Monday, December 5, 2011

First Training Walk of the Season--12 miles (or there about!)

Here we are on our first training walk of the season ... Burt, Bert, Lesley, Val,  and Jax. We're most of the members of Burt's Babes Dallas (except Jax!)  It was a crisp day and a good walk.  I would have gone the 16 miles ... but I was tired.  It was a fun filled weekend ... but I was tired.
I'm tired today!
In other news ... my thank you cards went out and I'm getting lots of nice compliments.  I had Minted print them.  They have the best designs.  The proof came back the day after I designed the card, then, after I approved the proof, the cards were produced and mailed and I had them within a week.  That's my endorsement for Minted.
It's a great company!
Boardwalk Empire anyone?  OMG ... it's the best thing on TV.
If you are reading this, please leave a comment.
Sarge and Bee are on a cruise with their family and they (plus Thumper and Sandy and occasionally 'Chelle and Rocky) are my only readers who comment.
I forgot ... Monday is weigh in night:  .4 last week and .6 this week = 8.4 since October 31st.  This is sooooo slow.  And why did they have to change the program?  PowerStart.  Duhr!  Now I'm only allowed 26 points!
The end.


  1. I've been trying to write a good thank you letter since late October, but nothing is coming out right :/

    I'm doing my first real walking tomorrow...we're going to wander around San Francisco a bit and shop. Hopefully my foot is up to it by now...

  2. Hello my friend! Hope it was a good walk!

  3. 8.4 is awesome! That's 8.4 you will not have when you walk next year. Each .1 of a pound is a success.

  4. hi honey, we're back!! the card came and is lovely, thank you so much!

    sarge is having some issues and we need to go to the dr. to see what is up, buggers. poor dear guy.

    hugs, bee