Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back ...

Sashi, Roberta, Debra ... 3 reasons to walk!

I am back.
It was an amazing 10 days with family and friends in Provincetown.  While there, I either did an hour of fantastic Zumba ... or walked 7- 8 miles with Susan and assorted others (Beth, Sashi, Debra, Hannah, Sonya.)  We made it to the beach every day.  The weather was perfect.  I stayed on program in the beginning ... but, I must admit to "falling off the WW wagon" as we made our way through cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at Kalmar, barbecues, and trips to Provincetown restaurants.  Sitting on the beach with coolers that included Cape Cod chips and chocolate chip cookies didn't make it any easier!  But, as I said, I am back!  Do I want to weigh in tomorrow night?  Probably not ... but I will.  I NEVER want to go back to where I was October 30th!
While away ... the donations came in and I am just about to see $3000 on my progress thermometer.  My personal goal was $5000.  Anything is possible, but I continue to be honored by the support and love given me by my friends and family so far.
My goal now is to give away ALL those cookbooks!  The deal is ... anyone who makes a $25 (or greater) donation to the 3-day will receive a "Step-By-Step" cookbook! The reviews for the book are quite impressive! (Thank you Barbie-Lou ... I know you are reading this!)
Burt's Babes Dallas is down to 6 team members. (I miss you already Sandy and Lesley!)
In spite of our small number ... we are a mighty team and have raised $26,012.02! (That .02 is interesting ... there must be a story behind it!)
 We are #8 on the list of Top Teams and Captain Burt and team mate Liz are #s 4 and 5 on the list of Top Fundraisers!  Impressive!  I am so proud to be a member of this small but amazing group of walkers.
68 days until we take our first step!
Just made it to $3018.00!


  1. welcome home bertie!
    i am glad you had big fun...oops, make that small fun ina big, wait...big fun in a smaller weight! i have some issues around food, but i am all about sharing, so i will search my (ms) piggy bank and see if there are any crumbs left over for you :)
    m to the p

  2. Eh, it's not about riding the wagon all day every day. Sometimes you have to get off and have some fun, otherwise you go nuts and just throw yourself under the wheels.

    There's like 3 months to Dallas, right? You'll hit $5K by then for sure!

  3. You Harris ladies look rested, happy and beautiful! Glad to read it was such a good vaca. See the shutterfly site for your boobies photos -- I took the group snap, and then Burt snapped me solo. Sounds like P-town was great fun. Gear up for back-to-school!