Friday, July 13, 2012

Time to Get to Work ... Get to Walk

OK ... I am back.  So much has happened, but I just haven't written about it.  So here's the lowdown:
I went back to Natick, Massachusetts, and took a walk through my old high school.  It was good to see old friends ... and it was good to come home. It was a little bitter-sweet.  The old school has seen better days.  Enough said!
I returned on Fathers' Day ... which was also our 40th anniversary. I loved being with my family.
The next day I celebrated my "Beatle Birthday."  YIKES!
School let out shortly after and Ronnie and I celebrated our anniversary in Mexico for 4 days and 3 nights. It was the first time we have taken a vacation like this and it was great.
I had a day between returning from Mexico and taking off for Florida to help mom celebrate her 88th birthday.  She had a bit of a "rocky" June ... but looked good while I was there.  My friend Phyllis stayed with us and that was a lot of fun.  I was disappointed that Bee was under-the-weather.  Next time, my friend.
I finally started my summer vacation, at home, last Saturday.  
To catch you up ... I have now lost 35+ pounds and I have become a Zumba princess... doing at least 3 classes a week.  (I try to keep up, but I'm just not sexy enough to call myself a Zumba queen!)
So all is well.
I haven't been training, but I have two training walks with my team coming up this month.
There are 16 weeks until the event.
I haven't sent fund raising letters ... but I will.
Yesterday I received my copy of "Step by Step", the cookbook I helped Sandy and Liz put together.  It is wonderful and I am really excited.  Pretty soon I will be selling cookbooks!
Yesterday I had lunch and saw a movie with my friend Lynnie.  We saw the "Boobies" sticker on a truck in the parking lot. I had to take a picture!
It made me think of Sarge.
That's it for now.
Jeter and I have promised to keep up with our blogs.
We will.


  1. 16 weeks is plenty of time! You're in good shape with the Zumba, just gotta re-toughen the feet!

    Kudos on the 35+....I keep telling myself I need to check out the Zumba class at the gym and eat less crap, but...thinking about it is easier than doing it ;)

  2. well boobies back at 'ya!!!

    hugs, bee