Sunday, August 12, 2012

Late Afternoon Stroll on the High Line

I just LOVE the High Line.
TY and I met across from Penn Station and made our way to this amazing walkway above the streets of Manhattan. If you live in New York or plan to visit ... this is a must!
I have to say ... it's a bit more crowded since my first visit ... but it's a great walk.
My first fundraising letter brought in just over $1000 $1185 so far.  I'm very pleased and VERY grateful! Add that to the donations made before I sent the letter and I am almost at the minimum of $2300.  This year I decided on a goal of $5000.  I am hopeful that I will reach that goal.
I like to read about the top fundraisers who will walk with us in Dallas.  Janis Fletcher has raised just under $10,000 so far.  She is a breast cancer survivor who shares her journey with her blog readers.  She invites you to read her blog ... so here is the link:
People like Janis make me PROUD to be a part of the 3-Day.  I hope we "bump into" each other in November! 


  1. You are looking AWESOME! And now I shall go read about Janis...

  2. Lovee the high line, and you. Not in that order. Boobies!

  3. Ok...other than her visceral reaction to tattoos, she seems pretty amazing and now I have to keep up with her...