Friday, August 10, 2012

Burt Hits The Windy City

Bert and Burt

 Our Burt's Babes captain, Burt Lipshie, is walking in Chicago this weekend.  It is the first of his two 3-day walks ... lucky number 13 in Chicago and number 14, in memory of his cousin Judy, in Dallas.  I will be joining him in Dallas. Burt raised $3475.00 for Chicago and has reached $7316.90 so far for Dallas.  I'm not sure of how that compares to what he has raised in the past.  I'm sure it's less ... because it appears that many walkers are not raising the funds they have in past years.

There is an article in the Chicago Tribune that addresses this.  Number of walkers:  Down  Number of donations/donors: Down.  
Lauren Bromley, a 54 year old breast cancer survivor who raised more than $13,000 for this, her second 3-day, had this to say:

"(I was) quite upset with the Komen Foundation" earlier this year. But when the organization reversed course, (I) decided to focus on the larger goal of ending the disease.  I realized that it's my efforts and my fundraising that would help eliminate breast cancer.  If I didn't walk in this walk, I was going to let politics get in the way."

Megan Heng, a crew member said:

"For me, this is not a political issue. I'm trying to see beyond the politics to all the good that the program is doing. … I know of too many people who are struggling with cancer or who have lost their lives to this disease to stop now."

My letter brought in some very nice donations ... and I sent out some very nice cookbooks.  I know I will reach the minimum and hope to get close to my goal of $5000.
It can be done, yes?
Yes it can!

Read the Chicago Tribune story here.,0,2366142.story

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