Monday, July 23, 2012


Here they are, folks!
Sandy ... with minor assistance from Liz and me ... put together this little gem as a fund raiser for our walk in November.  Of course, this could not have been accomplished without the recipe submissions made by our friends and family.
Putting together a cookbook ... OF ANY SIZE ... is not a simple task.  Once you think you have edited and the recipes follow the format, etc., you find a mistake and have to start looking at all the recipes again.  Sandy was so diligent, though, and it looks great!
I am picking up my share tomorrow night, then LET THE SALE BEGIN!  
I am not sure of the price.  That will be determined tomorrow.
Each book is filled with lots of love, though!  
That's priceless! 
I mentioned that I have been under-the-weather. 
I am feeling better.
My house guests are driving home after a week's stay.
The flying ant infestation in my master bath is gone.
Looks like summer is officially underway!

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  1. oh my, sign me up for one for sure! hope you are better now honey. are you really really sure they were flying ants and not drywood termites, they look the same and swarm like that...

    hugs, bee