Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh my barking dogs!

Here I am ... posing in front of the Intrepid in the beginning of our training walk Sunday. 
Intrepid--brave; bold
At this point my dogs started barking ... and I thought "Heck ... I don't HAVE to complete the full 20 miles!" (well ... maybe I didn't say "heck") but I HAD to climb a fairly steep hill ... and I HAD to get to Grandpa's Pizza at 211th and Broadway ...
Let's get back to "intrepid" 
I "bravely" continued to walk on my sore feet without a whimper.
That's right ... not a complaint.
I simply reported to co-walkers that my feet were a tiny bit sore!
So ... I completed 11 miles in my new sneeks.
I think I'll be ok.


  1. Pizza...I am jealous...I wish I could eat pizza and then continue to walk...

  2. ohhh a carrier! tits!

    smiles, bee

  3. hat tip to you and the and the Intrepid