Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun Times in P-town

Susan, Susanne, Deb, and I were almost out the door to catch "Naked Boys Singing" in P-town last night, when my phone rang. It was the 3-day calling to congratulate me on my fundraising. I was so excited! Now ... I'm on vacation so I should be forgiven for forgetting her name ... but she commented on the name of our team (Jersey Girls For Shore), told me how pleased she was that I had increased my fundraising goal, and asked if I would be able to share fundraising tips with other walkers. I will do that later! It was a great call!

I thought I'd be able to upload some pictures for you. P-town is so beautiful and my walk takes me to the most glorious spots. The cable I brought doesn't fit into my small camera, unfortunately, so I'll share with you when I get home. The picture above was taken with my Blackberry. It's my favorite spot on my walk. I'm not sure the picture does it justice. To the left is the jettie ... to the right are the dunes ... and all around is the ocean. It just takes my breath away. Love It!


About the "Naked Boys Singing" show we went to last night ... they really are naked ... and
they do sing and dance. Those high kicks were very exciting! After a while ... it didn't even matter that they were naked! I will say ... Debra really enjoyed the show. Fun times in P-town!