Thursday, August 2, 2012


When I saw my Zumba instructor, Linda, Monday night, I had just come from WW ... and finally lost 40+ lbs! I was so excited and shared the news with her.  I told her that Zumba was helping me get to my goal.  Tonight she gave me this Zumba bracelet and I love it!  Thank you Linda!  You put a BIG smile on my face! (Now I have to work on moving my body like you do!)
Burt's Sunday training walk to Brooklyn was canceled due to a miserable weather report.  The weatherman was WRONG, and it turned into a beautiful day.  Oh well.  Next time.
I still have all those cookbooks.  I have to make some decisions and soon ... or else I will ALWAYS have all those cookbooks!!!!!  
The end.

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  1. w00t!!! FORTY!!! Yay!

    When you get around to selling the cookbooks, I'll buy one. I need new food ideas...