Monday, August 10, 2009

Congratulations Chicago Walkers ... I'm raising my goal to $5000!

While I was resting my "dogs" after another 4 hours of walking yesterday, the Chicago 3-day was finishing it's last 20 miles. To see a video click here!.

Congratulations Chicago Walkers!

Every event is exciting to me.

San Francisco is just around the corner!
I've posted about my friend Joan who I walk with on Sundays. Yesterday she handed me a very generous check ... which means my fundraising is not finished! I am raising my goal to $5000! Wouldn't that be the greatest if I could reach that goal? I think I can do it!
My mom's friend handed my mom a $20 bill and asked her to send it to the 3-day in my honor. I sent her a thank you note that moved her to send me another $30. How's that?! Thank you Eleanor.

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