Friday, August 31, 2012

Taking the Plunge ... and Purging!

Those aren't MY clothes ... but that's pretty much what it looked like on my bed yesterday.  I took the plunge and purged my closet.
This was not easy for me.
My friend Rosa has lost almost 50 pounds and we have talked about the clothes that don't fit anymore.  If we throw them out ... that means that we intend to be our new, smaller selves for ... EVER!
Let's be honest, friends.  I have lost weight before.  20 pounds down only to gain back 25.  25 pounds down only to gain back 30!  It's NOT HEALTHY!
By cleaning out my closet I am promising myself NEVER TO DO THAT AGAIN!
There ... it's in pink and white.
When I bought my little Canon camera for my second 3-day in San Francisco, I also bought the Protection Plan from Best Buy.  Recently I dropped my little friend and cracked the screen.  I took it back to Best Buy yesterday and they are repairing the screen for me.  One Geek told me I might just get a new camera.  That would be sweet!
I guess that means no pictures for a while ... unless I can get my big Canon to work!
There were five women in my Zumba class last night!  That is a VERY small group for my gym.  I am assuming the numbers will go up after Labor Day.  It was fun to be in such a small class, though.  One woman told me she went to a class and she was the only one there!  I would take that opportunity to have the instructor help me work on my "sexy!" (WEPA!)

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  1. good for you! my closet is bulging again and it's my own fault. buggers to me.

    smiles, bee