Saturday, August 1, 2009

13.6 is almost 14. Congratulations Cleveland Walkers

I'm pretty sure my virtual trainer said 14 miles today.
I was slightly under with 13.6. I'll make up the additional .4 tomorrow Auntie Bee. I took Ronnie on a ride tonight to get the actual mileage. Was he impressed? I dunno.
I'm impressed with the 3-day walkers in Cleveland.
Tomorrow they will be finishing their 60 miles at a most emotional closing ceremony.
I have been observing runners and their fanny packs. The question is ... should I get a new fanny pack with the 4 small bottles for water ... or a new fanny pack with 2 regular size bottles on each side for water ... or just use the old fanny pack and find that water bottle holder that attaches to the belt and call it a day?
Speaking of runners, I can hear them coming up behind me then passing me. They come in 2s ... two women talking without a problem ... not out of breath or anything. Go figure.
2 months until San Francisco.


  1. well i have no idea what you should do. do you want me to ask fj? he has lots of answers...

    smiles, bee

  2. The water bottle/fanny pack question comes down to personal preference. I like having the larger bottles -- 3 miles between pit stops can be a long way and the larger ones are easier to fill. Whatever you get, make sure the opening is large enough to push ice in. At the pits/lunch, walkers can't touch the ice and any ice must be put in bottle by crew member. Tiny openings really slow down the line. Whatever you decide on, get it as soon as possible so you're accustomed to it long before your event.