Monday, June 27, 2011

Why Did The Walker Cross The Road?

To avoid this group.
Did you ever get in the way of a goose... especially a goose with its family?
Summer training is in full swing.  I did my walkabout early this morning before my appointment with the great Dr. Eliot Auerbach ... who tells me I brush like a 3 year old! (Actually today he told me I'm somewhere within the average range of brushers!)  While on Main Street, a woman, who appeared to be somewhere around my mom's age or older, approached me asking where the bus stop was.  When I asked where she was going ... she replied "The train."  Now the train station was only a few blocks from where we were ... so I sent her directly there.  She was walking so slowly ... and I felt bad that I was making her walk ... so I turned around and quick-walked to catch up to her ... and joined her on her stroll to the station.  She was so lovely.  A retired high school history teacher, she lives in Soho and takes the LIRR to Port because she likes the library! (Although she LOVES the New York Public Library!)  I was a little concerned because I met  her around 8 AM ... and not much is open at that time in Port.  Well ... whatever reason she was here ... I got her to the train ... made sure nobody hit her while she slowly made it across the street ... and felt like I did something nice.
It felt good ... so I decided that this will be the summer of good deeds.  A deed a day!
The count down to the Funshine State has started.
When are you available Funshine readers?
And ... where are we going???


  1. a deed a day, i love that!

    smiles, bee

  2. Yet another example of why you are one of our favorite people. xoxo (and no, we don't mean because you avoided the geese.)

  3. Note to self: Roberta is afraid of geese.

    Surely I can use that somehow... ;)

  4. Come do some goose deeds at our house