Monday, August 17, 2009

Boston Youth Corps

I was reading about the Boston Youth Corps today and thought ...
So I thought I'd introduce you to a Youth Corps member I met on my walk in Boston and reprint some information about these wonderful young adults.

The Youth Corps is a full crew team, just like every other team on the 3-Day, only harder to get onto. Besides being between the ages of 10 and 16 and having a personal connection to Breast Cancer, you have to fill out an application, write five essays, go through an interview process and raise a minimum of $500, although for the last few years the average has been around $1000 per team member. On the 2009 Boston 3-Day the 20 Youth Corps members raised over $25,000. The Youth Corps arrives on Day One at 4:00 a.m., sleeps at camp both nights, and attends the Crew Training day, just like every other crew team.

The Youth Corps was created by David Bechhofer in memory of his wife Suzanne and to allow young adults a chance to contribute to and enhance this amazing event. In 2004 with a pilot team of ten young adults and two adult leaders the first Youth Corps crew team rocked the Boston 3-Day. The team has grown since 2004 and now has twenty youths and five adult leaders in its sixth year. Throughout the past six years the Youth Corps has impressed everyone at the Boston event including many of the staff. That is one reason why we are trying to expand the Youth Corps to cities other than Boston so that young adults will have a chance to participate in the fight against Breast Cancer.

Amazing ... yes?

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