Sunday, June 12, 2011

New York Botanical Garden ... Saturday Training Stroll

It was an overcast day, but walking with three of my training buddies in the Botanical Gardens was really beautiful.
 First stop was the rose garden.  It was gorgeous even on a misty day.  The colors were amazing.
 These sculptures were fabulous ...
 (No Sarge ... the "Eyes" sculpture was not in this location!!!!)
We strolled through rock gardens and wooded areas, past water falls and streams ... and we spent time in the conservatory

it was a beautiful day.
We decided it was not an athletic event ... more of a chance to walk about 5 miles together and enjoy each others' company.
Shannon, Lesley, Sandy, Roberta
 The best part was ...
Lesley is coming to ATLANTA!  
(and I have a great tent mate!) 


  1. oh tits! i mean nice flowers!

    smiles, bee

  2. I need something that nice to look at while walking. Well, ok, I'm going to SF to walk this week but still...

    And still flip flopping about Atlanta. Massive flip flopping...

  3. Ok. I flipped. And I registered. If SF doesn't kill me and I raise enough, I will be there...

  4. Very nice flower, thanks for sharing.