Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Look at me ... blogging while here in Provincetown on beautiful Cape Cod. Debra arrived the other day with my new netbook. Now I can share my WALK-ation with you. Of course I don't just walk everyday. The weather has been wonderful and I spend time at the beach or pool reading, enjoying the sun, and even going in the ocean.. We got here just in time for Carnival ... so we had the chance to participate in some of the festivities on Commercial Street. We've enjoyed eating at a few of our favorite restaurants and have had a few cabin-cook-outs. I walk everyday. When Beth was here last week, we did a 15 mile walk on the bike path to the beaches and through town. When I walk with Beth we spend a lot of time laughing. That's the way to get through all those miles. Susan and I walk everyday ... in fact, I suspect she'll be coming out of her cabin any minute to get me. We walk 7 miles at a nice clip. So, although I didn't follow my training schedule last weekend (I was supposed to walk a total of 34 miles on Saturday and Sunday) I am walking! Now that I have my "little friend" (my netbook ... no name, yet!) I'll be able to share some pictures of my Provincetown with you.

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