Monday, August 27, 2012

Mammo Monday ... and other stuff

That's me ...
Berta walker!
I wish I was still in Provincetown.  I miss my friends ... I miss our walks ... I miss that AMAZING Zumba class ... I miss the beach.  But, I must say ... I missed my "boys" and am glad to be home!
Today was Mammo Monday.  I had my annual mammography (breast sono, thyroid sono, pelvic sono ...)  It was a full afternoon at Nassau Radiologic!  The best words I heard were "You will get the results in a week." (after the mammography) and "You can get dressed and go home." (after the breast sono)  A few women were called in to speak to the doctor after their tests ... so I guess everything looks good for me.
It's that time again.  Time to put together a t-shirt for our team.  No logos this year so it should be easy.
I'm voting for "Team Burt's Babes--Penn Station to Dallas" on the front and 
"1545 miles + 60 (in 3-days!)" on the back.  I don't know if that makes sense to you.  What do you think?
I gathered up all my courage and went to WW for my weigh-in tonight.  I really believed that, after 10 days in Provincetown, I SHOULD have gained weight.  I guess the Zumba and long walks paid off, though.  I lost a pound and am now down 41+!
Yay! Life is Great!


  1. the shirt makes perfect sense to me! and yay YAY yay for the ww outcome! way to go!

    smiles, bee