thought ...
So I thought I'd introduce you to a Youth Corps member I met on my walk in Boston and reprint some information about these wonderful young adults.

The Youth Corps is a full crew team, just like every other team on the 3-Day, only harder to get onto. Besides being between the ages of 10 and 16 and having a personal connection to Breast Cancer, you have to fill out an application, write five essays, go through an interview process and raise a minimum of $500, although for the last few years the average has been around $1000 per team member. On the 2009 Boston 3-Day the 20 Youth Corps members raised over $25,000. The Youth Corps arrives on Day One at 4:00 a.m., sleeps at camp both nights, and attends the Crew Training day, just like every other crew team.

The Youth Corps was created by David Bechhofer in memory of his wife Suzanne and to allow young adults a chance to contribute to and enhance this amazing event. In 2004 with a pilot team of ten young adults and two adult leaders the first Youth Corps crew team rocked the Boston 3-Day. The team has grown since 2004 and now has twenty youths and five adult leaders in its sixth year. Throughout the past six years the Youth Corps has impressed everyone at the Boston event including many of the staff. That is one reason why we are trying to expand the Youth Corps to cities other than Boston so that young adults will have a chance to participate in the fight against Breast Cancer.

Amazing ... yes?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nancy Goodman Brinker

While I was waiting for my car to be serviced this afternoon, Nancy Goodman Brinker was at the White House receiving the nation's highest civilian honor from the President of the United States. I watched CNN as she and 15 other "agents of change," received the 2009 Presidential Medal of Honor. President Obama said:

"Before her sister died, Nancy Goodman Brinker promised her that she would do everything she could to make sure another family wouldn't go through that pain. The next morning she woke up thinking, 'How can I keep that promise? I'm only one person.' Well, every day of Nancy's life since then has been an example of what 'only one person' can do."

I watched with pride as she received her medal ... proud of Nancy Brinker ... and proud that, because you have decided to support me on this walk, thousands of dollars in my name will benefit Susan G. Komen for the cure.

Thank you.

To learn more about Nancy Goodman Brinker click here!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Congratulations Chicago Walkers ... I'm raising my goal to $5000!

While I was resting my "dogs" after another 4 hours of walking yesterday, the Chicago 3-day was finishing it's last 20 miles. To see a video click here!.

Congratulations Chicago Walkers!

Every event is exciting to me.

San Francisco is just around the corner!
I've posted about my friend Joan who I walk with on Sundays. Yesterday she handed me a very generous check ... which means my fundraising is not finished! I am raising my goal to $5000! Wouldn't that be the greatest if I could reach that goal? I think I can do it!
My mom's friend handed my mom a $20 bill and asked her to send it to the 3-day in my honor. I sent her a thank you note that moved her to send me another $30. How's that?! Thank you Eleanor.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

5 hours

I left the house at 8:30 this morning and returned around 1:45 ...
I call that 5 hours of walking with a few brief stops for water and a call to Mom. I'm not going to lie to you. I'm tired ... and my feet hurt ... but it was a beautiful day and I'm sure I got my 15 miles in!
I'm glad Ronnie is working tonight. I intend to get into bed and rest up for tomorrow's walk!
So ... here's the virtual training schedule I got for next week.
I'm confused about Saturday and Sunday.
Shouldn't I be walking 16 miles?
I'll have to contact the 3-day trainers.
Countdown: 8 Weeks
My Training Schedule for This Week:
Tuesday-5 miles-Easy walking
Wednesday-45 minutes-Moderate cross-training
Thursday-6 miles-Moderate walking
Friday-45 minutes-Easy cross-training
Saturday-8 miles-Easy walking
Sunday-6 miles-Easy walking

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This is my favorite spot in Port. Yesterday I sat on a bench looking out at the water and reflected on how fortunate I am. I am fortunate to have a wonderful family live in a lovely community ... to have outstanding friends ... and to be able to do this walk.
A $1000 donation was made to the Breast Cancer 3-day on my behalf by "All the Kitties in the Blogosphere." I was blown away! Thank you Karen Thompson and Max ... and all the kitties who wish they could have won the netbook! What you did win ... was my heart!
I am so very fortunate.

2.3 million

I just read that the 2009 Cleveland 3-Day event raised 2.3 million dollars "with dreams of life without Breast Cancer." Congratulations Cleveland walkers!
I read a walker's diary "Zero to 60 in 3 days." It's an emotional account of her last day of the event. You should read it!
In 59 days I will be starting my 60 miles in San Francisco.
It's hard to believe that I'm almost there.
Countdown: 9 Weeks
My Training Schedule for This Week:
Tuesday-4 miles-Easy walking
Wednesday-30 minutes-Moderate cross-training
Thursday-5 miles-Moderate walking
Friday-45 minutes-Easy cross-training
Saturday-15 miles-Easy walking
Sunday-11 miles-Easy walking

Monday, August 3, 2009

The PsychoKitty Speaks Out and raises some cash!

I was overwhelmed by Max's post yesterday!
It was a wonderful incentive ... that little netbook ... but I never thought a $5 chance to win it would bring in so much money for Breast Cancer research via The 3-Day! Thank you Karen ... and everyone who participated. A special thank you to Ian who took it "over the top!"
Rain, rain, rain didn't keep me from my training walk yesterday. I came home after 2 1/2 hours in the rain to change my clothes ... then walked some more ... only to get rained on again!! I actually enjoyed it, Auntie Bee, until the thunder started. That part wasn't so great ... but I had less that 1/2 mile to go.
Today is a "rest" day and my feet appreciate that!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

13.6 is almost 14. Congratulations Cleveland Walkers

I'm pretty sure my virtual trainer said 14 miles today.
I was slightly under with 13.6. I'll make up the additional .4 tomorrow Auntie Bee. I took Ronnie on a ride tonight to get the actual mileage. Was he impressed? I dunno.
I'm impressed with the 3-day walkers in Cleveland.
Tomorrow they will be finishing their 60 miles at a most emotional closing ceremony.
I have been observing runners and their fanny packs. The question is ... should I get a new fanny pack with the 4 small bottles for water ... or a new fanny pack with 2 regular size bottles on each side for water ... or just use the old fanny pack and find that water bottle holder that attaches to the belt and call it a day?
Speaking of runners, I can hear them coming up behind me then passing me. They come in 2s ... two women talking without a problem ... not out of breath or anything. Go figure.
2 months until San Francisco.